WOW: Literal. That's another fine mess Dean's gotten himself into. Sam's POV.

A story in three separate 100-word drabbles. I guess I'd better warn for vague season 8 spoilers because I mention a certain place beginning with 'B'.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but then no-one ever said life was fair.

Chapter 1


We found it while we were checking out one of the hidden vaults here in the batcave; the last thing we expected to see.

Stored under a dusty, moth-eaten tarpaulin; it was a spinning wheel, dating back to the Salem Witch Trials.

I'd just turned round for a second to catalogue the thing, literally just a second, and then I heard Dean hit the ground like a damn great sack of potatoes.

He just HAD to touch it. Like a freakin' three year old, he can't leave anything alone.

He pricked his finger on the spindle and …

Sleeping, um, Beauty?