Best Friends

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Chapter One

"See ya' Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as she rushed past the napping dog demon.

Before he could react, Kagome decided to add a little something to short farewell.  She retraced her steps to the half-awake puppy.

"Inuyasha," she called, nudging her foot against his side.  "Did you hear what I said?"

He answered her with an indifferent snort.

"Okay," she sighed, "Bye bye, then!  See you in a week!" she called as she walked away.

Inuyasha was wide-awake.  "A WEEK?!"

"Oh, gomen nasai," she apologized hurriedly as the youkai caught up to her.  "Did I say a week?  I meant two weeks.  Okay!  Sayoonara!" She ran off hurriedly down the winding dirt path, graced with soft green grasses here and there.

"COME BACK HERE WENCH!" Inuyasha shouted, leaping in front of her.  "Who told you you could go?" he demanded.

"No one tells me to go, Inuyasha.  I just go whenever I want!" she said cheerily, now keeping at a relaxed walk.

"Well," said Sango, looking across to her perverted companion, "there they go again."

Miroku nodded.  "It's the same thing every time," he replied, sighing.  "Why can't Inuyasha just let her go?"

"Yeah, she always comes back, anyways.  She can take care of herself," Sango agreed, looking up as the golden sunlight streaked through the canopy of the forest.  It was pleasantly warm, a cool summer breeze whispering its way through the dense foliage of the warm forest.  The moment, however, was ruined by an unidentified moving object making its way closer to her…

She sighed.  Three…two…one.  She grabbed the nearest thing, which happened to be a fallen tree branch and swiped Miroku hard on the head.

"Don't touch me, houshi," she said lazily.

"Whatever do you mean, dear Sango?" the monk asked innocently, the large bump on his head portraying his obvious guilt of the crime.

"Don't even try," she replied.

She spotted the now identified moving object coming towards her bottom again.  Her eyebrows twitched in annoyance as she closed her eyes.  Relax…relax…it's ooookay.  She once again grabbed the tree branch, which had already broken from the impact of the last strike.  It was still, unfortunately for Miroku, long and sturdy enough to take another hit.

*A family of ducks waddles by, and we focus on them.  In the background, sounds of wood hitting a human head could be heard.  The family of cute ducks pass, so we return to our lovely couple*

Miroku was on the forest floor, his eyes swirled as his mouth hung open.  His limbs were spread out.  A fresh, large bump could be seen on his head.

*Our audience wonders whatever could have happened to our…beloved…houshi as we witness Sango dust off her hands with an annoyed expression on her face.*

Kagome watched as the shafts of blazing light began to dance and change shape as clouds made their way across the sky.  Inuyasha stood next to her, rambling mindlessly about why she shouldn't leave.  She stopped in her tracks, Inuyasha stopping with her.

"What is it?" he asked softly.

Kagome just stared ahead.

"Kagome!  What is it?" he asked demandingly.

"Oh, nothing," she said quickly, turning to face him.  "Bye bye!  I'll see you in two weeks!"

With that she leaned in and kissed him lightly on the cheek and made a run for it, down into the forest.  Inuyasha stood frozen, placing a hand on his slightly blushing cheek.  It took a while before he registered what Kagome had said.

"Hey!  Oi!  Kagome!  COME BACK HERE!" he yelled, running after her fresh trail.

Kagome could feel the presence of another as she ran swiftly through the darkening forest.  I can feel a demon aura, a familiar demon aura.  Like Inuyasha's.  Kagome gasped as she ran faster.  NO!  What does he want with me?  Her heart began to race.  Why would Sesshoumaru of all people be here?  She was beginning to near the well.  Oh well, he won't be able to get me through the well.  Her pace quickened as she prepared to leap into the gateway to her own time.  Just a little farther…there!  She leapt into the air, springing her self up and forward into the familiar well.

Inuyasha jumped from branch to branch in the dark forest.  He could smell Kagome some fifty feet ahead of him.  Jumping from his current position to her would be a very simple task, but he chose to chase her.  All youkais love a chase.  His senses picked up something just then.  Inuyasha sniffed at the air surrounding him, breathing in a very unwelcome scent.  He could sense that the person who carried the scent was coming towards Kagome and him, in their general direction, at amazing speed.

"Sesshoumaru," he said softly, "what are you doing here?"

The half-breed turned around and started running in another direction, hoping that his elder half-brother would follow him.  Inuyasha could sense that he was starting to get confused.  Suddenly, Inuyasha could smell the faint scent of earth and bones.  Kikyou.

Sesshoumaru slowed down a little in his chase.  Inuyasha had started to steer away from his wench.  Should I go after my little brother or his wench?  He started to run towards Inuyasha.

What's Kikyou doing here?  She's near the well.  Inuyasha's eyes widened.  Oh no…  He searched wildly for Kagome's aura.  She was gone.  Good, the wench got into the well.  He could feel Sesshoumaru coming slightly towards him.  Good, Sesshoumaru is on my heels.  Inuyasha turned around in the large clearing, unsheathing the Tetsusaiga.  However, since it was his lucky day, he began to feel his youkai senses ebbing away with each passing minute.  The horrified dog demon looked into the twilight sky.  New moon.  Great.  He put away his Tetsusaiga and returned to camp, unknowing that Sesshoumaru had carved his path to the well.

He reached a clearing.  In the center, stood a very strange well.  Looking up into the sky, he sighed.  New moon.  Well, no honor in fighting him unarmed.  The Great Western Lord knew of his younger brother's weakness.  One day, he would probably use it against him, but for now, he wanted his brother's wench.  He could trade her for the Tetsusaiga or for that fact, anything else he wanted from his brother.  Sesshoumaru smiled.  This is going well.  He looked down into the strange Bone-Eater's Well.  Seeing that the wench wasn't there, he jumped down into it to investigate.  Halfway through his jump, he could see someone come out into the clearing.  The air around him filled with the stench of death and earth.  His brother's other wench, huh?  Sesshoumaru landed on the floor of the well.  A strange sensation came over him as blue light encompassed his being.  The light and sensation passed.  He could smell the wench's scent going up the side of the well.  I thought she went into the well.  Oh well.  He leaped up into the air, freeing himself of the well's enclosed space.  He found himself in a small hut.  He shrugged his shoulders, deciding to track down the wench.

*          *          *

Kikyou came out of the bushes, into the clearing.  She smiled as she came closer to the well.  Now, you won't be able to get in my way anymore.  She placed two fingers on the cool wood of the well, chanting a spell of some sort.  Kikyou felt the wood shiver slightly under her fingers.  She stood up, walking away from the now normal well.  Now, no being can go through the well on either side of time.  She smiled evilly.  Now, Inuyasha, you are mine for the taking.  She flew away on one of her soul stealers.  Until then, Inuyasha.

*          *          *

Sesshoumaru pushed open the door of the small hut.  The odor of humans overrode his senses, knocking him unconscious.

Kagome twitched slightly at the table.  She had felt a demon aura at the well house.  At first, she thought it was Inuyasha, but the aura didn't have the familiar warmth that radiated from his being.  The aura had ebbed in power after a few seconds.  Oh well.  She continued eating with her family, listening as her family discussed their vacation.

"So, we'll be gone the whole summer," her mother finished.

Kagome nearly spat out her food.  "The whole summer?!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, dear," Ms. Higurashi said calmly, "is there something wrong?"

Kagome calmed down.  "I have to study.  I won't be able to go."

Kagome's mother nodded.  "I see.  Is it alright if you stay home alone the whole summer, then?" she asked.

"Sure!  I can take care of myself," Kagome answered happily.

Ms. Higurashi smiled.  "I know, I trust you."

"Where are you going?  I forget, wasn't listening," Kagome said sheepishly.

"We're goin' to the U.S.A!" Souta cried happily.

"Oh really?!" Kagome shouted.

"Yeah!" Souta replied.

"Will you bring me back some souvenirs?" Kagome asked excitedly.  She had always wanted to go to the U.S.

"Of course, dear," her mother answered.  "Now, finish your dinner."

Kagome smiled and finished the remaining rice in her bowl.  The whole summer alone!  Whooopie!  No school for a looooong time!  I'll have to study though.  Her spirit dropped a little at the last thought.  Oh well, since no one's going to be home.  I'll have to watch the house all summer.  That means, no feudal era!  Yay!  No Inuyasha for a whole one and a half months!  Kagome got up from her place at the table.  Everyone was done, so she collected the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

She went up the stairs to her room, plopping down on the bed.  Better go take a shower.  She grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom, ready to enjoy a relaxing shower.  After the shower, she slipped into bed.  I love summer vacation.  And then, he drifted off into a dreamless slumber.