Leo was the first one to get in the lair, seconds later Raph joined him. "See Raph, I am still faster." "Don't count on it fearless, I will defeat you." Leo smiled at Raph, "keep dreaming bro." "What does Raph need to keep dreaming about?" Leo and Raph turned to Donnie, who had just joined them, "That he will ever be faster then me." Raph growled as Donnie laughed.

The three waited, "… Where is Mikey?" Raph shrugged, "I don't know." "You think he got past us without us noticing?" Donnie asked, both Raph and Leo thought for a minute, "Could happen, the knucklehead is fast." The three brothers walked inside to check if the youngest was in the lair, they didn't find him. Don looked worried, "you think something happened?" Raph shook his head, "He is probably just scared to come here and admit he lost." Raph disappeared in his room. Leo smiled at Donnie, "Don't worry, if he isn't here over thirty minutes we will go look for him." And Leo left to watch Space Heroes. Don looked at the door, but sighed and entered his lab.

Donnie sat down behind his computer and stared at it, "What to do, what to do-" Don muttered as he saw the database of the Kraang, after the last incident he hadn't really looked at it. Donnie picked it up and connected it to his laptop.

Does Kraang want to have live update?

Don sighed; even the technology of the Kraang used its owners name to much. Don looked at the accept button. In the end did his curiosity win and he accepted, part of him knew what the risk was.

A loading bar appeared and within seconds was it full. Donnie smiled and opened the database, some files were yellow marked and Donnie guessed that those were the updated ones. Donnie scrolled though the maps and saw that the mutagen map had been updated. Don opened it and started to look for any yellow maps. As Donnie scrolled though the files did he start to lose hope, none of the maps had been marked yellow yet, just when Donnie was about to give up did he see it.


Don's heart pounded in his ears. "No… " Donnie opened the map, and sighed in relieve when he saw that none of their files had been updated, the other three however where. Donnie smiled and opened 'X-D'.

Don didn't know how long he just stared at the picture in the file, he hadn't been able to look past it. There, in the file was a picture of that Dexter mutant they had met. Donnie shook his head and took a deep breath, "Okay Don relax… there has to be a logical reason for this." Donnie started to read though the given information, and the more he read the more he was freaked out. Everything was about how the molecules of the creature, Dexter here, were working together and that the experiment had been a success.

Instead of the normal DNA model at the bottom was there a bunch of film files. Donnie opened the first one. Donnie watched the screen.

Two Kraang bots walked into a room, followed closely by none other then Dexter, "Where am I?" neither of the Kraangs bothered to answer Dexter, "The ally of Kraang has to sit down on the chair so Kraang can start to examine the ally of Kraang to see if the ally of Kraang has healed like Kraang thought the ally of Kraang would." Dexter stared at the Kraang and gave a smirk, "You know, you should really try not to say Kraang that often, people can get confused you know." The Kraang didn't react to the mutant, when he noticed he wouldn't get an answer did he shrug and sit down on the chair, "So what am I supposed to do here?" neither of the Kraang answered as they walked out of the room, "Now that is just rude." Dexter looked around the room but didn't find anything interesting to look at.

A few moments later did a voice speak, "Could the ally of Kraang move his tail?" Dexter, not expecting the voice, reacted the only logical way; he jumped a meter up in the air, "You almost gave me a heart attack you know, and you could have warned me!" "Could the ally of Kraang move his tail?" Dexter looked annoyed up at the roof, not really knowing where the voice came from but shrugged and moved his tail up and down, "Does the ally of Kraang have any difficulties to move the ally of Kraang's tail?" Dexter shook his head, "That is good." You could see that Dexter considered asking why that was good, but he knew that the Kraang wouldn't answer so just sat down again.

After a short time did the two Kraang bots walk in again, "Will the ally of Kraang please follow Kraang?" Dexter looked at the roof where the voice had come from, "That was all?" there was no reply, Dexter shrugged and followed the Kraangs out.

After the film ended did a small text appear on the screen:

Tail movability accepted, first test is a success.

Donnie stared at the screen not really sure what to make out of this all. He closed the video file and moved his mouse to the next one, "Don?" Donnie shot a meter up in the air before turning around, "Leo! Don't do that, I almost had a heart attack." Donnie suddenly felt a strong déjà vu moment but ignored it. Leo smiled apologizing "Sorry Don, but the half hour pasted and we are about to go pick up Mikey from his hiding place, can you track him down with the T-phones?" Donnie nodded and told Leo to wait for a second. Don picked up his T-phone and opened the track system in it, he locked the signal on Mikey's phone and soon found out that he was about half way on the race route, hiding in some alley.

Donnie smiled, "I found him, let's go pick him up." Raph and Leo nodded and the three left the lair.

After a short run the three stopped on top of a building, and looked down at a dark allay, "Are you sure it is here Don?" Donnie nodded, "I am sure Leo, the signal is coming from here." the three nodded and jumped down the alley. "It is really dark here." Raph stated the obvious. Donnie looked around and Leo spoke up, "Mikey? This isn't funny anymore." Silence.

Don rolled his eyes and stared at the trail on the T-phone, he was within five meters. Don looked around, there where a few very dark places, where someone could sit in without being seen, but Mikey hated darkness they all knew that. Don turned his gaze around; this didn't feel good at all. He spotted a trashcan, the signal seemed to be coming from it. Something clicked in his mind, "No…". Leo and Raph turned to Donnie, "What?" they both asked, but Donnie ignored them.

Donnie walked very slowly to the trashcan while his mind went over a few things. Mikey being kidnapped by the Kraang a few weeks ago, the easy rescue, the files in the database, the three mutants that had been watching them, the fact that those mutants were made by the Kraang, one of them rescuing Mikey from that fall, had they followed them? The race home, Mikey tripped, he got in last place, out of their sight, the fact that Mikey had never ever lost a race. Don stopped before the trashcan and opened the lid, and he dropped the cover. In the trashcan, on top of the garbage was Mikey's T-phone.

"Donnie? What is wrong?" Leo asked as he saw Donnie freeze, Don picked the T-phone out of the trashcan and showed it to his older brothers. The two older ones stared at it, "We should really look out more for Mikey." Raph muttered darkly, Donnie felt himself getting irritated. "ooow, how am I going to explain this to Master Splinter! He will be so angry." Leo asked himself. "What is wrong with you two!" Raph and Leo turned towards Don, "don't you two know what this means!?" Leo sighed, "Mikey lost his phone-" Donnie glared at Leo, "You don't get it do you!? Those mutants kidnapped our brother and probably brought him to the Kraang and-" "wow! Wait, when did those mutants get added? Or the Kraang for that matter?" Don stopped his rambling and turned towards Leo, "Well, I was looking around that database, and I kind of found out that the three mutants we met today are kind of made by the Kraang… I found it in those files that I showed you two. They have been updated…"

Don could see the shook on both his brothers faces when it hit them what this means, "It was all a plan from the start…" Donnie nodded, "I am scared so Leo… what do we do now? If the Kraang thought this through, then they won't take him to their head building. That would be too obvious." The three stood in the darkness.

Mikey didn't want to move ever again. His head felt like it was going to explode and his thoughts were hazy. Mikey let out a deep sigh, thank whoever is up there that he at least had a soft and warm blanket over him. Mikey held his eyes closed as he waited for the dizziness and the haziness to go away. Slowly the memories of the previous day started to catch up with him. Suddenly he released just where he was and he shot up straight. Mikey looked around the room he was in, it seems like he was alone.

The room was still dark but he could make out some parts, he was on a big bed which stood in a corner. One door was at his left while another door was at the corner in front of him, the wall was at his right. At the wall on his left he could make out a desk and a chair with it. The whole wall at the other end of the room was made out of glass; outside he could see a part of the city and behind that central park. This worried Mikey, the Kraang building wasn't close to central park at all. How where his brothers going to find him? Mikey took another deep breath and looked around ones more. The ceiling had a cream color just like the walls. The floor was a dark brown color and was made out of wood. The furniture was a light brown and the blanket and pillows on the bed were the same cream-color as the ceiling and walls.

Mikey took another deep breath to keep a panic-attack down and stepped out of the bed, making sure to stay quiet, maybe he could escape while it was still dark. Mikey looked between the two doors. He walked towards the door in the wall next to the window. Mikey turned to doorknob surprisingly finding it open. Behind the door was a bathroom. Mikey didn't bother to look around and closed the door again. Mikey turned and walked towards the door at the other end of the room. The door itself didn't have a doorknob; on the door was a note. Mikey picked it up and started to read.

When you read this we will be gone for a minute, the air outside of your room still hasn't got enough oxygen for you to breath so we locked you in your room. Sorry for that by the way.
We will return later today. The other door will lead to a bathroom, in case you didn't know that yet, and we have left breakfast for you on the desk.
Relax and take it easy bro.

Mikey felt himself starting to panic, he forced himself to take a few deep breaths. While Mikey was trying to calm himself did he lean against the door and slowly sat down on the floor. Mikey stared at the window at the other end of the room. Why did they kidnap him? Why did they take him to the Kraang? Where they allies of the Kraang? Why did they want him here? What were they going to do to him? And why did both Rex and Dexter call him bro?

Mikey was slowly calming down, though that didn't stop his thoughts from running around free. Mikey reached for his T-phone but found that it wasn't in place. They most have taken it. Mikey concluded. He let his head bang against the door behind him, not really caring if they were back yet and if they would hear him.

It just didn't make any sense to the young turtle. First does Dexter save him from a certain death by that fall, only to kidnap him and bring him to the Kraang who is going to do whatever to him, with which he will probably end up death anyway. Why did he even bother to save him in the first place then!? Mikey sighed and stood up again, he walked towards the desk and looked at the plate on it.

To by honest, the food looked better then what his brothers always tried to make, keyword tried. It was an omelette and some toast, he saw a bottle with water and a glass with juice next to the plate. Mikey stared at the food, wondering if he should eat it. Mikey's stomach decided for him. He sat down and picked up the fork. If they were really planning on killing him he wouldn't be alive at the moment. Mikey ate his food and it didn't even taste bad, it tasted pretty good. When he was done did he put the fork on his plate and picked up the bottle with water. He stood up and looked around, not really sure what to do.

Mikey looked out of the window while he slipped from the water. The dark sky was slowly turning a different lighter color. Mikey took notice of it and slowly walked closer to the window. When he looked down he saw the streets of New York, a few people walked it and there were some cars. Mikey looked up at the park and the changing sky. The sky seemed to turn into a very soft pink with sharp orange. Mikey stared, the lighter colors drove the darkness from the night away, and made place for the light from the sun. the pink and orange sky gave away for a very light yellow around the rising sun, but only for a small moment, the colors made place for a light blue that soon covered the whole sky.

Mikey turned his gaze from the sky and looked down at the streets again, a lot more people where walking down there now, all making their way to their destination, not knowing of the fights that had been taken place at night, or the mutants that lived under them. Mikey stared full interest, he didn't get a lot of changes to see the city in the sunlight, of to see the sunlight for that matter.

Mikey suddenly remembered just where he was and turned around.

He sighed in relieve when he saw he was still alone.

He gave the view one more look before he walked back to the desk, he placed the bottle back down. Mikey walked towards the exit of his room and gave the door a half-hearted kick. Mikey was in a lot of trouble. Even if he could unlock that door, he would still have to deal with the gas that was in the room. Then there was the fact that he was in a building of the Kraang. He didn't have his weapons, and he had no idea where they could be. Those three other mutants also walked around in the building. And most honest, he wasn't to sure where he was in the city. Not that he could go outside in the sunlight.

Mikey walked towards the bed and sat down on it, moved to the corner of it and pulled his legs up and hugged them. He stared at the door. Just what was he supposed to do?

It was getting dark again, halfway though the day had Mikey turned his gaze from the door to the window again, he had found the outside to be way more interesting and calming that the room. Now he was seeing the sky turn dark again as the darkness won it from the light blue. He snapped out of his gaze when he heard a door. Within seconds he had his ear at the door. He heard voices! Sadly it where not the ones he wanted to hear, no these where from those he kidnapped him. Mikey looked around to look for a hiding place, finding none.

The voice came closer and Mikey did the only think he could think of, he jumped up and climbed up in the corner of the ceiling, staying out of sight.

Soon after that did the door open, and Dexter walked in. The longer mutant looked around the room, "Mikey?" said turtle was above him, biting his lip to stay quiet. Dexter walked further into the room and walked towards the other door, which was closed. The purple mutant knocked on the door, Mikey rolled his eyes and thought, 'Sure now the dude gets manners'. Dexter didn't hear a reply and slowly opened the door. As soon as Dexter walked into the room did Mikey jump down, and run out of the room still looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't followed by Dexter. But he walked straight into something, or better said someone.

Mikey fell back on his tail and rubbed his head. The small turtle looked up to see what he had walked into, he stared in shook at the big red wristed mutant before him, Rex himself was staring down at Mikey in surprise having not expected Mikey to run straight into him. Mikey jumped up and started to walk backwards, only to walk into someone else. "There you are!" the mutant behind him spoke, "I was wondering where you were." Mikey looked over his shoulder slightly to see Dexter smiling at him, clearly happy with having found the small turtle.

Rex spoke up next, "Yeah, good to see that you are awake again little guy." Rex lifted his hand up and Mikey closed his eyes, not really sure what was going on. Next thing Mikey felt a hand on top of his head Mikey opened his eyes and saw that Rex seemed very happy with himself at the moment, "Did you sleep well?" Dexter asked behind Mikey, "yeah… it wasn't to bad… I guess…" Mikey answered unsure but the two bigger mutants seemed happy with it.

Suddenly did Dexter grab his arm and started to drag him out of the room, "Come Mikey, the air is finally same for you so we can show you the house!" Rex followed the two. Dexter dragged Mikey out of the hall and they ended up in a very white room with tv and a couch, "Well, This is the living room." Dexter waved at the room and dragged Mikey though a different door, "This is the kitchen" Mikey could just take a fast look around before he was dragged out again, the kitchen counter was white but the rest of it was black, the walls and floor where both light brown. Mikey was turned towards some door, "the exit, but the hallways are filter with dimension-X gas, so don't go out it may kill you." Dexter turned around and pulled Mikey with him. Mikey looked around in a search to get lose from the tall mutant. Mikey made eye contact with Rex, Rex gave a small apologizing smile. Mikey sighed, he was stuck, he heard the red mutant snigger and Mikey glared at him. The other just shrugged.

The three stopped in a hallway, the where two doors at both sides of the hallway, two at the beginning of the hall and two at the end, Dexter pointed at the door on his left, "Well… that is your room" Dexter pointed at the left door on the end of the hallway, "The one on the end is Rex' the one on the other side is mine. And this one" he pointed at the one door one there right, "is Lex'. He is probably meditating at the moment, it is best if you don't bother him now." Mikey nodded, still trying to figure out just what was going on.

Dexter nodded to himself and dragged Mikey back to the living room, and placed him on the couch. Mikey could already feel the next few days were going to be very weird.