The sun was almost about to rise when the two older Hamato brothers stopped in front of the old train station. The two looked around before the younger of the two turned to the other, "Are you sure it is here?" Leo looked around and nodded, "I am sure Raph, this is the place." On the way to the station had the two walked wrong a few times, but they had found it and now they were planning on getting their brothers back. Leo and Raph nodded at one other and made their way towards the door, making sure to stay out of the camera's vision.

Leo sat down next to the lock and looked it over, Raph stood guard, "And? Can you open it?" Leo stood up, "I have good news and bad news, good news: this lock is new so we can be pretty sure this is the right place." Raph nodded, "and the bad news?" Leo gave a sheepish look, "well, the lock is new and it is a code lock so none of the numbers have faded yet so we don't know which make up the code." Raph stared at Leo, "You aren't serious are you?" Leo gave an apologizing look. Raph sighed, "Let me get a look at it." Raph stared at the lock for about 4 seconds before he pulled out his sai and stabbed it right in the middle, there was a small click and the door opened.

Raph smirked and pulled his sai back, "Done." Leo stared at the lock and sighed, "That could have gone unbelievable wrong." Raph rolled his eyes, "that is your problem Leo, you never act." Leo glared, "And you never think," Leo continued before Raph could speak again, "But let's focus on getting Mikey and Donnie out of here first." Raph growled a little but muttered an okay. The two brothers walked inside.

The two entered the deserted station and started too look around. Leo let for the closed doors while Raph checked the area they had entered. Leo walked back to Raph after checking the doors, "Found anything?" Raph shook his head, "Me neither." Raph sighed, "Are you sure we are at the right place?" Leo glared at his younger brother, "Yes. I am sure, this is the place." Raph sighed and walked towards some poster on the wall and leaned against it.


Raph jumped away from the poster and stared at it, Leo felt something move under his feet and looked down, Leo jumped of the now moving platform.

The floor stopped moving, revealing a stairway. The two looked down, seeing a long stairway going down in a square like way. The two looked at one other and Leo gave a small smile, "You wanna go first?" Raph glared and Leo smiled, "No? I figured that." And the two started their way downwards, weapons ready.

The turtles in red and blue stopped at ever door to listen and then open it, room after room, and staircase after staircase, they slowly made their way down. Raph stopped and looked over the side up, "Geez I can't even see the top anymore. You think the door is still open?" Leo stopped and looked up, "mmh, I don't think so. I didn't see any button to close it yet so I think it is one of those automatic systems." Raph turned towards Leo, "so… we are stuck here?" Leo nodded, "I think so." the two turned their gaze downwards, "How long you think this keeps going?" Raph shrugged, "No idea Leo, no idea." And the two continued their journey.

The two just kept walking when Raph broke the silence, "How are we going to escape from this place? I mean, those giant clone-things are around here somewhere, the door out is locked, and it is starting to get daytime." Leo stopped on his tracks and thought for a moment, no luck was not with them, "We will have to figure that out when we need to." Raph stared, "What?! Where is your plan?" Leo rolled his eyes and said with a small smirk, "What? Wasn't it you who said I thought to much and didn't act enough?" Leo turned and continued his way down, leaving Raph just standing there. Raph shook his head and followed his leader.

Raph was looking around when he bumped into Leo, "What the shell Leo, why did you stop?" Leo pointed at a staircase that just went down in one direction; the two couldn't see the end of it. Raph sighed, "Well, this can't be a good sign." Leo gave an annoyed look, "Raph, not now." Leo started to make his way down, Raph close behind.

All the way down were the two silent. Ones down, they were in a hallway, not to long but not short either. Leo saw something on the floor at the end, "Is that what I think it is?" Raph looked at the item and fear hit him. The two run towards it and saw Don's bo staff.

Both boys look at the door, the only door on this whole floor. The two nodded at one other as Leo picks the lock. The door open and both step inside.

Rex looked up at the sudden noise and turned towards it, only to see the last two turtles, "They just keep on appearing." Now Dexter looked up, "heh, guess you are right." Raph took a small breath and glared, "Where are Mikey and Donnie?" Dexter turned back to the TV, "Mikey is in his room, Don is talking to Lex in the kitchen." Rex had already turned back to the TV, "Don! It is for you." Suddenly Donnie appeared, "What is for- Leo? Raph? Where did you two came from" he asked surprised. Leo sighed, "Thank god you are okay, we were worried bro." Raph nodded, "Yeah, don't just leave without telling us." Donnie gave a sheepish smile, "Sorry about that, that wasn't me best idea ever."

Lex stood by the door were Don had just came out from, "And that are number three and four. Guess we all will be staying here until the sun comes back up." Don nodded, "Yeah, I don't think we can risk going out in the light with seven."

Leo and Raph looked at one other, both lost, what the shell was going on. In addition, if that moment wasn't confusing enough for the two turtles did something else un-expecting happen.

"Dudes, I thought you wanted me to sleep, by making noise you really aren't helping that much- … Raph? Leo? Hey dudes!" the two older brothers turned to see Mikey standing close by, looking surprised. Lex turned towards Mikey, "Yes, you are supposed to be in bed. So why don't you go back to sleep okay Shorty? I will come and tuck you in." Mikey's face turned bright red, "Dude! What the shell! There really isn't need for that!" Lex just gave Mikey a look and Mikey looked away, still red, "Fine." And walked back to his room Lex turned to Donnie, "Keep an eye on those two please" Lex pointed at the two mutants on the couch before walking after Mikey.

Rex lost in there and started laughing; Dexter soon joined him holding his sides. Donnie sighed and glared at the two mutants on the couch, "Both of you stop it!" both Rex and Dexter stopped laughing and saluted and replied grinning, "Yes sir." Donnie turned towards his brothers at the door and couldn't help but laugh a little, both of them looking like their brain just gave out on them, and maybe that was to be expected, after all he himself also had been in shock after the whole story. Donnie gives his brothers a pointed look like saying: See? It is not so hard to care for someone.

Donnie turned his gaze towards the two on the couch, only to see Dexter snickering to himself and Rex trying very hard to keep his laughing in, "Guys, I mean it. Knock it off with the laughing!" Rex looked up and spoke, still grinning, "Come on Don, that was funny and you know it." Donnie rolled his eyes, "I am not saying it wasn't funny, I am saying to stop laughing." Dexter gave a small smirk and replied, "And there is Mission-Impossible people." Now it was Donnie turn to start laughing.

Lex entered the room again and leaned against the door, "Something funny I should know of?" the three now stopped laughing and grinning and turned to look at Lex Rex replied, "… No…Why would you think that?" Leo just gave a little stare and Dexter was the first to break, "Fine, we were laughing but it was funny!" Lex gave a look and both Rex and Dexter cursed, "Both of you, training." Rex cursed again and Dexter followed him out of the door saying cheeky, "Worth it." Donnie was by now back to holding in his laughter while Lex muttered darkly, "I swear, I am the only grown up around here." Donnie smiled and said, "I know the feeling." And Don gave Raph a look, "Hey! I AM grown up!" Raph replied glaring. Donnie just rolled his eyes and muttered, "enough said, by the way Lex, I think we should explain to my brothers before their brain just gives out by confusing." Lex nodded, "that is probably better."

Leo and Raph stared though the whole explanation from Donnie and Lex. "That is nuts…" that was all the Leo could say about it, it truly was nuts! Donnie nodded, "That is the first thing I said." Leo and Raph pretty much looked at one other, "So, what do we do now?" Donnie laughed a little uneasy and Lex looked apologising, "Well, you see. After I explained me part of the story and Lex their part we kind of agreed that I should take Mikey home, but…" Raph looked up, "But what?" Donnie muttered, "The guys are coming with us, with or without permission they will just follow us." Leo and Raph stared and Raph turned towards Lex, "Dude… Mikey isn't your brother, so why?" Lex rolled his eyes and said calmly, "We may not be his real brothers but that doesn't mean we don't care, that and there is no way I can keep both Rex and Dexter from following so I thought, if you can't defeat them join them." Leo and Raph were both speechless, and Donnie sighed, "Believe me, I tried everything, they are coming if we want to or not."

The door to the room open and both Rex and Dexter walked in, pushing each other slightly as they were still in some kind of fight, "if you are going to fight you two can just turn around again." Lex yelled at them from his place, Rex and Dexter looked at one other, both thought for a minute before turning around and just walking out again. Leo pointed at the now closed door, "Does that happen a lot?" Lex sighed, "A lot more then it should." Donnie snickered at that.

"Anyway, you two can take a room to sleep in while we wait for the sun." Lex continued, Donnie smiled, "well, I am going to get some shut eye, had only one good sleep this whole week." Donnie gave a little wave and walked towards the room where Mikey had disappeared in.

Lex showed Leo and Raph a room where they could sleep while they waited for the sun to set again.

The day went by with the turtles using it to sleep while the three mutants used it to train some more. When the sun had set all seven where up in the station again, "Okay, so why again are you guys coming to? I mean… isn't this like your dudes home?" Mikey asked confused, it wasn't like he minded having the three bigger mutants around they were a lot of fun it was just a little surprising to him, Rex just grinned, "Not letting you out of our sight Shorty." Mikey rolled his eyes and muttered a 'figures'.

The seven started the journey back to the turtles lair, Leo leading the way right behind him was Raph, Lex followed the two older Hamato brothers and behind him were Mikey and Donnie, Rex and Dexter had given up on the whole formation thing and had just started to jump and run around from place to place. Donnie smiled at Mikey, "What did you do to them?" Mikey just shrugged, "Dude, I don't think I did anything to them." Donnie laughed a little.

The seven run for about an hour in peace. That was before a laser just missed Lex' head. The seven stopped and was many Kraang bots coming up the building. Leo glared at Lex ow so slightly, "Why is the Kraang here?" Lex shrugged, "They are probably mad because of our little… outbreak." Leo glared at the blue-armed mutant as Lex just stared back without emotion.

"Allies of Kraang betrayed Kraang, and the Kraang will make the allies of Kraang pay for that." Rex let out a sigh, "That is really starting to annoy me." Dexter shrugged, "Don't let it get to you." Rex sighed. The Kraang pulled out their guns and the guys pulled out there own, now was it that Mikey noticed something, "euh… Dexter? where are my nunchucks?" Dexter stopped and thought for a moment, before shrugging showing that he didn't know. Mikey sighed, "That is just fantastic.".

They all heard a pair of feet hit the buildings roof, the Kraang and the mutants all turned towards the noise, and there was a little silence.

Karai stared at what she was seeig and started to count, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven mutants… and the Kraang… What is going on here?" Raph sighed, "I know the feeling." Karai stared as the Kraang just started to fight again and noticed the different in the style of them all, the new mutants were all about speed and power, though no stealth.

Mikey just kept jumping around, despaired trying to stay out of the shot line of the guns. One Kraang seemed to notice that they weren't going to hit the turtle like that so he took a step close, Rex wasn't happy with this he jumped in front of the Kraang, "I already told you guys one, stay away from Mikey." He spoke half growling and lifted the Kraang up, only to rip in the half. Karai felt her mouth fall open.

The fight become more chaotic over time and Karai was forced to try to fight her own way now, "Just what is going on here?" Karai asked not really expecting an answer, but Mikey smiled and spoke, "oow you know, the Kraang made mutants to destroy us but it backfired and now they are on our side." Mikey saw the gunshot to late and held his arms before his face, but he never felt the shot hit him, he opened his eyes to see Rex standing in front of him, "Thanks dude!" Rex smirked, "No problem Shorty." And Rex joined the fight again, "I am not that short!" Donnie snickered a little, "You are kind of short Mikey." Mikey stuck his tongue at the purple-banded turtle. Donnie hit a Kraang down and smiled at Mikey, "And no Mikey, they are on your side, that is something different." Mikey just shrugged with a grin on his face, "Still works for me." Dexter ended up next to Mikey and Donnie, "Don, they are after Mikey for some reason, we need to get him out of here." Donnie nodded, "Okay, just follow me." Donnie took a hold of Mikey's hand and dragged him out of the battlefield. All the other mutants soon followed them.

Karai looked at the Kraang and made her own escape, "The one known as Karai from the Clan known as the Foot is starting to get in the way of the plans of Kraang." One Kraang said to another, "I know Kraang, Kraang will contact the leader of the clan called the Foot to see if the Kraang can make the one know as the Foot stop interfere." And the Kraangs left the building.

Ones in the turtles lair was another battle waiting, the one known as Meeting-the-father-of-the-one-just-had-kidnapped-f or-a-week, after one long explanation had master splinter nodded and allowed the mutants to stay, much to the displeasure of Raph and Leo but much to the pleasure of the other mutants. Master Splinter decided that the guests could sleep on the couch, which had more then enough room for then, Lex thanked him for it, after a small talk had Dexter and Rex gone to bed on the couch while Lex meditated in the corner of the living room.

Leo and Raph walked toward their sensei, "Why father? Why are you allowing them into our home?" Leo asked still glaring at Lex over his shoulder, "Hey sensei, they kidnapped Mikey to begin with." Splinter looked up and smiled, "They may have been created to do evil, but they have the will to be good, and that makes me allow them into our home." Leo and Raph looked at one other, "Go to bed my sons." Leo and Raph nodded and left for their room.

Donnie and Mikey were already in bed, both in Mikey's bed to be more precise, "I am happy you are home Mikey." Mikey grinned in Don's arms, Donnie had been against even living Mikey for a minute, "I am happy to be back Don, though…" Donnie looked up, "What?" Mikey bit his lip, "Is it only me, or do Leo and Raph really hate the new guys, I mean they aren't that bad." Donnie shrugged, "They will get around it." Mikey nuzzled closer into Don's chest, "The seemed more interested in making new enemies then friends, or bringing me home for that matter." Donnie heard the sour tone in that sentence, "Well, you know them, it probably didn't hit them yet." Mikey nodded and fell asleep soon after that. Donnie smiled, yes, things were finally looking better.

"Master, there is someone to talk to you here" the shredder turned towards the mutated dog, "Who?" Dogpound pointed behind him, "One of those Kraangs.". one Kraang robot walked in the room, "Are you the leader of the clan named the Foot?" shredder nodded, "Yes, what is it that you want from me?" the Kraang went straight to business, "The Kraang wants the clan named the Foot to stay out of the business that is kraangs'." The Shredder looked at the Kraang, "And what will that give me?" the Kraang continued, "What does the leader of the Foot want for it?"

"Bring me Hamato Yoshi." The Kraang stared, "The Kraang has no records of the one named Hamato Yoshi." The Shredder thought for a moment, "Bring me a one of the turtles and I will stop the foot from interfering." The Kraang nodded, "the Kraang will bring you one of the ones called the turtles."