Chapter One


Never going to believe this diary-

Miss Pillsbury left Mr Shue at the altar and if that wasn't enough he let us have the reception anyway! Everyone had hotel rooms but me! I mean every would love a hot bod like mine but I'm waiting for Jake! I just want hi to dump Queen Pukesalot and go out with me then I will be happy! Ok, so was guessing that Jake didn't manage to get some action from Marley as he was at the bar stealing some drinks so I offered to relieve him from some sort of sexual tension that he needs to release so we went to the hotel room and we did it. He thought it wasn't my first time but it was, I only knew so much what to do because Puck made me watch some porno with him. Sucks for Puck but win-win for me and Jake.

I'm pretty sure him and Marley are going to break up soon. I hope.



Ok, so yeah I have been like the queen of the bitches today towards Marley but she deserves it. I may block people out but and use anger as my recovery method but that doesn't mean that I like her, after all she did steal my man Jake, so now for jealousy I'm dating his brother Puck who's not as badass as he thinks he is. But the jealousy act isn't working so I need a new plan of action! I'm not sure of it but today I swear I saw that Bieber believer Ryder suck face with Queen Pukesalot (Marley) Jake is gonna be so pissed with her when I tell him, he'll probably be so angry that he breaks up with her on the spot and goes on with me. Score! Just the big break I've been looking for.



Today I've been really wanting to tell Jake but I can't bring a relationship down like that. Yeah I'm a bitch but I'm not that much of a bitch! I've also been wanting to tell Marley even make up some lame story like I'm pregnant with Jake's baby but since we used a condom he'll just think I'm a whore but maybe if he's dumb enough to fall for Marley, he'll be dumb enough to play Daddy.

And as I walk down the halls of William McKinley I feel powerful, because people are actually scared of me! I mean it's not like I enjoy scaring people it's just a front and everything like a force field but when you think about it I've done a pretty good job and I do come up with some pretty good comebacks!

Now it's time to use Google again to learn some more comebacks- WHAT? Those comebacks are too clever to come from my mouth!

So later,


P.S Somehow I think I'm too nice to tell Marley about me and Jake in that hotel room the other night, maybe because we're kinda like best friends and I don't want to ruin that, it really seems like I can trust her, but she needs to know, but I want this friendship I need someone I can trust for once. Why is life so damn hard?