Under the TCRI building, deep under the ground was a Kraang bot walking down a long halfway, with a little suitcase. The robot held the suitcase with both hands as he made his way down the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door. The Kraang stopped in front of it, and putted his hand on top of a sensor that was next to said door. The door opened slowly, showing a whole other lab. The robot walked straight towards the other Kraangs that where gathered around a big computer. The lab itself was big and round, it was empty except for the computer and the three giant tubes in the middle of the room, while the computer stood just a few feet away from the door.

The Kraang walked up to the other Kraangs that were gathered by the computer, "Kraang has gotten the samples that Kraang asked for." The robot held out the suitcase, "Thank you Kraang, now Kraang can continue on Kraang's plan." Another Kraang bot took the suitcase over and set it on the desk, and opened it. In the suitcase where 4 little tubes, with in each of them a few drops of green fluid, on each tube was a sticker. One the first one was red, the second was blue, the third was purple and the last one had an orange.

The Kraang bot took the tubes with the red, blue and purple stickers and walked towards the big tubes in the middle of the room, he met two other Kraangs on his way, each Kraang did the robot give one of the tubes, after that did each one of them walk towards another tube. Each one of the Kraangs opened a little hole in the base of the tube they were at, and let the contents of the smaller tubes fall in the holes, after that they all locked the holes up again, and walked back to the Kraangs that were at the computer.

"The contents has been put in the tubes just like Kraang wanted Kraang to do." The Kraang at the computer opened a window, in that window was data over past experiments. "Does Kraang have the data Kraang wanted to have?" The Kraang asked, one of the other Kraangs stepped forwards and held a database up, "Kraang has the database Kraang asked Kraang to get for Kraang." The Kraang gave it and stepped back in the line. The computer opened another window, in this one however was information and moving pictures of four different turtles. "Thank you Kraang, Kraang needed this." The Kraang started to type and the information was split up in four, three were sent to the tubes, while of the last one was made two copies before it was send to the tubes.

The Kraang at the computer opened a glass cover over one of the buttons, and pressed said button. Electricity was sent to the tubes and in the tubes did the green fluid from the smaller tubes start to take form, in the three tubes you could see the little form of a turtle, though these have long tails and the hands and feet weren't completely formed yet. The shell they had on their backs looked like it was made out of glass. The skin color wasn't the normal green either; there skin was pale and almost white. Though you could see hints of green, and another color that was different with all of them, one had little hints of purple over its whole body, another only had blue on its arms, and the last one had a very fury red color on its not completely formed hands.

The Kraang at the computer looked at another Kraang and pointed at the last tube in the case, the Kraang picked the last tube with the orange sticker up and walked to the larger tubes. In the middle of the three big tubes was a little metal container, with wires going to the bases of the tubes. The Kraang opened the cap of the container and places the tube in a small opening. After that he opened a little bag he had with him, out of that he pulled a black rock like material with a red kern. He also placed that in the container. The Kraang closed the cap again and walked back to the computer.

The Kraang at the computer opened another window. In the window you see a status screen of what was in the container. The Kraang clicked on the picture of the little tube, and the contents was shot in the three bigger ones.

The creatures in the tubes changed again, as the new volume was added did the bodies of the creatures react. On the back of them, under the shell did the skin start to change color, but only on the place of the spine, the color was a light orange and it followed the spine all the way down to the start of the tail. The shell itself stayed glasslike. The feet of the creatures also changed, not only did they grow the feet also took more form, each feet got three toes, though the feet were in compares bigger then normal, and they all got the orange color. The color with on until the ankles, there they changed into red, blue or purple that just mattered for which of those three color they already had in their system.

The Kraang moved to the rock icon on its computer and activated it.

The rock in the container was melted and sent to the tubes. In the tubes did the creatures change again, now however was it the shell that changed first, the shell turned completely black and got little spikes on them, nothing to big but big enough that if you hit it you would end up hurting yourself with it. The formless hands also took more form; the hands got claws and also turned black, though the black color was only at the knuckles of the hands.

The Kraang at the computer opened a desk drawer and pulled out one more database, "Kraang will now give the creatures of Kraang the information that the creatures of Kraang will need to help Kraang accomplice the plan that Kraang wants to be accomplished." The Kraang plugged the database in the computer and the data was memorised inside the creatures.

As the data was added was the electricity turned back on and the creatures started to grow in size. The muscles grow as the hands started to jerk a bit. The creature with purple moved its tail around. Slowly the creature with blue on its arms made its head turn from side to side. The creature with red made fists of its hands and turned its wrists around.

The creatures grow with a great speed. They had already been starting to fill half of the tanks.

The Kraang looked up, "Kraang will now free the new allies of Kraang from the tubes that the allies from Kraang are locked in, when the allies of Kraang are free Kraang will have to work fast because the brains and memories of the new allies of Kraang will be unstable and if Kraang wants to succeed in Kraang's plan Kraang will have to make sure that the allies of Kraang are ready for phase two of Kraang's plan" Before the Kraang pressed the button another Kraang asked, "How does Kraang know for sure that the creatures made by Kraang will react as Kraang expect them to react?" the Kraang at the computer answered, "The data Kraang added is clear about who the creatures of Kraang have to fight with or against, if all of Kraang's work was done right then will the creatures of Kraang will react as Kraang expects them to react.".

Kraang pressed a new button and on the screen appeared the text "Disconnection Activated.". The volumes in the tanks where the creatures were floating started to drain as the tubes were lifted up, a lot of the liquid still flow out of the tubes, but straight into the drains that were made in the ground around them. The creatures lay at the base of the tubes. The one with blue opened its eyes and looked around, confused, "What? Where? Who…" a Kraang stepped forwards, "It is good to see the allies of Kraang are okay again." the blued creature looked at the Kraang, "What? Who are you? … Where is this? Who am I?". The creature didn't wait for an answer and looked around more, as it turned it was the two other creatures on the floor and stared with glassy eyes for a minute, "… R…. and D… I don't… remember... What happened!?" the creature turned back to the Kraang.

"Please, ally of Kraang, don't be mad at Kraang. By mad at the enemies of Kraang and the allies of Kraang. They attacked Kraang and Kraang's allies some time ago, they took one of Kraang's allies. The ones that Kraang knows of as the turtles defeated allies of Kraang, allies of the Kraang didn't wake up, so Kraang had to put the allies of Kraang in the tubes to make the allies of Kraang heal." The creature looked at the tubes which were up in the air, it moved its hand, it was still sticky from the liquid it had been in. "… I can't remember…" the creature stared at the Kraang, "The turtles hit the allies of Kraang hard against the heads, which made the allies of Kraang lose consciousness. The fact that the allies of Kraang can't remember is because the turtles hit the allies of Kraang very hard." The creature just nodded. Movement was heard behind the creature as it turned, and it saw the other two were starting to wake up.

Kraang waited till all three were awake when it spoke again, "Kraang will tell Kraang's allies what happened, just follow Kraang." The three creatures nodded.

As one of the Kraangs took away the three creatures did the Kraang at the computer start to log everything off. "Phase one has been completed. Now we will go to phase number two. Kraang will now visit Kraang's prisoner." The Kraang turned to the exit and walked out, it walked down the long hallway and to the elevator, ones he was inside did he press the top level.

The door opened and he walked out, and went to the tube that stood in the room. In the tube was one turtle with an orange band, hitting the tube's glass, "Just you wait! When me brothers get here they will kick your butts!" the turtle kept hitting the glass. The Kraang walked up to the glass "Your brothers are with Kraang you turtle does not have to worry" the Kraang answered. Mikey looked up shocked "What?! What do you mean I don't have to worry! What did you do to them!" and he hit the glass again with a little more force this time. "Do not worry. The allies of Kraang are safe with Kraang." Mikey looked at the Kraang like it just lost its mind, "What the shell are you talking about! My brothers are not your allies! And we never will be!" Mikey hit the glass again with all his power he could put in it, this time however did he heard his wrist snap "auw..." Mikey pulled his hand back and started to massage his wrist.

The Kraang turned and walked away, Mikey glared at it's back, "Yeah, you better run.". After the Kraang was for enough did the turtle look at his hand and wrist, he moved one finger, which worked just fine. After that he tried to turn his wrist, but didn't get far as pain shot though it. "Okay, not broken but probably sprain…" Mikey tried to move it again but the pain was still there, "Yup. Sprained it, I must have hit the glass pretty hard for that, Raph would be proud. Or pissed because I hurt myself… probably both" Mikey muttered to himself, he looked around and gave one more kick to the glass, hurting his toe. As that didn't help did he sit down on the ground and pulled his legs up, "Don't worry, my bros are probably already on their way." Mikey muttered to himself.

After the creatures and the Kraang had talked did the Kraang lead them to another room, "Kraang must warn the allies of Kraang, the turtle which Kraang brought back here is brainwashed by the enemies of Kraang, and will probably stay like that for a while, so the allies of Kraang are not to be seen by the turtle." the three just nodded in understanding.

The Kraang pulled out a key and opened a door to an observation platform. He walked in and pointed out of one of the windows, way down you see a tube with a turtle in it, hitting the glass. The creatures run towards it and all looked down. "Kraang will now turn on the cameras and the speakers." The three nodded and the blue and red ones walked away from the window, back to the Kraang bot, while the purple one stared out of the window, "Is he… okay down there?" the purple one asked, "The glass will keep the turtle inside and safe form the air." The blue one looked up, "Safe? What is wrong with the air? We can breathe it just fine." The Kraang didn't move for a minute before it spoke again, "Kraang thinks that is because the turtles gave something to him which will make the turtle unable to breath our air to make it more believable that the turtle belongs with the enemies of Kraang." Both the faces of the blue and red one changed to pure rage, while the purple one turned back to stare at the turtle in the glass tube, "Can… you change it back?" "Kraang doesn't know the answer to that.". The purple one nodded and walked towards the two other creatures and the Kraang.

The computer showed the view of three different cameras, two on the outside of the tube and one from the inside, where the orange banded turtle was hitting the glass "Just you wait! When me brothers get here they will kick your butts!" the red creature froze, "What?". The orange turtle kept hitting the glass. One of the Kraangs walked towards the glass tube and spoke to the turtle, "Your brothers are with Kraang you turtle does not have to worry" the turtle had shock on his face "What?! What do you mean I don't have to worry! What did you do to them!" the turtle hit the glass harder. The blue creature stared at the screen, "…Baby bro.. Come on…" the red creature that stood next to him and shaking from anger. The Kraang on the screen spoke again "Do not worry. The allies of Kraang are safe with Kraang." The blue creature waited for the turtle to replay, muttering "Come on, please remember…".

The turtle spoke again, half spitting out the words from anger "What the shell are you talking about! My brothers are not your allies! And we never will be!" he pulled his arm back and hit the glass full force, where the head of the Kraang bot was, the three could hear his wrist snap. The purple one jumped on his place and ran to the window at the side of the platform, staring at the tube that was down there. "auw..." they heard him say though the speakers as he pulled his hand from the glass. The purple creature saw the Kraang walking away, "Take me down! I need to check on him!" the purple creature stared at the Kraang robot at the computer. "Kraang can't do that, the turtle doesn't know who the allies of Kraang are and he may attack, which in turn will slow the progress down." The purple creature turned back to the window, "But he needs help…" the purple creature walked back to the computer to stare at the screen.

As the Kraang walked away did they hear the turtle say "Yeah, you better run." And the three couldn't keep an amused smile of their face. After the Kraang was gone did he turn his attention to his injured hand and wrist , he slowly moved one finger, when that worked did he move his wrist a little, only to flinch in pain as he muttered "Okay, not broken but probably sprain…" he slowly tried to move his wrist again but again flinched in pain, "Yup. Sprained it, I must have hit the glass pretty hard for that, Raph would be proud. Or pissed because I hurt myself… probably both" the creatures growled, "what did those bastard do to him!" the red one hit the desk, the turtle on the screen looked around again and gave a little kick to the glass, without effect, after that he sat down on the ground and pulled his legs to his plastron and muttered "Don't worry, my bros are probably already on their way.". The red creature growled again and hit the desk, which broke in two, "Those… Those… I will…" so angry that it couldn't speak, but the other two didn't need to hear it, they knew what he was thinking.

The purple creature walked to the window and stared down at the turtle. "Poor Mikey… Because we were down we couldn't get him and now he is brainwashed." The blue one gave a sad smile, "Don't worry Dexter, the Kraang will help to heal Mikey, and make him remember, just like they helped us with our memory loss." The purple creature gave a nod and turned back to the window.

Suddenly the elevator door opened, and out of it came a flying Kraang bot. "What?" the red creature muttered as he looked out of the window. Suddenly three turtles walked in, in the front was a one with two katanas and a blue headband. Left of him was one with the red band and he held two sais, at the blue banded turtle's right was one with a purple band and a bo staff.

All of them wore a weird looking white mask over their mouths.

The turtle in the tube looked up as he heard a noise, and turned around "Guys! I am here!" and he jumped up and waved with his good hand. "Mikey!" the turtle with the purple band shouted. "Donnie, you go and get Mikey out of that thing, Raph and I will keep the Kraang away." The blue banded turtle said, Donnie nodded "Yes Leo". Leo and Raph ran forwards taking down the Kraang that were in their way, Donnie ignored the Kraang and ran towards the tube. "Don't worry bro. I will get you out." Mikey smiled, "I know that don!" Donnie started to work on the computer. "Okay Mikey, I need you to hold your breath while the tube is opening, then I will give you a Breather." The turtle with the bo staff pointed at the white thing that covered his mouth "After that you will be free to breath again okay?" Mikey nodded, "Got it." and he took a deep breath.

The creatures were shaking with anger, "Are that the enemies you were talking about Kraang." The red one asked. The Kraang nodded, "That are the enemies of Kraang that Kraang told the allies of Kraang about." the purple one, now known as Dexter, was shaking "So… that are the bastards that took our brother away?" the Kraang nodded again. The red one was shaking, "Let me at them! I will rip them apart!" the red one started to walk towards the door. "Kraang can not allow the allies of Kraang to do that yet!" the blue one stepped forwards, "Why not?" the Kraang spoke again, "Because the bodies of Kraangs' allies are still unstable." The red one looked confused, "What does he mean Lex?" The blue one looked at the red one, "I don't know Rex. What do you mean with… unstable?" the Kraang didn't answer for a minute, after a little while he said, "As the allies of Kraang know, did the turtles attack a long while ago. When they took the brother of Kraang's allies did they hit the allies of Kraang hard on the heads, and made a lot of damage to the allies of Kraang. Kraang tried to heal Kraang's allies as soon as possible, but the bodies of the allies of Kraang were so damaged that Kraang had to put them in the Tubes in Kraang's special lab so that the body's functions kept running. If the allies of Kraang go in action too quickly then the bodies of the allies of Kraang will fall apart."

The three looked at one other and back out of the window of the platform, the tube was starting to get up, and as soon as it was far enough up did Mikey walk out of it. The one named Donnie pulled a mask out like the one he was wearing and putted it on by Mikey. The three on the platform growled. When it was on did Donnie switch it on, "It is save to breath again Mikey" Mikey breathed in, "Thanks Don!". As soon as Mikey was breathing safely did Donatello pull him into a hug, which had the three creatures on the platform growling even more. "I am happy to see you are okay-" suddenly did Donnie see something on Mikey's hand, "What is that?" Mikey looked down and smiled a little, "I kind of hit the glass a few times and well... I think it is sprained." Don held the hand up and looked at it; he slowly moved it around and heard Mikey hiss in pain. "Guys, Mikey is free! We need to get out!" Donnie shouted at his other two brothers "I will give you a lecture about your hand later." Donnie took a hold of Mikey's good hand and started to make a run towards the elevator again. Raph met them half way and gave Mikey a fast look over for any obvious wounds, when he didn't see any did he make the way clear of Kraang robots. Leo ran after them, making sure that none of the Kraang attacked them on their way out.

A little later were the four turtles out of the building and on their way back to their lair.