Weeks have past since the Kraangs had kidnapped mikey and given him to the shredder.

It had been weeks since the escape.

And in those weeks the new mutants and the turtles had been getting closer and better friends with one other. All though the tension between them all had disappeared there was no denying that they had started to attract attention, something none of them wanted but with the eight mutants in the sewers there was no escaping that from happening.

So the eight, and April, were in the kitchen talking about what they should do.

"You guys could always go back to that train station." Donnie offered the choice but Rex shook his head, "It is just a matter of time before the humans will destroy that and build something new." Leo thought and spoke up, "The sewers are big, I bet there is some other place for you guys." Splinter shook his head, "That would not be wise. Our guests don't know enough of the humans above to hide from them. And then we aren't even talking about scavenging food and materials." Lex nodded, "True."

Lex sighed, "Well, me and my brothers made a plan." Rex growled at this, clearly he didn't like it. Lex ignored him and continued, "You told us more about the Kraang and the fact that they came from a place, the place they call dimension X. I had the idea that maybe we could go there. And stop the Kraang from that side, that way you guys would again have to worry less about the Kraang and you could concentrate on shredder." Everyone looked shocked as Leo spoke up, "Are you guys nuts or something? You want to go to the home from the Kraang, who are still after you three, so you can try to stop them?" Dexter grinned, "That is the plan."

"Alone?" Raph asked and Dexter nodded, "That is nuts. Can't you guys get a different idea or something?" Dexter held up his hand, "We know that we will go in with the three of us, but in that world we won't have to hide and we figured that we can't have been the only experiments from the Kraang. We could go there, make allies and make a revolution happen." Nobody said anything until someone broke the silence, "Leatherhead is there." Everyone turned to Mikey, "And he said that they had him as an experiment, so there could be more…" Lex nodded, "so that is the plan."

Donnie jumped from his chair, "That is not a plan! That is a suicide mission! In case you guys forgot, the Kraang has the teleportation matt in there headquarters! You just want to break in use the matt and hope that you won't see them on the other side? What is stopping them from sending more though the matt after you?" Dexter just grinned, "We are going to take the powercell with us though the portal. That way they won't be able to use it anymore." Don stared and sighed, "We will still have to break into the Kraangs headquarters and keep the Kraang from shooting you while you use the matt."

Lex smiled, "No we won't, we are going to break in and Dexter is going to look for the blueprints from the matt, we will try to steal the important parts and the powercell, then we make a new portal somewhere where they can't find it, and use it then."

Splinter sighed, "And I guess that there is nothing we can say to change your mind?" the three looked at one other and shook there heads, "Then what can we do to help you guys?" Lex turned to Leo, "What?" Lex asked. Leo grinned, "What can we do to help? There must be something." Rex shook his head, "Too dangerous little guys." Raph rolled his eyes, "Yeah right. We are ninjas we can handle it." Mikey grinned, "This means I am finally allowed out again right?" Mikey's question was answered with six different no's. Mikey sighed, "Should have seen that one coming."

Lex gave a small smile, "Sorry." Mikey waved it off, "It's okay dude."

"So how are we going to get in?" Leo asked as Dexter answered, "We are going to use the backdoor." Donnie gave a stare, "They don't have one." Dexter nodded, "True, they don't have one yet." all of them turned to Rex who shrugged, "I can make a way in." Lex nodded, "That is taken care of. Dexter? can you get all the information we may need?" Dexter nodded, "Of course, I will need to get to the main-computer though to do that." Donnie smiled, "I know the way, I can lead you right to it." Dexter looked up, "How come that you know the way?" Donnie smiled a little sheepish as he explained how he had search the whole headquarters for Mikey all that time ago. Everyone stared with their mouth open except for April, who had known it. Mikey spoke up, "Dude…that is cool." Don smiled, "Thanks Mikey, makes it feel a lot better."

Leo was the first to speak again, "Anyway, we have the map so and Donnie and Dexter are going to the main computer, what are we going to do?" Lex grinned and Rex smirked, they spoke together, "We are going to break the matt into pieces and break the important with us." Raph and Leo looked at one other as Raph asked, "How are we going to know what is important?" Dexter grinned, "With Kraang tech you have on rule, everything that gives light off is important." Raph nodded, "Seems easy enough." Lex nodded, "We will leave when it gets dark."

Mikey sighed, "And let me guess, I stay here?" the six others nodded and Mikey let his head fall face first to the table, "Figured." April petted his shoulder, "Relax Mikey, I am not allowed to go either." Mikey just muttered something unhearable into the table.

Time with by with them all preparing for the mission. Mikey sat by as his brothers and his new friends made themselves ready for a mission from which they may not return, it didn't give a nice feeling. Mikey didn't even notice he was spacing out until Raph tabbed him on the shoulder, "You okay?" Mikey shrugged, "I am fine." Raph gave a look and sat down next to him, "You don't sound or look fine to me, what are you thinking about?" Mikey gave a small glare, "Why am I not allowed to help?" Raph thought and spoke, "It is just too dangerous bro." Mikey glared at the floor and said pouting, "You, Leo and Donnie can go." Raph grinned, "Sorry buddy." Mikey sighed and whined a little, "So why can't I go?" Raph smiled, "We just… look… we are not risking the Kraang getting you again. Now stop asking." Raph stood up, petted Mikey on the head and walked away. Mikey glared at the ground, "We do they keep petting my head."


Mikey stared at the TV, not really seeing it but sulking because he was ones again stuck in the lair. The past few weeks he hadn't been allowed out, not ones. Even when he asked master splinter one of the guys would somehow appear and drag him back to 'safety' as they called it, he called it 'crazy-house'. "I understand that you feel locked away my son." Mikey jumped at the sudden sound of his father's voice, "Master! I euh… I am okay with it… it is just… okay, I am bored and I want to go out again. why won't they allow it master?" splinter smiled, "They are worried. Only when danger got to close will most see danger, and it may have been that they now see danger in everything that can move, and not move." Mikey sighed, "Yeah, I noticed."

Splinter placed his hand on Mikey's shoulder and smiled at his son, "Come, I have a idea which you will like." Mikey looked up and nodded at his sensei.


Rex walked towards the wall of the building, "You sure you want it here?" Donnie looked at his phone and nodded, "That is the place, there is a hole in the security on the other side of this wall, even when you break it, nothing will go off." Rex nodded, hit the wall, the stone cracked, and it slowly broke down. A hole big enough for all of them was left. Rex climbed in first, "It is save. No Kraang around." the others followed him though the hole. the six looked around, "Which way now?" Raph asked as Donnie and Dexter looked at the map, Donnie pointed to a staircase, "you guys need to go all the way up, then you will find the matt." Dexter pointed at some door at the end of the room, "Don and I go that way, don't be surprised when you hear an alarm, Don and I are going to trigger it so you have more time and less enemies to fight."

Leo nodded, "We will all meet back at the base. No hanging around." Lex nodded, "Let's go." And the group split up. Donnie and Dexter ran though different doors and hallways until they got to the room they were looking for, "is this it?" Donnie looked at Dexter as Dexter nodded, "This is it." the two opened the door slowly and saw a few Kraang standing by the computer. Dexter ended them quick as Donnie looked though the computer, "And here is the distraction." Alarms sounded though the building. Dexter nodded and set to work on looking for the needed information.

Leo, Raph, Lex and Rex ran the stairs up and when the hear the alarm sound they hide in a room as the Kraang ran by, "So far so good." Lex muttered as they moved again when the Kraang had passed. The four ran in silence the stairs up until they got to the top. Rex hit the door and it flow open, "So much for keeping a low profile." Leo muttered as Rex grinned, "The alarms were already going of, so it didn't really matter anymore." Lex shook his head as Raph grinned. The four entered and the Kraang lifted there weapons. The four pulled their own weapons out and attacked.

The two teams fought but neither were winning, Lex called out, "Leo, Raph, you two start on the matt, we need those parts." Leo nodded and run towards the matt, "We can just destroy it?" Lex nodded, "You two can go full out on it, only the light shining parts you need to keep in one piece." Raph grinned, "That is my kind of job." As the two brothers worked on the matt Rex tried to get closer to the power cell located in the far corner of the room. It seemed like it was going to work until a giant rock giant walked in. Rex looked up, "What the hell is that!" Raph looked up, "ow not one of those things again!" Lex jumped back, "How do we defeat it?" Leo looked up, "Well, last time we threw a bomb at it, but the thing just kept living." Rex sighed, "That sounds just fantastic." His voice dripped with sarcasm. Lex sighed, "Rex! Get the power cell. Leo, Raph get the parts." Leo looked up, "But what about-" Lex grinned, "I will keep ugly busy." And with that Lex attacked.

Lex run around the giant before slicing it at its feet, sadly his sword didn't as much as scratch the giant, said giant turned towards Lex and shot a fist in his direction. Lex jumped on it and jumped on one of the higher platforms in the room. the giant send another fist towards Lex as the mutant jumped to a different platform. Just when Lex wanted to jump out of the way of another fist, the giant changed his direction and hit Lex midair, Lex crashed to the ground. He rolled aside just in time to prevent himself from being stepped on. "Guys, how for are those parts?" Leo answered "Almost done!" Lex nodded and dived under the giants arm, "Rex?!" Rex hit the head off from another Kraang, "Almost there bro." Lex nodded and jumped on the giants arm. The giant looked at Lex before moving his other arm to hit him. Lex jumped to the giants shoulder, but he was grabbed by his tail and the giant held Lex up, "Guys? Help would be fine by now!"

Just when the giant throw Lex to the wall a chain wrapped itself around Lex leg and Lex was out of the giants path.

"Booyakasha!" a green and orange blurt flow by as it kicked the giant down as it had already been unbalanced from its attack on Lex. Lex for that matter wasn't too happy, "Mikey! What are you doing here!?" Mikey grinned, "Well, sensei said I could go and seeing no one was in the lair to drag me back in." Mikey climbed back up and helped Lex down from the chain. Mikey joined the bigger mutant and grinned, though Lex only glared back, "That was a stupid, crazy and dangerous thing to do!" Mikey grinned, "Not as bad as waking Raph in the morning. By the way Lex, Ugly is standing again." Lex turned to see him standing, "oow great. Mikey, go help Leo and Raph, lok for anything shining, we need those things. Send Raph to help me with this thing." Mikey nodded and ran to his brothers, who had heard all of it. ones Mikey was within reach Raph gave him a tick to the head, "Ow, hey!" Raph growled and run to help Lex, Leo looked up, "Ones we are back in the lair you will be in a lot of trouble, you hear me." Mikey rolled his eyes and helped Leo break down the matt.

Rex finally had the power cell out and run towards Leo and Mikey, only now seeing Mikey, "How did Mikey get here?" Mikey looked up and grinned, "The window, those things are always easy to enter." Rex stopped and smiled, "Okay, wrong question, Why did you go after us?" Mikey grinned, "I was going stare-crazy." Rex shook his head and pushed the power cell in Mikey's hands, "Watch the power cell, I am going to help Raph and Lex." And Rex run back. Leo looked up at Mikey, "come bro, just this last thing and we can go." Mikey grinned and saluted, "Yes sir!" the two brothers pulled at the last part until it broke free. The put all the pieces in the backs and Mikey called for the others, "Dudes! We are done, let's move it!" Lex and Rex kicked the giant ones more down as Raph turned to help his brothers. Raph took the back from Mikey and grabbed the younger's hand, "We are going." Mikey nod and run after his brother. Rex and Lex soon followed behind.


The guys returned from the Kraangs building all in one piece, Donnie had a panic moment when he found out that Mikey had ignored the, you-are-not-allowed-to-come-order and had came to help. Dexter however found it hilarious. After a long lecture from both Leo and Donnie was mikey send to bed, he didn't fight as he couldn't stop his smiling, he had saved Lex and they all know it, thanks to his help they had the extra man to fight and, damn it, Mikey was proud.

While the others slept were Dexter and Don working on remaking the matt, they decided to make it in leatherheads old lair so that if a Kraang ever used it they wouldn't be teleported in their home.

After a few days they had remade the matt to its old self. Leo looked at it, "You sure it will work?" Donnie nodded while Dexter grinned, "I hope so, or else we may end up on mars or something." Lex looked at Dexter, "I thought you couldn't only teleport from matt to matt?" Dexter nodded, "That is true." Raph had to ask, "So how could you end up on mars?" Dexter looked serious, "because of the aliens who live on mars." The mutants stared at Dexter, Raph muttered, "I am going to stop asking for your reasons." Mikey just laughed at everyone's face.

Lex sighed, "Well, it was a pleasure meeting all of you." Splinter nodded, "you three are always welcome." The four brothers nodded as April waved, "Have a save trip." Rex smirked, "With where we are going to end up? It is either Kraang or some weird place, and I am hoping for the Kraang." Rex hit his fist into his hand with some devilish smirk on his face. Dexter just grinned and waved goodbye, "Bye guys, don't worry. Ones we took the Kraang down we will come bye and you can see the place. I hope it looks cool…" Dexter got a far away look in his eyes as he lost himself into his thoughts. Lex nodded at the guys, "Good luch with the shredder. Wish we could help."

Splinter held his hand up, "You and your brothers have helped us more then enough, good luck with your fight and till we meet again." the three mutants grinned and spoke at the same time, "Till we meet again." as the light appeared, Dexter grabbed the powercell and the three disappeared with it.

Mikey looked at the matt, "You think they will be fine?" Don smiled, "Of course they will. they were made with our DNA after all." Mikey thought and smiled, "Yeah, you are right."

Splinter smiled, "Let's go home my sons."


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