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Bella's P.O.V

As I ran I looked at everything amazed how clear I can see and how far I could hear. I looked at my mates and smiled because they are so hot and powerful. I heard a growl and giggled because my Major felt my love and lust for them.

"Sweetheart we need to hunt and then we can mark you as ours afterwards," I heard the Major say as we near the city.

We stop and I notice how tense they are as the Captain starts to say, "ok darlin', close your eyes and listen to everything and tell us what you hear and we will help ok.."

I nod as I closed my eyes and start to tell them, "I hear heartbeats and I can smell their blood."

I start to get antsy from being so thirsty and I snap my eyes open and took off towards an alley where I heard screaming. When I got there I saw a man ripping at a young girls clothes and I growled, grabbing the man and dragging him deeper into the dark alley before biting his neck and gulping down his warm blood, tasting the drugs in his system. I felt someone coming towards me and I growled at them for coming too close to my meal. Suddenly they stopped like they were trapped by some kind of invisible force .

I felt the man's heart stop and I dropped him as I looked at the Major and Captain who has growling at me. I became frightened when I saw they were trapped in some type of force field. I closed my eyes and felt something snap back into me. I immediately dropped to the ground with my head bowed and neck bared, knowing they were pissed at me for something, but the last thing I heard were frightening growls as I passed out.

Jasper P.O.V

I felt something in Bella, but wasn't sure what it was until she took off into an alley. When I heard her growl, we ran around the corner and saw her drinking from a man who was trying to get loose. We walked towards her slowly when she growled at us and suddenly we were stopped by something.

I got pissed at being kept from my mate, as did Peter.I felt us slip into our Major and Captain persona's. As soon as she dropped her meal she looked up at us and she looked frightened by us before she dropped to ground bowed her head and bared her neck. Suddenly we felt whatever held us let us out and we rushed to Bella, catching her before she hit the ground… Passed out cold.