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Disclaimer: I will only be doing this once. I am not J.K Rowling. If I was, I wouldn't have to write on Fanfiction. She owns all of this story's characters (except for one of two that I'll throw in) and the plot.

As you can tell from the summery, this isn't going to be exactly like The H.P books and films. This is mainly for me to take a break from my usual Final Fantasy X stories. I'll do the first one, The philosopher's stone, and if requested I'll do the others when I can find the time.

The main thing im going to change around is that Harry has a twin sister, Rachel. (I know I used her in My Guardian, but I love her character) She's half an hour older then Harry and is mute. AKA she cant talk. The muggle doctors think this is because of shock as she, like Harry, can remember their parents dying, but it has effected her the most. She is able to talk through her thoughts to Harry and has quite the mouth on her. She is a cheeky, lovable character and I hope you like her just as much as I do.