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siting in the back room of the brothel with the 'mother' was Robin, she came to visit her old home and her 'sisters', in all her life Robin worked in many places but this was the only place she had good memories in, the owner madam Shyarly who is nicknamed 'mother' was a kind women who took care of all her workers and treated them like her daughters, she was Jinbe's cousin and she had lots of connection to the underground due to the nature of her work

"So how is work in the dojo" said the madam after puffing smoke from her pipe

"it is great, I make the food and clean the rooms there" answered Robin with a smile and the madam smiled too, she felt happy that one of her 'daughters' had found happiness, she made sure Robin came to visit her every week to make sure they were treating her in a good way and if not she swore to deal with them on her own, even if they were her cousins

"I am glad to her that" said the madam"so tell me more about how it is living with the grumpy Jinbe and idiot Arlong?"

getting out of the brothel Robin ignored all the rude comments thrown to her as she was lost in her thoughts, she was brought back to reality when a black car stopped in front of her and the window slid down to reveal a young man with black hair and cute freckles

"Hay Robin, I heard you quit" said the young man with a smile

"yeah Ace, It happened a week ago" replied the black haired girl to her friend and regular customer, Ace unlike the other customers didn't take hire her to have sex, he was interested in drawing her and he always gave her delicious food a generous amount of money afterword

"Do you want me to drop you somewhere" asked the young man and Robin laughed

"No thanks but let me see the painting when you finish"

Returning home Ace went straight to his room to finish the paint he started years ago, in the middle of the paint was a woman who wore a white rob and was sitting on a window stall that is drowned by the water, her legs were in the water and in the water beautiful flowers grew

looking at his paint Ace smiled and was about to start painting until he heard sex noises coming from his brother's bedroom, his twin brother Roger was with his lover, Ace covered his ears and tried to ignore the sounds as much as he could, he hated to be at home when his brother was because he and his brother didn't have a good relationship and with his brother's lover their relationship worsened

Opening the curtness Law glared at the sleeping figure of Eustass Kid, never in his life or after life did Law think that he would end up with the Kidd pirates captain and to make it worse they were already married when his memories returned

everything felt awkward after his discovery and even his husband felt the change in Law his attitude towards everything and inquired him a lot about it but the surgeon insisted that it was nothing, but in reality Law didn't know what to do he was in love with Eustass but it still felt strange to him since they were enemies in their past life even if they did fight alongside each other more than once

arriving at the male late Vivi looked around until she spotted her orange haired friend, she waved and the other girl came rushing to her, today Nami had asked Vivi to accompany her to the mall to buy some clothes, but in truth Nami wanted to buy the clothes for her blue haired friend,

Since Vivi lived with Luffy Nami knew that the boy didn't know about a women's needs and she took it upon herself to help her friend who was currently wearing one of the straw hat boy's shirts

from the moment Nami lead her eyes on the blue haired beauty she knew that she should have been born a royalty, she had a gut feeling about it and she asked some detective named Smoker to search for the girl's background, but unfortunately nothing could be found, Nami took it upon herself to educate the girl about stuff and in time she fell in love with her, but Nami couldn't confess her love because her family wouldn't approve of it

returning home Ussop greeted himself, he lived alone in his big home that his father provided him, his father was a big Politian and lived with his second wife and daughter, in other words his father paid his living and gave him money to keep him silent, he didn't want anyone to find about the connection between them, he was ashamed of his son

Going to his room Ussop opened his PC and logged into his Facebook account, he smiled when he found his friend logged in too, his friend's nick name was the sniper and his real name was Yasopp

Zorro was board out of his mind, his Music tutor was talking about something that the green haired wasn't listening too, he was hit on the head with the note when Sabo noticed him spacing out, to Zoro Sabo was like an older brother who tough him many things since he was a kid, his parents tried many private tutors with him but none could manage the green haired boy until one day Sabo cam and he was the only man on earth in Zoro's parents eyes that managed to have some control on their rebellious child since they didn't know about Luffy and Zoro wasn't going to tell them anytime soon

holding his violin again Zoro positioned the instrument on his left shoulder and put his jaws on the right place to start playing, looking at Sabo's face who looked relived and satisfied Zoro felt happy, nothing in this world meant to him more than seeing his friends and gaining Sabo's satisfaction meant that he can finish early so he could meet with his friends

signing as he collected his books Sabo looked from the window at the green haired boy who rushed out of the house gates in a hurry, he was glad that the kid had finally got good friends but he wished the boy could focus more at his studies, Sabo didn't like the idea of getting kicked out of his job since he needed the money for his brother's treatment

his older brother Donquixote Doflamingo was a great magician but one day he had an accident while doing a magic show and it was up to Sabo to look out for the both of them since then, Sabo was ten at that time and he engaged with a mafia lord named Shiki who took an unhealthy interest in him which lead to all of Sabo's problems

Sabo didn't like magic shows, but if you gave him a choice to make one real he would definitely choose to rewind back time

glaring at the man in front of him Sanji wanted to kill someone, he finished his shift early but the owner told him to serve one more customer but the damn customer was busy talking to his wife and that irritated Sanji to no end, .WOMEN, he couldn't stand them nor to look at them and defiantly couldn't stand to hear their high pitch annoying voice, taking out his cigarettes from his pocket he lit it up as the customer apologized since his wife had ordered him to come back home at once, Sanji smiled at the customer and thanked him

when he was alone he took out his phone and debated with himself to call Luffy or not, his friend Luffy was the next best thing happened to him after being sold to the master of the club by his own mother, the master was a good man and took good care of the abused boy, Sanji loved him like the father he never had

walking in the empty streets Luffy was searching today with Jinbe for the whereabouts of his brothers and hero, it never accord to the boy to search for his grandfather or his father since he was obsessed with finding his brothers and Jinbe took notice of that

Jinbe knew how the straw hat boy loved his brother and he understood the need to find the rest of the people he knew since he too was searching for his Aniki, friends, the rest of the sun pirates, his king and queen and white bread and his son's but he wished the boy wasn't so possessed with it

Luffy spent his weekends searching for them from morning till night without taking a rest and Jinbe agreed to go with him to keep an eye on the boy, he loved Luffy a lot and didn't want anything bad to happen to him, also he wanted to know this Luffy too

Jinbe didn't know who his parents were in this life nor where he came from and the straw hat kid wasn't answering any question he was thrown at him, which made Jinbe wonder sometime what kind of life did this Luffy live before?