Mikey's hands were tied together behind his shell and throw into a Van. Mikey stared at the ground, he felt the vehicle starting to move and rolled to the side whenever the Van made a turn. Mikey sighed and started to think, why did this have to happen? He had only been out for half a hour and he hadn't even gone topside! This was so unfair. How many times had he been kidnapped now? First by the Kraang, then he got busted out, the he was kidnapped by Lex and his bros, for the Kraang. Then the Kraang tried to kidnap him from those guys. Then the guys kidnapped him away from the Kraang. And now the Kraang kidnapped him again. That makes in total of four, and five tries.

Mikey felt the Van come to a stop, he was slowly getting some of his control over his body back but it wasn't much. The Kraangs opened the door and lifted him up again, which also seemed to become a habit from everyone he met. The Kraang took Mikey to a building and climbed to the roof, there they set Mikey down and waited. Mikey broke the silence, "So… Why kidnap me again? The last few times it didn't work out either." The Kraangs remand silent, "I thought we already talked about this, but the guys know your evil plans and they won't fall for any trap." Again silent, "I mean, it can't be that fun to do this, kidnapping me, having to fight me bros, getting your ass kicked and-"

"The one named turtle should keep its mouth shut against the Kraang." A Kraang interrupted him, but Mikey was to happy to care, finally a reaction, "So you dudes can talk! And here I thought you finally deleted the whole talking bug."

"The one named turtle has to keep its mouth shut against the Kraang. " Mikey sighed, "and the Kraang needs to stop using the Kraangs own name… ow my god, it is contagious!" the Kraang held its gun up at Mikey but it seemed like faith was on the turtles side for ones and a bunch of foot appeared. Mikey gulped, "Hey Kraang dude, you remember that plan of yours yeah, well. I think it will totally work, give it a shot." The Kraang was back to ignoring Mikey, and Mikey sighed, he so didn't want to go with the foot, when he went with the foot he would end up with shredder and that scared him shitless.

Dogpound jumped on the roof and growled out his sentence, "I am here to pick up the turtle." Mikey let himself fall face first on the roof, "This is not my month." Dogpound lifted Mikey up and turned to leave. Mikey sighed and counted in his head just how many times he had been lifted till now, he ended with a total of ten; give one take one. Why did everyone lift him? He has legs! He can walk!

It didn't take long for Dogpound to get to the foot building, Mikey being Mikey had lost interest in the surroundings and was pretty much pouting and feeling sorry for himself. Dogpound took Mikey to the top floor and put him in front of the shredder, Mikey swallowed.

"Well, hello turtle." Mikey tried to smile, "Hey dude..." the shredder smirked as Mikey sat there uncomfortable, "Do you have any idea in what kind of situation you are in at this moment?" Mikey swallowed and gave a cheery smile, "One which I didn't think I would end up in with skating." The shredder glared, "You think this is a joke? Do you really think you will ever get out of here alive?" Mikey looked at a the only clock in the room, it was a few minutes until his one hour mark, but Mikey was sure that his bros were already getting ready for getting to him, he only needed to keep himself alive and shredder busy for a little longer. Mikey took a deep breath and said as happy as possible, "Well, I surely hope I will."


Shredder glared while Mikey couldn't help but smile, they had been at it for ten minutes now and with every second his bros got closer he just knew it, "I will ask you one more time turtle, Where is Yoshi?" Mikey just grinned and replied, "Not telling." Shredder snapped at the orange wearing turtle, "Why are you smiling! Don't you understand that I can kill you any moment I want?" Mikey just grinned and said, "Because Raph and Rex are going to be so mad, and I am happy it isn't at me." Shredder went to ask just who this Rex was when Karai walked in and saw just who sat in front of her father.

"Hey Karai! Long time no seen!" Karai ignored Mikey and turned too her father, "Father, what is he doing here? Him being here is a very bad idea." shredder turned his attention to his daughter, "What do you mean Karai?" Karai gave a small nervous smile, "I mean that we should put him on a roof on some other building and get away." Shredder didn't like this answer, "What are you saying! Are you betraying me!" Karai looked up, "Of course not father! But I… well… I just don't really want those other mutants to come here! That is all!" shredder looked up, "Other mutants?" Karai, "Yes father" Dogpound interfered, "What is so special about other mutants?" Karai glared at Dogpound, "These other mutants could easily rip your arms off so shut it." Mikey just sat there on the ground and grinned, "Hey Dogpound! You should know who she is talking about! After all you met one of them!" Dogpound glared at Mikey and Mikey looked away, "Okay, I will keep my mouth shut now."

Shredder smirked, "They are really that strong? Then I may have use for them" Karai shook her head, "That is a bad idea father, they are pretty protective of him" Karai pointed at Mikey while he just grinned, "But of course! I am just adorable." Karai gave shot a glare at Mikey while shredder just kept smirking, "I see, and if they want the turtle back in one piece they will listen to me." Before Karai could tell shredder that that was a horrible idea, an alarm went off.

Dogpound looked up, "I guess they are here."

Mikey smiled, "You are going to get your ass kicked." Shredder grabbed Mikey by his neck and lifted him up, "Shut it brat."


"Geez, way to let them know we are here." Raph glared at Rex and the bigger mutant replied grinning, "Well, I want to get our little bro back so…" Leo glared at Rex but before they could say any more don stepped in to hold the peace, "Well, at least we have a way in now." The six turned their attention to the giant metal wall, which had now a big hole in it. Dexter grinned and nodded, "Way to make an opening Rex." Rex gave a smirk back and a small bow, "I do what I do best." Lex sighed, "Focus guys." Rex and Dexter both looked up at their older brother, "I will take care of them." Lex nodded to the group of ninjas that was approaching. Leo looked up, "You sure you can handle them? They are ninjas." Lex nodded, "I will be fine. Dexter you-" Dexter stared at weapons and some vehicles, "I like that… can I Lex?" Lex stared and shrugged, "Dexter, go lose." Dexter grinned "Yes!" and he run towards the weapons and looked though them.

Rex was already walking towards the stairs, "I am going straight up." Raph glared and spoke up, "Me too." Rex rolled his eyes "Figures." Leo nodded at Raph, "Me and don will go down, checking to make sure they don't have some plan to attack." And the team split up.

Rex and Raph run the stairs up in silent until they found the elevator and took that further up. An uneasy silent fell on them while they waited. Rex sighed, "He isn't going to replace you, you know." Raph glared at the door, "I have no idea what you are talking about." Rex rolled his eyes, "Look, all I am saying is is that Mikey isn't the kind of person to just replace people, and neither is don… you should know that." Raph glared at the floor, "Of course I know that." Rex grinned, "Then why are you worried about it?" Raph kept quiet while he looked down, then he looked up a little "How did you know I was worrying about it?" Rex shrugged, "Call it a hunch. Okay, not really. Dexter likes to over think stuff and Lex may have heard you guys talking a few times while he was meditating, I swear that guy never sleeps." Raph rubbed the back of his neck, "He heard us?" Rex nodded, "yeah, wouldn't tell everything, saying that Dexter and I didn't need to know." Rex shrugged as he looked at the meter to see on which floor they were, "Man, this is one long elevator…"

Raph gave Rex a look, Rex turned, "What?" Raph stared as he spoke, "Well, how do you, or Lex for that matter, know how to react?" Rex grinned, "We are more mature." Raph gave a unbelieving look, "you and Dexter mature? I can believe Lex but-" Rex chuckled, "Okay, me and Dexter aren't too mature, but Lex surely is, and we are more mature then you guys." Raph rolled his eyes, "How is that even possible, you were created later then we got mutated." Rex grinned, "We just are, deal with it." The door opened with a bling and the two walked out.

Both run from corner to corner to stay hidden, "Man, what is taking Dexter so long with his distraction-" a loud explosion was heard from downstairs. Rex looked up "Never mind." The two continued running down the hallway, "What did Dexter do anyway?" Rex shrugged, "Don't know, and I am not sure if I want to know either." Raph just nodded and the two stopped in front of a big door, the two looked at one other, "Well, Raph, you think this is it?" Rex said with a mocking voice, Raph smirked and replied "I am not sure detective Rex, all the leads point towards it." The two grinned and Rex punched the door in.

The two walked in and shredder looked at them, slightly surprised that they just kicked the door in without difficulties. Karai looked at her father, "Like I said before, this is a bad idea." The two however didn't pay Karai or shredder any attention, their attention was with the orange wearing turtle, which shredder still had up by his neck. Mikey looked at the just arrived party and smiled in relieve. They were finally here, "Hey guys! Took you long enough." Raph smiled at his little brother, "Don't worry Mikey, we will have you out in no time." Rex nodded and turned to face shredder, "Put him down nice and easy, then no one gets hurt."

Shredder smirked and tightened his grip around Mikey's neck just a little, Mikey gasped for air as it became more difficult to breathe. Rex couldn't stop a growl from escaping and Raph took a step forwards to get his brother out of the shredder's grip but shredder held up his claw close to Mikey's temper, "One more step and the turtle dies." Rex's hand shot out and took a hold of Raph's shell, pulling him back slightly while he held his eyes on the threat. Raph looked at Rex in disbelieve, "Are you just going to let that guy do what he want?!" Rex looked Raph in the eyes for a moment, winked and muttered, "Just trust me on this one." Raph nodded and turned to glare at shredder.

Rex looked shredder in the eyes, "What do you want in trade for Mikey's safety?" shredder smirked and answered with confidence, "Total obedience from you and your two comrades." Karai looked nervous as she slowly walked away thinking, I am staying out of this one. Rex didn't break his eye contact with shredder as he slowly spoke, "where in your tiny brain did you think that would work. Let me just say this" Raph pulled out his weapons and held them up in a fight stage, "I listen to no one. Got it?"

Shredder wasn't happy with this answer and hold his claw now against Mikey's temper, "If you want this one alive, you will listen to me." Rex rolled his eyes, "I know you were going to do that, you are scared you will lose so you need cheap tricks like that to win." Shredder glared at the red handed mutant, "If you know what is smart and good for you, then you will give up now, there is no way you could ever defeat me." Rex gives Raph a small nod before turning his attention back to Shredder, "Really? Because from my point are you hiding. Hiding from a real fight, which you know you wouldn't win." Shredder send a murderous glare to Rex, "You freak have the nerve to talk like that to the shredder!" Rex sighed, "Really? Are you also going to say your own name over and over again? I guess it is contagious"

Mikey couldn't help but smile a little at the joke.

Shredder however didn't think of it as funny, "You freak will respect me!" Rex crossed his arms, "I won't ever respect or follow someone that is weak or scared to fight." Shredder snarls at Rex, "I will teach you to respect the shredder!" Rex smirked, "U think us tuff? Bring it on." Shredder dropped Mikey and called to Dogpound, "Keep an eye on the turtle while I take care of this disrespectful freak" Dogpound nodded as shredder walked towards Rex. Rex gave Raph a fast look which said, get Mikey and get out of here. Raph was already at the side of the room and nodded while Rex stopped one of the shredders claws with his spiked knuckles.

Dogpound was watching the fight when he had a realization; he remembered the night on the roof top when some new freak had kicked him off. Karai had told him that he had meet the mutants, and Dogpound released that this one was probably one of those mutants and was probably like the one he had fought, if you can call that a fight, "Ooow crud." Mikey look up and smirked, "Oow yeah! I almost forgot, you met Dexter." Dogpound looked at the turtle he had tucked under his arm, "And who is this?" Mikey smirked and spoke up proud, "This is Rex, he is stronger then Dexter."

A new voice spoke up "But the again you haven't met Lex yet." Raph kicked Dogpound in the face and Dogpound dropped Mikey as result, "Now keep your filty hands of my baby brother dog breath." Raph pulled Mikey back to his feet and cut the ropes with his sai, he pulled his brother in a hug, "You really need to stop getting kidnapped." Mikey smiled, "I will try." Raph took Mikey's hand and pulled him back to the open door, Raph looked over his shoulder just in time to see Rex just dodge an attack from Shredder, "Don't look back! Just get Mikey to safety!" Rex yelled after Raph, Raph nodded and pulled Mikey out of the room.

The two ran though the hallways and down the stairs for some time until Raph thought they had a good distance so they could take a breather. The two brothers stood against the wall, after Raph got some air in his lungs he turned to Mikey and checked him over of injuries, "Don't worry Raphie, I am fine." Raph looked Mikey straight in the eyes to see if he was lying or not, "Okay buddy, just checking." Mikey smiled, "I know… you think Rex is okay?" Raph looked at the stairs going up and then smiled at Mikey, "He will be fine. He is a tuff guy" Mikey looked at Raph, "How can you be so sure?" Raph smiled, "He is to much like the two of us, he can handle himself." Mikey laughed and hugged Raph, "Thanks." Raph smiled and petted Mikey on the hand before pulling away and grabbing his hand, "No problem squirt, let's get out of here."

The two continued walking down when suddenly out of nowhere Rex appeared and he pulled the two smaller mutants along, "Keep running, I seriously pissed him off." Raph and Mikey gave each other a look before mikey asked, "What did you do?" Rex gave a sheepish smile, "Well, you remember the water tank in the floor in that room right?" the two turtles nodded, "Well, in the fight the glass broke." Raph nodded, "so he is mad because you messed his place up?" Rex grinned, "Not that… I may have tossed him though the hole in the glass and made a run for it" Raph started laughing and Mikey joined in after a second, "Dude! That is awesome!" Mikey said though his laughing fit, Raph grinned and spoke up, "Genius, pure genius." Rex smiled, "I know right! Though I don't think tinhead enjoyed it."

On that moment a very angry and loud scream was heard though the building.

The three stopped for a second before they set off running again.


Leo and don walked though the basement of the foot headquarters, they both were disappointed at what they found, which had been nothing. Leo stood up and nodded at don, "Well, that was all of it let's go up and help the others." Leo started to turn around when Donnie spoke, "Leo, is there something you want to talk about?" Leo stopped but didn't turn around, "Why are you asking that?" Don shrugged, "You have been… well… not like yourself the past few days. I want to know what is wrong." Leo stared at the door, "Donnie, we don't have time for this. We need to go up and get Mikey-" Donnie interrupted Leo, "I know, but you and I both know that Rex and Raph can handle that… what I want to know is why you and Raph feel so…threatened by Lex and the guys."

The two stood in silent when Leo shrugged, "I am not sure, I just… I don't… I don't want to lose any of you as my brothers and… you know… I just…" don smiled and walked up to Leo and gave him a hug, "Hey, come on Leo, that will never happen. We are family and we will always stay that, there is no need for you or Raph for that matter to worry about Mikey or me forgetting about you guys. The others are cool, and nice. But you two are our brothers and you always will be." Don pulled away and gave a cherry smile, "After all, we have been though so much together, there is more needed then new friends to make us replace you guys, so stop worrying about it okay?" Leo smiled and nodded, "Sure. I will try." The two smiled at one other when suddenly they heard a loud angry scream.

"Leo? Was that… shredder?" Leo nodded, "I think it is time to leave don." Donnie nodded and the two brothers run back up to Lex and Dexter.


Karai looked at her father in the water as he screamed his lungs out in anger. Truth be told, she never saw it coming and man it had been funny.

Rex jumped out of the way of another claw as he landed on the glass, everyone in the room heard the glass crack, Rex jumped back to the normal floor as the glass broke. Everyone was silent, "You freak! What do you think you are doing destroying me place!" Rex held up his hands, "Hey! It is your fault you pushed me to jump aside… wait… you are me enemy I don't care how you feel…" Rex thought for a moment before smirking, "And I will just keep on destroying your stuff." Shredder glared at the mutant and growled out something between a warning and a treat.

Rex just kept on smirking, "What? I am sorry, I don't speak idioticish." Shredder made another attack and this time he scratched Rex in the arm, "Hey dude! Watch it those things are sharp." Rex looked up and saw the shredder standing before him, Rex felt the foot before he saw it and Rex fell on the ground. The shredder stood before him, "And now you freak, you die." Shredder's claw came down with great speed and Rex reacted on instinct, he grabbed shredder by his arm and wrist and Rex kicked with one leg him in the stomach, he lifted the grown man up and throw him over his head and kicked himself up after.

Rex turned ready for another round but shredder landed straight in the hole in the glass, silence filled the air as Rex stared for a second, after that he took of running with a, "Enjoy your swim!"

Karai saw that her father was down with screaming and that he was swimming to the side of the pool, Karai couldn't help herself any longer, "I told you it was a bad idea." Shredder ignored her and growled out an order, "I want that mutants head on a plate, am I clear!" the ninjas, who had appeared out of nowhere, nodded and disappeared again.


Rex kicked the door open and run out with Raph and Mikey close behind him, "We got him, let's go." He yelled at the his two brothers.

"Aaaw." They heard from somewhere above and looked up, and there was Dexter standing on top of some sort of giant robot made out of vehicles and weapons, which preciously had been in the boxes and been standing in the room. Mikey and Raph stared at the thing in wonder, how had Dexter been able to make it? No one would ever know. Rex gave Lex a look, "You know better then to let Dexter run free with this kind of stuff" Lex smiled, "We did distract them so I don't get the problem."

On that moment, another door opened and Leo and Donnie run in, only to come to a stop as they saw Dexter's toy. "Wow…" Donnie muttered before he noticed Mikey and run up to him, "Are you okay?!" Mikey nodded, "Not even a scratch!" Leo sighed, "That is good." Rex smiled and looked nervous over his shoulder, "Okay, all is good and fine now let's get out of here." Lex sighed, "Okay, what did you do." Before Rex could say anything they heard another angry scream.

"I may have something to do with that." Leo looked up, "What did you do? Destroy his claws?" Rex grinned, "Tossed him into water, I don't think he likes water." Donnie smiled, "That is a story just begging to be told." Leo nodded, "But later, let's get out first." Lex nodded, "I second that."

Rex suddenly throws Mikey over his shoulder, "Hey! What is that for!" Mikey asked shocked, Rex just smiles, "Precaution" Leo rolls his eyes and nods, "Let's just get out of here." The seven started to run back while Mikey couldn't help but think, and there is number eleven.

They run a few blocks before Leo opened a sewer cover and everyone jumped in. When they were down Mikey spoke up again, "So… can I walk now?" he was met with six different 'no's Mikey sighed and muttered a 'Figures.'

Lex smiled, "You should have seen it coming Mikey, after all none of this would have happened is you hadn't gone out alone." Donnie nodded, "He is right you know, why did you go out alone anyway?" Mikey rolled his eyes and gave a small smile, "Because I was going stare-crazy! I didn't mean to get in trouble, it was supposed to be a small skateboard trip, nothing special. I didn't go to far I didn't go topside, it isn't me fault that the Kraang came down in the sewers! I just wanted some time to relax." Dexter grinned, "You can have that time in the lair, no problem!" Mikey rolled his eyes and sighed ones again, oow no he couldn't get that in the lair.