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From Torture to Happy Endings

Bella P.O.V
I never dreamt that i would be sitting here staring out the window dreaming that this is all a nightmare.
It all started on my first day at forks high when i first seen Edward and his family.
In the months followed i grew closer to each of them i saw Esme and Carlise as a second set of parents, Emmett as a big bother that makes me laugh and smiles, Rose as a big sister that a bitch, Alice as a annoying sister. Than there Jasper.
Than in Sept all that changed. You see i never liked my birthday so i thought this year wasn't going to be any different. The day of my birthday Edward said that Alice wanted to throw a party.I said i didn't want to have a party but they wouldn't take no for a answer like always.
After school I went home and got Charlie his dinner and got ready for this party but i had this feeling something bad was going to happen but i shove it off as nothing.
I drove over to their i got there Edward opened my truck door and helped me out and led me in the house.