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Chapter 5: You better explain

Sakura had long left the sound of fighting but as she ran along the trees Naruto didn't catch up to her. After a while she started to worry till suddenly there was a rustle in the leaves. Kunai in hand she waited, whole body trembling in the direction of the sound only to see and mass of blond hair poke out. "Ah! Finally found you Sakura" Naruto said looking at Sakura with a genuine smile on his face like nothing had happened. "Don't give me that kind of smile Naruto, NOW Spit it out! What was it with that fight? Why where you fighting other Kohona Shinobi?!" while shouting it out she was shakeing him violently "I cant explain with you shakeing me like that" Naruto complained making Sakura stop to stand straight and stay there patiently waiting for Naruto to start talking.

Naruto was in a bind. He really did not want to explain things to Sakura, but after all that had happened he could not hide most of it. He had good reason to de reculat. As he was thinking he remembers the cold stare of the villagers. The way they looked at him with distane and discust. Naruto had gotten mostly used to it over the time but those cold glares still scared him a little. As Naruto thought this he looked up to Sakura, if he told her would her glare turn cold as well? Would she look at him with hate like all the others? He tried figuring out how to tell her simply, but he found out that was impossible. He did not want to but Sakura would be on his back till he told her.

Sakura felt a glare on her and looked up, Naruto was staring at her with a strange expretion on his face. He looked as if he was in deep thought, which of corses was abnormal of him. Since the start of the beginning of this day Naruto had been acting weird. Instead of the idiotic, happy and engerjetic eyes, he had the eyes filled with loneliness. All this made her really wonder what his secret was.

Naruto inhaled and signed deeply prepared for was might come. "Ok" He started "Lets start 13 years ago on this day, you know what happened on this day right?" "Of cores she answered "Today was the day the Fourth Hokage sacrificed him self to defeat the Kyuubi." Naruto continued, "Yes, your mostly correct, the 4th Hokage did sacrifice his life to try and defeat the Kyuubi but unlike you think the Kyuubi was not totally defeated. Instead the 4th Hokage was only able to seal half of the Kyuubi's chakra with the Shiki Fujin (Reaper death seal ). The other half though….. Was sealed in someone else." After an awkward silence Sakura broke it by blurting out " That does not explain anything about today and who did that Hokage seal the rest of the Kyuubi into?" It took a while for Naruto to answer the question and when he finally did it was in a very low voice. "Before the 4th Hokage died, to make sure of the villages safety he sealed the rest of the Kyuubi in a new born baby. The 3rd to ensure the future of the child forced a law in witch it was illegal to talk to the new generation about what had really happened. Still many people where killed by the Kyuubi and the child was resented by most of the village. In the end it became natural for the Kyuubi kid to hide for fear of getting attacked by random villagers out to get revenge."

Sakura stared for a long time and the Naruto, which was increasing in anxiety by the second. "Wait so.. what your saying is that you're the boy the 4th Hokage sealed the Kyuubi in!?" Naruto nodded silently waiting for the worst, but instead of the usual reaction Sakura just asked " How long have you known?" "Iv only known a year or so about the Kyuubi" He said "But I'v known most of my life what date my birthday was" " Sakura almost sounded out loud "Why didn't you tell me and the others your birthday date Baka! It's only normal that friends know about each others' birthday! And with that Sakura dragged surprised Naruto back to town to sneak into the festivities and have fun with the group of genins.

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