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Note: This is after the entire Throne of Yord thing is settled and Tiara and Kagetsu start to go out again. They are on vacation in florida. ^_~
Sweet Embrace
Chapter I

Tiara, held in Kagetsu's arms, took in her surroundings as she relaxed in her lovers warm embrace. Their was a lake a few steps in front of them, dark as it soaked in the night sky, the crecent moon refelecting off the far end. A forest to her side full of palm trees, as mysterious as her lovers heart, willing to share no secrets. Then their was a grey boulder, quite large and inviting in the summers night heat.

"How romantic..." Tiara said softly as she broke from his arms and turned around to face him. A gust of warm wind blew through, her black lace gown flew out behind her, strands of her light brown hair dancing in the wind then settling down to frame her face.

"Tiara..." Kagetsu stepped foward and reached out to take her hand.

Tiara smiled at his reaction, "Kagetsu, I love you. You've always been so kind to me, I only wish that we could stay like this forever." She looked out onto the lake, her reflection looking back up at her.

"I wish that too, yet sadly, nothing can last forever." He trailed off to think then started again, "Like a star, showering us in its light, it too will someday leave us. But with its loss will come a gain. For new stars are born everday, leaving us in its light just as beautifull as the others'." Kagetsu pulled Tiara closer to him and put his arms around her once more, his warmth especially inviting that one night.

Tiara silently nodded in agreement then laid her head against his broad chest returning his embrace. "Kagetsu, if you remember, I asked you once if you loved me, and you wouldnt give me a straight answer. I want to ask you once more, Kagetsu, do you love me?" Tiara closed her eyes and held him tighter to her. Her heart was racing, she realized that she was terrified of loosing the only person that she loved, the only person that mattered to her. Kagetsu did not answer, instead he looked down at her and quietly laughed. Tiara looked up at him in confusion.

"What are you laughing at Kagetsu? Why wont you answer me?" Tiara said as tears came to her eyes threatning to fall at any moment. Kagetsu leaned down to look Tiara in her sparkling, tear filled green eyes.

"Of course I love you, I always have. I was to afraid to tell you before, I didnt want to fall in love then end up hurting either you or myself." Kagetsu leaned down and kissed Tiara on the lips softly. Tiara blinked and let her tears fall, they were tears of joy. Kagetsu stood up and looked down at her at the exact moment that she looked up.

'Tiara's smile...' Kagetsu thought as he looked down at his beloved Tiara, 'its the most cheerfull smile i've seen on her ever. Im so glad that i'm the reason for that smile.' Kagetsu returned her smile and put his hand on the back of her head and held her gently against his chest, his white shirt damp from her tears.

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