Sooner or Later

By: AngelDusterBuster

Disclaimer: Let's face it. We all know I don't own any of the characters from the Harry Potter books. So if you see something here that was ever mentioned in the books remember that I was only given the material I didn't create it!

Chapter One: Harry's Mistake

"Harry what am I going to have to do to get through to you?", Sirius erupted into Harry's thoughts for not first time that summer, "In one year you'll be graduated and you have absolutely no idea what your going to do with your life. When are you going to take things more seriously and pick your future before it picks you?"

"Sirius…", Harry groaned at his godfather. Things had been this way between the two all summer. If they weren't arguing they were always near it. "When the job fairy comes taps me on the shoulder and tells me it's time to pick a future, then I will. But until then I'm quick frankly intending to enjoy my last year"

"Hermione knows exactly what she's doing after Hogwarts", Sirius reminded Harry.

"Well that's Hermione. We both very well know she's always a year ahead of times", Harry laughed thinking about one of his two best friends. Hermione Granger. Ever since he'd saved her from a troll those six years ago the two had been friends.

"What about Ron? I talked to Arthur the other day…Ron even has a summer job", Sirius added.

"A summer job that he hates. His dad made him get it remember?", Harry reminded Sirius. Ron was his other best friend. Ever since they'd met on the train they'd been friends. Ron had taught him most the basic information about things like moving pictures. Harry was grateful for this. Ron's dad had forced him into getting a summer job helping his dad's department in the ministry after he and Harry had found themselves in a spot of trouble at the beginning of the summer.

"And perhaps I should've done the same for you", Sirius through his newspaper onto the table. Something he always did when he really wanted Harry's attention, "You two are just lucky the consequences weren't worse"

"I said I was sorry didn't I? How were we to know that would happen?", Harry defended himself.

"Harry you weren't supposed to be driving in the first place! Honestly do you take anything serious anymore? Your worse then I was. And that's something I never thought I would say to you. You come and go here whenever you please. Maybe it's time we set some rules. Like a curfew for example", Sirius suddenly felt like his father the way he was lecturing Harry.

"I go back to school next week! And besides were getting our school supplies today I don't know how long we'll be gone", Harry shrugged his shoulders getting the odd sensation that he shouldn't have said that.

"See what I mean! You can go Harry, but your to be back at a decent time", Sirius explained watching Harry's mouth drop open.

"Oh and what is a decent time?", Harry mocked Sirius, "Honestly you act as if you're my father"

"Well it's about time someone does! You're to be home by ten and that is not up for discussion", Sirius added.

"Ten? You must be kidding. I'm seventeen Sirius!", Harry jumped up out of his chair in awe.

"Would you rather I took you shopping Harry? Because I can be quite embarrassing if I want to be", Sirius threatened.

"Hermione doesn't have to be in until one", Harry replied knowing he was pushing it.

"Well Hermione is trustworthy. You however are not", Sirius looked down at his watch, "I have to get ready for work. I'll see you at ten"

"Come on Sirius!", Harry followed him down the hallway.

"Harry I told you this isn't up for discussion!", Sirius snapped around staring into Harry angry eyes, "or perhaps you'd rather be in by nine?"

Harry started at Sirius with shock, "You wouldn't…"

"Oh I would. Pull another episode like on your birthday and you'll find yourself grounded for a very long time", Sirius turned to walk back to his room.

"Is that a promise?", Harry whispered to himself as he watched Sirius' door slam closed he ran to grab the phone dialing Hermione's number.

"Harry? I thought we weren't leaving until six?", Hermione asked when she reached the phone.

"Well that isn't exactly going to give us much time", Harry groaned suddenly feeling sick to his stomach, "The general wants me home by ten"

"Harry I really wish you would stop calling him that", Hermione sighed, "So call Ron at work and tell him we'll leave at five instead. I can't go any earlier because my mom wants to do this whole girl's day out thing"

"Fine", Harry answered, "can you call Ron though? If his dad answers I'm not sure he'll let me talk to Ron. Ever since…"

"Yeah I know. You crashed up the car…", Hermione mumbled on, "I'll call him. So I guess I'll see you in our usual spot at five?"

"Yeah sounds good. I'm really sorry about this..", Harry apologized.

"Oh don't worry about it. I just wish you and Sirius could resolve things and stop fighting all the time. It's not healthy you know", Hermione began, "and don't roll your eyes at me Harry you know I'm right"

"I have to go", Harry laughed, "See you later"

"Bye Harry"

Putting the phone back down on the receiver Harry checked his watch. It was almost nine.

"I didn't hear the phone ring", Harry heard the refrigerator door close behind him.

"I didn't know that was off limits as well", Harry started to walk away.

"It's not. I was just curious who you were calling,", Sirius pointed to a list on the bulletin board, "Don't forget to get all your chores done before you go out"

Not ready to go at it again with Sirius, Harry nodded, "Fine"

"Have a good day", Sirius smiled before apparating out of the room.

"Ugh", Harry sighed looking over at the calendar by the phone, "I don't care if I'm on the streets. There is no way I'm coming back here next year"

Grabbing the list of chores Sirius had written down Harry groaned, "This is worse then the Dursley's! I'd like to give him a list or two"

Throwing the parchment back on the table Harry was startled when he heard the phone ring.

"Oh, hello Harry. Did Sirius leave yet?", Remus Lupin asked.

"Yes but beware he's on the warpath again", Harry took a deep breath, "have you ever heard of a seventeen year old kid who isn't allowed to stay out passed ten?"

"Ten you say?", Remus chocked back laugher, "yeah…maybe I should talk to him about that one for you"

"While your on it tell him to lay off on the future lectures. I have them almost memorized by now", Harry replied.

"Yeah well I was just hoping to catch him before he left. But I see he just walked in the door so I guess I'll talk to him in person. Bye Harry!"

"Bye", Harry replied and slammed down the phone.


"Gosh Harry that sounds worse then my dad", Ron could truthfully respond to his friend.

"Yeah well it's nine thirty so we'd better finish up. I don't think I've ever wanted to get to school so bad", Harry groaned paying the clerk at the counter and checking his list again, "I think I've got everything"

"Me too", Hermione smiled holding double the amount of bags then either of the two boys.

"Geeze Hermione are you back to taking more classes then you can handle again?", Ron laughed offering to carry some bags.

"Of course not. Most of this is just for spare reading", Hermione looked offended.

"Come on let's go get something to eat", Harry suggested looking down at his watch, "Twenty-eight minutes in counting!"

"Oh great", Ron groaned, "Malfoy at three o-clock"

"Is he ever alone?", Harry laughed he to noticing his greatest enemy, "he's always got those goons with him"

"I'm sure there…er nice boys", Hermione tried to suggest.

"Hermione for once in your life agree with us", Ron pleaded, "look at them. I doubt they can count to ten. It's no wonder then ended up with-"

"Well if it isn't Hogwarts newest convicts", Draco Malfoy's voice made them all freeze.

"Oh I see you finally looked in the mirror did you Draco?", Harry suddenly felt as if this were his chance to relieve some anger.

"Really get a life Malfoy", Ron jumped in, "and while your at it ditch dumb and dumber. Then you'd just be dumb instead of dumbest"

"I'm surprised your family can even afford to send you to school Weasley", Draco snapped back.

"Oh please that one's getting really old Malfoy", Harry rushed in front of Ron, "you've been using that one for six years and you still haven't caused anyone but yourself to even crack a smile"

"You were the one driving weren't you Potter? Is that how you got that freak scar on your face?", Draco laughed knowing exactly where Harry had gotten his scar.

"Instead of ruining everyone's day I'm just going to walk away and forget I heard that", Harry stated motioning for Hermione and Ron to follow him.

Harry thought they'd finally ditched Malfoy when he felt something cold hit the back of his neck. "That's it!", he yelled not giving Ron enough time to hold him back from lunging at Malfoy.

"What's your problem Potter? No godfather here to save you?", Draco grinned pinning Harry to the ground.

"Get off me!", Harry yelled throwing a punch at Draco.

"Don't you dare hit me!", Draco said taken aback.

Harry turned to stand up when he felt a fist his the side of his head. And then he knew no more.


"You shouldn't have done that", Hermione frowned handing Harry some ice, "here this will help your head"

"It was pretty funny though when you punched Malfoy in the face…", Ron laughed, "but you realize how much trouble your going to be in. How much trouble I'm going to be in!"

"Relax I'll tell your dad you had nothing to do with it", Harry assured Ron, "did they call your parents yet Hermione?"

"Yeah. They called when you were out of it yet. They called Sirius too but he wasn't home", Hermione put her arm around Harry, "as mad as I am for you doing that…I feel so bad for you right now"

"Why's that?", Harry winced a headache now approaching.

"Because Sirius is going to freak. And not just because you missed curfew", Ron joked trying to lighten the mood, "and Malfoy is really going to be on you now you know"

"I don't know what got into me…I was just so angry at Sirius already. I didn't think--", Harry looked up when he saw a women approach them.

"Hermione?", said a woman Harry guessed was Hermione's mother, "are you alright baby?"

"I'm fine mom", Hermione assured her, "I guess I'll see you two later. Good luck"

"Bye Hermione", Harry gave her a reassuring smile, "Man I'm so dead you realize that?"

"Your dead? I was supposed to stay are your house tonight! My dad didn't trust to keep me home alone. My parents aren't even home remember?", Ron pushed a hand through his hair, "so now I get to listen to Sirius and my own dad"

"Look I'm sorry okay? I told you I'd talk to your parents", Harry reminded Ron who had a smile on his face, "What are you smiling at?"

"It looks like our luck may be turning around", Ron pointed to the doorway where Remus Lupin had walked through and was now advancing toward them.

"What have you two done this time", Remus muttered rhetorically, "I'm going to go talk to that man over there. Let him know I'm taking you two home. Please just…don't do anything until I come back"

"You realize this is only procrastinating until Sirius comes to kill me? He was already threatening this morning if I even came in for curfew late… Why can't I live with someone like Malfoy's dad. His dad didn't even care. It was as if it happens all the time", Harry took the ice off his head for a moment but slammed it right back on.

"Harry this is Malfoy were talking about. It DOES happen all the time", Ron laughed but then stopped when he saw Remus stop in front of them.

"Okay I've bailed you both out", Remus said in a tone that made Ron and Harry wonder if he were joking or not.

"So…", Harry started up reluctantly, "why are you here?"

"Because they called Sirius at work but he was in a late night meeting", Remus yawned, "come on I'm staying with you until he gets home"

"You mean he doesn't know yet!", Harry jumped out of his seat hopeful, "oh please Remus! Don't tell on us!"

"Two things Harry. First I hardly think he won't notice the bruise your going to have tomorrow. And second, be real he'd kill me if I kept something like this from him. Now come on were leaving, now"


And so Ron and Harry sat in the living room staring at each other for the next half hour waiting for Sirius to get home. Finally after a very long wait they heard the front door open and Remus and Sirius' muffled voices.

Harry put his head in his arms, "what have I done"

"Don't worry we all do stupid things Harry", Ron tried to comfort his things, "this is just your second major one…right?"

"You're not helping!", Harry glared at Ron.

"Okay…sorry sorry", Ron backed away from his friend.

"HE WHAT?", they finally heard Sirius yell.

"I think the egg has hatched", Ron nodded at Harry.

"What in the world are you talking about?", Harry snapped at Ron.

"The gum has been spit out", Ron continued, "The mail has been brought inside the house"

"English Ron!", Harry looked ready to strangle his friend.

"In your terms? You're about to be grounded for the rest of the century"


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