Hi everybody! I love Tudors and I really link Rumple so... This is a totally crazy idea that came into my mind and I couldn't help but try... Just, let me know what you think!

Kneels of a saint, that's the only thing that she was getting from all those hours spent praying, day by day, in that lonely castle, while she could see her youth slowly disappear. She was only 23 years old, six years widow and this wasn't the way her life was supposed to be: she was born as Infanta of Spain, grown up to become Queen of England and now all her certainties crumbled in front of her. That day wasn't different from the others: she had walked in the garden, sewed with the ladies and she had of course prayed; it had been an ordinary day, at least until an unknown figure suddenly appeared in her private rooms, almost blurring in the dark of the night.

"Who are you?" Catherine asked, standing up with terror filling her eyes.

The figure took a step, revealing as a man, though somehow he didn't seem human.

"It doesn't matter. It matters what I want" he simply replied with a strange smile upon his lips.

"And what do you want?" she asked again, while she was unwittingly moving back, more and more scared.

"I propose you a deal, dearie"

"Thank you" whispered the woman, hinting a smile to the waitress who had just took her a hot chocolate.

Sitting at a secluded table near the window, she was looking around, watching every details of that place she hadn't had a chance to know yet, but that surely appeared more welcoming than all the other inns she had been before. And they weren't too many.

Ruby, back behind the counter, looked curiously at the new arrived as well: she had never seen her in Storybrooke before. Suddenly the attention of her eyes was caught to another person that had just entered and she grinded her teeth ready for another argument, that much to her surprise didn't happen though. With a simple nod, Mr Gold overtook her and went, as fast as his legs could allow him, right to the table occupied by the new guest.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" she asked, seeing him coming towards her, looking up from the cup of the chocolate.

The man remained to stare her for a while with a mixture of disbelief and joy.

"It doesn't matter, Catherine" he finally whispered, curving his thin lips in a smile.

"How can you know my name?" she asked, widening her eyes "Have we met before?"

"Maybe in another life, dearie" he answered enigmatically, before going away.