Leo looked ones more over his shoulder, to make sure that all of his brothers were behind him. Right behind him were Mikey and Donnie, Don had a death grip on Mikey's hand and by the looks of it wasn't he planning on letting go of him for a long time, which was fine with Leo. Behind the two could Leo see Raph, Raph looked the whole time over his shoulder, making sure that they weren't being followed. Mikey himself had a few bruises and a few cuts, aside from that did he look very tired, and Leo could see by the way that Mikey held his hand, the one that wasn't trapped in Donnie grip, that something was wrong with it, but Leo decided not to bring it up just yet.

Leo turned back and jumped to the next roof, leaving a crack in the last one by the force he put in the jump, and thought back 'this shouldn't have happened' he thought to himself. They had all been thinking that the moment they had noticed that something wasn't right.

It had all started with a normal patrol, even after the whole 'let's break in the TCRI building to stop them but then having to run away'-episode they still went on patrol. They weren't stupid of course, and they stayed away from the Kraang for a good week, to let the whole situation calm down. However, as soon as the sun had gone down tonight had they moved a little bit to close to the building, which had as result that the Kraang came out of nowhere. The four had fought for a good 15 minutes before they noticed that it wasn't going to end well if they didn't retreat.

What had happened next was Leo still beating himself for.

They had split up. All four had gone another way.

While Leo had been running should he have noticed something was wrong, he hadn't been followed.

But instead for realising that it was weird, Leo had been happy. He reached the safe point first. It was a roof close by the pizza place. They had made it their spot where they started and ended their patrol.

Leo didn't have to wait for long. Soon two of his brothers joined him.

But Mikey never arrived.

As they had waited they had gotten more worried by the minute. When Mikey hadn't reached the point after half an hour did they start to make their way down his route. They almost got all the way back to the place where they had their fight. Suddenly had Donnie stopped on the side of the roof and had asked, "Guys… is that… blood?" when it turned out to really be blood, had Leo straight gone from worry to panic, though he had hide it from his brothers. "How could this 'ave 'appened?!" Raph had screamed out the question before Leo could have asked, Leo thought back to his own escape, he hadn't had any trouble why would Mikey have any? "Guys? Did either of you have… troubles with escaping from the Kraang?" Leo had asked it in a small voice as the three had made their way down the building, planning on searching the ground for a while, ones they were one the ground had Donnie answered first, "I didn't have any problems. Not one Kraang had followed me." Raph stopped in the middle of his walk, "With ya either? Me neither..".

Leo froze and stared at the nunchucks he had found, they were broken and had blood on them, "Leo? What is it?" "What is wrong fearless?" his brothers had asked Leo, Leo sighed and spoke, "Not one followed me…" Leo let it sink in as he picked up the nunchucks and showed them to his brothers. "GODDAMNIT!" Raph screamed as he turned, "Raph? Where are you going?" Don had asked him, "What does it look like genius! I am going to that damned building and I am getting Mikey out of there!". Here did Leo get out of his frozen state again, "Raph, you can't go there!" Raph had turned and glared at Leo, "Ya are not gonna stop me fearless.".

Leo and Raph had a stare down when Donnie spoke again, "We wouldn't be able to go in there, the gas would knock us out again." Leo gave Raph a look that said, 'didn't I tell you' but Don continued "But… I made a few gasmasks the last few days, after the whole incident in the building, I am not sure if they work but when we go we can better take those with us.". Leo had turned towards Donnie shocked, while Raph had grinned, "Way to go Don! Let's go get them and get Mikey back!" Leo stared at his two brothers, "Guys! How are we going to explain this to Master Splinter?" Raph had smiled way to sweetly, "Well fearless, you are the leader so you get the honor!".

After that the three had made their way back as fast as possible. As soon as they got back had Donnie ran to his lap to get the masks and to explain to Raph how they worked so Raph wouldn't destroy his own. Leo had run to his father to explain what had happened and that they were going to get Mikey back, before Splinter could tell his sons that it was brave, but a very stupid idea had Raph come in and had dragged Leo out.

On their way to the building had Leo gone back to panicking and worrying. Hundred different things that could have happened to their brother fly though his head, every one worse then the last one. When they were by the building had they out the masks on and with Donatello's instructions had they turned them on. They sneaked into the building, staying silent and invisible like ninjas were supposed to. They found the elevator and entered it, on their way up the door opened and a few Kraang had walked in, the poor Kraang never stood a change against a serious pissed off Raph. The Kraang had entered the elevator and had been throw out again when they had reached the top floor.

Leo had figured that his worry and fear for his little brother would have disappeared when he saw him, but he was wrong. When the three exited the elevator and when Leo had seen his youngest brother in that tube he had been more scared then ever before, he could see the few bruises and was scared. What if they couldn't get Mikey out? But Leo shook these fears off. He had given his brothers a few instructions. After that had he attacked the Kraang with all of his anger, he hadn't noticed the anger he had felt towards them. It helped him though that when he looked to the side he saw that Raph was ever angrier, and wasn't letting one Kraang move away undamaged.

Out of the corner of his eyes had Leo seen that Donnie had freed Mikey and helped him with the mask. When Don had yelled that Mikey was free had both Leo and Raph run back and before Leo knew it they had been outside again, jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

In total had the whole thing not token more then three hours.

But even now, as the four were running over the roofs, Leo still couldn't shake the feeling of fear away, and every time it got to much he would look over his shoulder to make sure that all of his brothers where still there. That is one of the reasons why he hates being called fearless leader, because he didn't truly deserved it, he got scared to, maybe even more then his brothers.

Leo turned back to look forwards, and saw a manhole. Perfect.

"Raph, I am going to open the manhole, you go in first and help Mikey down, after that Donnie will follow, I will come down and close the cover." Leo didn't leave room for discussion as he shot forwards and opened the cover, Raph jumped down the hole and stood at the bottom of the ladder. Donnie stopped in front of the ladder, Leo saw that Donnie had a little problem with making himself let go of Mikey, but as soon as Mikey was in the sewer did Donnie jump down and took a hold of Mikey's hand again. Leo climbed the first step down, places the cover back and jumped the rest. "Show-offs…" all three of them looked at Mikey, who gave a little tired smile, but still a smile. Raph gave him a little pet on the head and started to lead them back to the lair, Donnie pulled Mikey with him and Leo followed closely. Looking over his shoulder to make sure the cover stayed closed.

The rest of the way to a lair was run in silence.

When they entered the lair was their master waiting for them, when he saw Mikey did he give a small smile, "It is good to see that you are back Michelangelo." Mikey looked up, gave a smile and nodded, "Come Mikey, I need to check the cuts and that hand of yours." Donnie started to pull Mikey towards his lab, "What do ya mean, check his hand?" next moment was Raph looking at Mikey's hand, the wrist was a little thicker and his knuckles were bruised. Raph gave Mikey a little half-hearted glare, "What happened to it?" Mikey, being way to tired to really care much, answered a little apologizing, "I tried to escape, I may have hit the glass a few times to many and a few times to hard." Mikey gave one of his grins.

Leo stared at Mikey, Mikey hit hard enough to hurt himself? That was a new one. Leo turned his stare to Raph, he could see that Raph's face looked angry, but his eyes he saw a little mix of amusement and proud. "Ya know knucklehead, I am not even sure how to react." Raph gave a little grin, "Leave the hand breaking punches to me from now on." Mikey nodded and yawned, "No problem dude…". Here did Don decide that they had talked enough, "Well. Mikey, let's get you checked." And Don pulled Mikey to his lab.

Leo gave Raph a look, "What?" Raph answered the look, "Really? That is all you have to say?" Raph rolled his eyes and crashed on the couch, and turned the tv on. Leo looked at the clock and saw that it was five in the morning. He walked towards the other couch and let himself fall on it, and stared at the tv, not really watching.

Three hours passed before Donnie and Mikey walked out of the lab. Mikey walked straight to the couch and fell down next to Raph. Most of his cuts had been covered with bandage and his hand was wrapped up so it was kept safely in place. With all those bandages did Mikey look vulnerable and neither of the older brothers liked that feeling. "So, how bad is it?" Leo asked, Donnie smiled a little, "Well, he has a lot of bruises and cuts, but none of the cuts was too deep or dangerous. His wrist is sprained and his knuckles bruised but that is all what is wrong with that, he was however hit on his head pretty hard but for so far I know he doesn't have a concussion, and there isn't any trace of poison or anything in his blood." Leo nodded and looked at his little brother, who was fighting to keep his eyes open. "Anything we need to watch out for?" Donnie shook his head, "Not really, I just want to wake him up after two hours to make sure he doesn't have the concussion, just to be sure."

"Then ya can better start the time, because he fell asleep." Leo and Don turned to Raph to see the youngest asleep on his shoulder, Raph however didn't seem in a hurry to push him away, "What are Ya two lookin' at?" Leo held his hands up in the 'I surrender' motion as Donnie walked towards the closet to get a blanket and a pillow. He walked back to Raph and gave the two items to him. Raph laid the pillow at the side of him and slowly moved Mikey so he was lying on the couch with his head on the pillow. When Mikey lay comfortable, was he covered with the blanket. Neither Leo nor Donnie said anything, though the two couldn't keep a grin of their faces, Donnie whispered to Leo, "Mikey was right, Raph is just a big softy." Donnie walked back into his lab and came back with his laptop, he picked up a pillow of the couch and placed it in front of the couch where Mikey and Raph where lying and sat down on it, he made himself comfortable and turned his laptop on.

"… What was the point of it?" after a hour of silence was it Raph who broke it, he was still staring at the tv and his hand was on top of Mikey's sleeping form but he still spoke to his brothers, "What do you mean Raph?" Leo looked away from the old space hero episode, he had seen this one so many times he could talk with it anyway, "Well, why did those Kraang bots take Mikey in the first place? They didn't kill him, they didn't hurt him so he had permanent damage, he isn't dissected, he isn't poisoned… so what was the point of it all? Why would they take him when they weren't planning anything?" Raph was still staring at the tv, thinking it all though. Leo stared at his brother, why indeed, it didn't make any sense, and whenever the Kraang did something it had a clear goal but this…nothing.

The brothers were silent as Donnie ticked away on his laptop.

Donnie was only half listening to his brothers; he had finally hacked though the firewalls of the database Mikey had found and was finally be able to see all the files of the Kraang. He had spend the last thirty minutes reading random files, sadly most of them were written in some weird language and it was annoying the shell out of him, or it would be more like annoying the shell off of him but that didn't matter at the moment. As Donnie was scrolling though the files did he find one about the mutagen and about the effects it had on animals. Still most of it was in that language but some notes were in English, why it was written like that Don didn't know but he wasn't about to look a gifted horse in the mouth.

Donnie skipped though the maps when he saw an English titled one.


Donnie stared at it, not sure if he was happy with the change to English or scared of the fact that is was named turtles, "Don't worry Donnie" the purple banded turtle thought "It probably isn't even about us, it is just that the name is like that." Donny opened the map. And he saw seven files named.
iD. L. M. R. X-D. X-L. X-R./i

Donnie stared at it, and moved his mouse between the names, not sure which one he should pick. For some reason, he felt nervous to open one, and he wasn't sure what he was expecting.

He opened the first one.

What he saw was surely not what he was expecting. He was looking at a file about himself. Donnie closed it and clicked on the next one, this one showed Leo. Donnie closed it again and opened the M. now it was a file about Mikey, he closed it again and clicked on the fourth, and just like expected, this one was about Raph.

Donnie closed the file and looked at the 7 names.

D. was Donnie.

L. was Leo.

M. was Mikey.

And R. was Raph.

That was obvious, but what about the last three? What were those about?

Don moved the mouse to the X-D file, but he didn't open it.

"Don? You okay" Donnie looked up and saw his two awake brothers staring at him, "You just stopped typing" Leo continued, "And you were just staring at the screen…".

Donatello sighed, "I think you two should see this… I found something."

Leo moved from the couch to sit next to Don, while Raph just looked at the screen from his place. "You see, I was looking though that database from the Kraang, and most of it is in a weird language that I don't know, but some of it are English. I found this map. It was titled turtles." Donnie kept quiet, he knew what was coming next, "So? That doesn't mean it is about us right? Don?" Leo looked at Donnie, "That is what I thought." "Ya thought?" Donnie nodded, "yeah, I thought that until I opened the first file." Donnie opened the file named, D.

On the screen appeared a window with a moving picture of Donnie, going though different fight states. The information on the page read:


iSecond youngest.

Purple band.

Smartest. Inventor. Doctor.

Weapon: Bo staff/i

Under that some information about his blood type, height and weight.

At the bottom of the page was an extra link. Donnie clicked it, again a new window appeared, this time you could see a DNA model, with notes made by it.

The three awake brothers stared at it, "What the shell…" Raph looked at Donnie, "And the other files?". Donnie didn't say anything, he closed the windows and opened the next file in the map. The one named L.

A new window appeared again, this time it had a fighting picture of Leo. Again moving though different fight states. With again information:



Blue band.

Leader. Tactics. Best fighter.

Weapons: Katanas. /i

And again information about his blood type, height and weight.

On the bottom was another link, Donnie opened it and in the new window was another DNA model with some notes.

All three were quiet, they just didn't know how to react, Donatello closed the windows again and they were back with the map.

"Open mine." Leo and Don turned their heads towards their brother, Raph was staring at the screen, "Just... open it…" Donnie nodded and opened the one named R.

Again a window opened, and there was a picture of a moving Raph, one that showed how he tackled a few Kraang bots.


Second oldest.

Red band.

Aggressive. Strongest. Hothead.

Weapons: Sais. /i

And again information about his blood type, height and weight.

Another link on the bottom, as Donnie moved to open it they already knew what it was going to be. The DNA model opened on the screen, and again there were some notes.

Don closed the windows.

"And I guess the M. is about Mikey?" Leo turned his head to Donnie, who just nodded and opened the file M.

The page had a picture of Mikey, but he wasn't fighting, all that it showed was that he made flips over Kraang bots and from building to building.



Orange band.

Fastest. Agility. (Skill?)

Weapons: Nunchucks. /i

And the information from his blood type, height and weight were under that.

Donnie opened the link on the bottom and the DNA model was shown. Again there were a few notes. Before Donnie could close everything again asked Raph, "Why is the word youngest marked?" Donnie stopped and looked at the word, the word was written in red, instead of the normal white. "I am not sure…".

"Okay, so the first four are about us. What are those other three about?" Leo asked Donnie, "I don't know. I was about to open them when you guys asked what I was doing.".

Raph turned towards his two brothers, who weren't asleep next to him, "Am I the only one who is wondering how the shell the Kraang knows any of this?! I mean, the weapons and stuff I can understand, but how the shell did they know who is the oldest?! And not to forget the blood type!?" Donnie stared at the screen, "Well, we fight a lot against the Kraang, it is possible that in one of those fights we got a little cut, and left some blood. The Kraang could have found it and used it to get the information…" Donnie was still staring at the last three files. "Which one should we open?"

Leo and Raph looked at one other, "I guess just a first one." Raph shrugged at this, "Why not?".

Donnie, opened it, and saw no picture or anything, all of it was theory. There were a lot of different DNA models and possibility's. Very little was in English. Just a few notes and some words were marked red again. "So Don, ya understand anything of it?" Raph asked, "I am not sure. But I do understand the DNA models… they have a lot in comment with our own." Donnie ticked away on the keyboard, and their own DNA models appeared again, "Look!" he pointed at a little marked DNA piece from his own and the one that was from the new file, "These are the same, though the DNA around it is very different. I am not sure what this black substance is that they putted on it. It looks stronger and heavier and the rest, but I only know so much about DNA and gens. This goes above what I know." Donnie sat back against the couch. "I am only guessing that they are experimenting with the information they have about the mutagen, and as we were infected by it. They take what they know about us and check it…" the three stared at the screen, "So… what are they making?" Donnie shrugged, "To be honest, I am not sure Leo. I am guessing some fighter to help them take over earth, but I don't really know." The three sat in silence.

"Raph? Can you wake up mikey, I want him to eat and drink something and check if his head is still okay." Donnie set his laptop aside and walked to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink for their youngest brother. "Come on knucklehead, it is time to wake up." Raph shook Mikey a little; Mikey opened his eyes "Mmh. Do I have to? I am tired…" Raph rolled his eyes, Leo gave a small smile, "Come on Mikey, let Donnie do his things and then you can go back to sleep, deal?" Mikey slowly sat up, "Okay…" Donnie walked back into the room, "Good to see you are up Mikey, how are you feeling?" "Tired…" Donnie gave a small smile, "I know, but you need to eat and drink." Don gave Mikey a glass of water and some cereal, "Eat and drink this, and then you can go back to sleep, deal?" Mikey just nodded as he started to eat his breakfast slowly.

After the last bit was eaten and was drunk, did Mikey fall back on the pillow and fall asleep, "Why is ie so tired?" Raph asked as he covered Mikey again. "That is because your brother went though a lot of stress." The three turtles looked at their father, "When a mind is locked in a situation it doesn't trust it starts to overwork, which makes the mind tired, and when the mind is tired the body soon follows." Master Splinter looked at his sons to make sure they understood, "So I think it would be wise if you all would let your brother sleep and to get some sleep yourselves." After Splinter had said that did he give some extra pillows and blankets to his sons.

Within minutes were all four of them sound asleep.