Disclaimer: As much as I'd like for this to occur in Naruto, that decision is up to the genius mind of Masashi Kishimoto.

Prince of Light

Chapter 1

"Sasuke Uchiha," the Elder spoke. Though appearing easily in her eighties, her voice still carried with the strength of her youth.

"You stand accused of high treason, espionage, mass murder, and numerous other international offenses. For this I would have your life end with the coming dawn, but as your former affiliate and friend, Naruto Uzumaki, has chosen to advocate for you, taking your actions from this day forth as his responsibility, you will remain under his guard and supervision, until such time as a new Hokage is elected. Do you understand these terms?"

"I do," I answered.

I turned to look at the blonde boy standing beside me, facing the Elder council, no longer a boy now I supposed. Only a ghost of the infamous knucklehead ninja remained in the blonde's face. In the cerulean gaze where once young foolery played, now flitted the ghosts of war. He had grown all too soon from an arrogant youth into a warrior, a leader, ready to take his place among the faces on the cliff-side.

"However," the Elder paused. "As we cannot leave the gravity of such crimes go unpunished and for the future security of this village, your chakra will be forever sealed and your ninja title stripped. Do you understand these terms?"

"I do."

I looked once again for some reaction from my blonde warden, but his jaw remained set and his face a mask of severity.

The elder turned to him.
"As agreed, the rogue is your charge, Naruto. Be sure he does not loose himself again, for his and your own sake," she added darkly.

I flinched at the way she said "rogue," as though I were no different than the demon-fox residing in Naruto's own body. But whether I was more upset by the accusation or by the fact that I knew she was right, I could not tell.


I silently followed Naruto through the streets of Konoha to my new prison, two ANBU on either side of me.

The judging eyes of the village followed our procession, even young children's small fingers pointed to me, asking why I was still allowed to draw breath. It occurred to me that this must be what Naruto's childhood was like.

I took every glare, every accusing finger as a dagger to the chest, wishing it could stop my breathing. I deserved their hate and condemnation; I deserved nothing more than execution.

So why in hell did he keep saving me?

"You've been given a room in my house, Sasuke. There will be two ANBU outside the room at all times and no less than ten surrounding the house," Naruto said with his back to me.

I looked at the golden spiky head before me. He hadn't met my eyes since the months before the trial while I'd waited in prison. Truthfully, even if he had, I doubt I would be able to meet that sapphire gaze. After all I'd put him through, I had no right to.

Once at the house Naruto quickly showed me to my room. It was sparingly furnished, with a bed, dresser and mirror, though I wished the latter hadn't been there. I had no wish to see the monster I'd become every day, but I figured this must be part of my punishment.

"You will not be allowed to leave the house except on my request and food will be prepared and brought here," he explained and turned to go. His voice was devoid of emotion, as I had trained my own to become for years, but somehow, coming from him it fucking hurt, knowing I had done this.

"Naruto," I began.

He paused.

"Why didn't you just let them execute me?"

He turned his head halfway to me, though still didn't meet my eyes. "I didn't bring you all the way back home just to see you die. If I'd wanted you dead, I could have done it myself."

I averted my gaze, letting his words sink in, although truth be told, I would rather die by his hand than by execution.

Knowing I'd regret it later, I pushed it one step farther. "Why didn't you? After everything that happened, I don't deserve to live."

He stiffened at this, his hand clenching at his side. Maybe he would punch me, though he seemed to relax again. "If you haven't figured it out by now, Sasuke, it's okay. You don't need to know." He walked out, closing the door behind him.

Yes I do, Naruto.

I let myself fall to the bed, throwing a frustrated punch at the mattress.

I suppose I had decided it sometime during the night, but don't remember actually deciding to. Either way, here I stood gazing over the cliff ledge at the rock bottom, nearly three hundred feet below me. Surely that would be enough.

Sneaking out of the house had been easy enough; I hadn't gone through training with S-ranked criminals for nothing. I knew how to get past ANBU, even without my chakra. If anything, that made it easier.

It would be easy right? I could let myself fall and gravity would do the rest. It might even feel like flying and then nothing…

A gust of wind blew up the mountainside, blowing my cloak and ebony hair about me as I stood at the edge of the Fifth Hokage's stone carven head. I took two slow, deep breaths. My heart pounded furiously, as if it knew what I was about to do.


It came distant as a memory…his voice screaming my name in desperation, raw with untamed emotion; not the cold, bitter tone I had heard only hours ago. His smile came to memory, that cocky, challenging grin, something I had secretly always adored, but all too soon the bitter, hurt gaze came back to my mind.

Yes, it was better this way, I would never hurt anyone again, and Naruto would have the chance to get his face carved into this mountain.

I let the memory of a smile grace my lips as I thought of this and let myself fall.