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It's been four weeks since we've been back from our family honeymoon. It was fun just hanging out with everyone and being able to spend some quality time with Hunter. I was able to help him work on his shields since he was around Eden so much, but he didn't seem half as bothered with the voices in his head as I was at his age. I was jealous and proud all at the same time.

Our vacation was peaceful and I felt well rested when we came home, or at least that's what I thought. Eric insisted that Dr. Ludwig check me over and there was no way for me to get out of it. And he and I both were not happy about what she had to say.

Apparently I had exhausted my magic and I was eating enough to keep myself and my boys healthy, so I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I could sit up on the sofa downstairs for an hour a day as long as Eric carried me downstairs, I can shower and go to the bathroom, but other than that I was to remain in bed. I hated it. I knew that this was for the wellbeing of myself and my children, but I still didn't like it. The only good thing about it was that Eric and I could still have sex. Yeah!

Hunter and Eden would stay up with me in the mornings playing games, then after lunch Jessica would join us and we would work on lessons with them both. Hunter's telepathy made it almost impossible for him to go public schools until his shields were stronger and Eden didn't want to go to school without Hunter so Jessica did some research and found what we needed to start home schooling them at least for now.

The biggest thing about being on bed rest was that I wasn't seeing as much of Eric as I would have liked. He'd arranged to start taking over the day to day business of the two states to try to bring back order. It was taking him longer than he anticipated to go through all the holdings and getting everything sorted out with all of the other vampires. He needed to find vampire's that he trusted to be his sheriffs as well. Even with Pam's help every day he still wouldn't come to bed until almost five o'clock in the morning since he was also holding court at night to get caught up at least around here on any disputes that needed his ruling. I knew that we would also have to be going to New Orleans at some point for the coronation that I was still worried about and we would also have to go to Mississippi as well, but hopefully those wouldn't be until after the twins were born.

During the day I had the children to keep me occupied, but at night after they went to bed and before I would be able to fall asleep I would get so lonely. The boys, who were getting bigger every day did what little they could to comfort me, but it wasn't the same without Eric there. I also felt horrible that he was missing out on that too. I knew that he was doing what he needed to do as a monarch, but that just meant that he was neglecting what he needed to do as a husband and father and I missed him more than anything.

After a couple of weeks of this Godric came up and started talking with me at night for a while until I would get sleepy. It wasn't the same as having Eric with me, but it was better than nothing.

He would fill me in on the vampire politics that I needed to know. He told me that Sophie-Anne and Felipe had both met their final deaths and Victor and the Weres involved were being severely punished for their involvement in what happened with Eric and I and also with Jason's abduction as well, before meeting their final deaths. These were more signs that Eric and I and our family were not ones to be fucked with.

While Godric would talk we would also play cards as well or watch a movie or anything to pass the time until I was ready to sleep, then Godric would make sure that I was comfortable and settled before leaving for the night.

I would wake up when Eric would finally come to bed and I would be so happy to see him, but that never lasted long. He would undress down to his boxers, slip into bed, kiss me gently, say good night, then go straight to sleep. I would lay there next to him and cry myself back to sleep without him even noticing.

Tonight that was going to change. I managed to get a free minute from Pam to talk to her and found out that they were almost finished, thank God. Tonight I was going to seduce my husband since this may be the last time we will be able to make love for awhile. It was getting harder for me to maneuver around and everything I did was becoming uncomfortable, I was going to push on for my husband. I was going to show him just what he'd been missing the past few weeks.

I slept well into the afternoon today so that I would be well rested for tonight. I ate even more than usual, then I spent a good hour in the tub primping myself. I wanted to look extra special for my hubby. I had even ordered a new red silk negligee for tonight and I had arranged for a masseuse to come to the house this afternoon so that I would be as relaxed as possible.

By the time nightfall came I was full, relaxed and even fit in a little nap while getting my massage, so I was well rested and feeling as sexy as I could in my current condition.

At around ten o'clock I had Jessica come up and help me with my hair and make-up. I didn't want to look to made up, but I wanted to look nice for Eric.

As Jessica was curling my hair, she turned the conversation to a surprising topic. "Sookie, what do you think about Godric?"

"He's kind and sweet and strong and very smart. Why are you asking about him?"

"Well, Godric and I have been spending some time together almost every night and I really like him."

"Do you like him, or do you like, like him?"

"I like, like him. He and I are going for a moonlit walk later on tonight."

I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face. "Jess, I think that's wonderful. I think that you would be good for each other."

"I think that you might be right." She finished my hair, then she was quick to head back downstairs to meet up with Godric.

I removed the robe I had on to keep my gown from getting dirty and I checked how I looked in the mirror. There was no hiding the twins now, but I still thought I looked pretty damn good. I just hoped that Eric would feel the same way.

It was almost eleven when I lay down on the bed to wait. I had a book that I was in the middle of, so I picked that up to pass the time.

I got so lost in my book that I barely noticed when Eric came home. I looked over at the clock and it was barely midnight. Yay! Extra sexy time with my husband. This is just what I needed.

I put my book away, quickly conjured up some candles and rose petals around the room to set the mood, then I turned down the lights and posed as suggestively as I could while waiting for my husband to come to bed.

I focused on his mind and followed him through the house. He talked to Lulu for a few minutes before checking on Hunter and Eden, then heading up to our room.

I actually had butterflies in my stomach waiting for Eric. This is the longest we'd gone without sex since our first time and my body had changed a lot since the last time we'd had sex. My body was changing to get ready to give birth to our babies and I was afraid that he wouldn't like me like this.

That thought brought on a whole new string of fears that I shouldn't be thinking about right now. What if he didn't find me attractive anymore and started going after fangbangers again? That brought tears to my eyes. He had been spending most of his time at Fangtasia lately surrounded by all those beautiful women who would love to fuck my husband. I was full on sobbing when he came into our room.

He was next to me on the bed in an instant and pulled me into his arms. A part of me felt relief at feeling him so close after so long, but that didn't stop my tears/ "Lover, why are you crying? I hate to see you cry, it breaks my heart."

"You don't love me anymore because I'm so fat!" I sobbed even harder as I felt confusion and disappointment flow through him.

"Sookie, you know that I will love you no matter what. And you are not fat, you are growing our sons so that they will be strong and healthy when it is time for them to come into this world."

His words helped me calm down some, but I was still upset. "Then why haven't you touched me in weeks?"

He pulled away enough so that he could look down into my eyes. "Lover, you have been exhausted. You needed your rest and I didn't want my needs to exhaust you even more."

"So who has been taking care of your needs?" Now I was going from upset to angry. I pulled away from him completely and got off the bed. I started pacing letting even more horrible thoughts run through my head. "Have you been feeding from the fangbangers at Fangtasia?"

"Lover you need to calm down. You are getting upset and that is upsetting the twins. It's not good for any of you."

I stopped and looked over at him not letting his words absorb into my brain. "Answer me Eric. Who have you been feeding from?"

"No one. I have been drinking Royalty Blend for weeks. I will never drink from another ever again."

I couldn't stop myself from slipping into his mind. I could see and feel that he'd been telling me the truth. He'd been missing me just as much as I'd been missing him. And I saw why he was working so hard right now. He was planning on staying with me for a least a month after the twins were born. He didn't want me to have to do this without him while we were getting settled with the boys and getting them on some kind of schedule. I felt like such a fool.

"Oh God, Eric I am so sorry." I ran over to him and threw my arms around him. "I am so, so, so sorry Baby. I've been so crazy lately and you haven't touched me in weeks. Hell, we have barely spoken in weeks and I just miss you so much." I started sobbing into his chest.

"It's all right my love." He pulled me tighter into his arms and stroked my hair and my back while sending calm to me through are bond. "I am the one who should be sorry Lover. I have been neglecting you and that is the last thing you need right now. You're getting closer to giving birth and you need me now. I am not going anywhere unless I absolutely have to until after the twins are born."

"Can you really do that Eric? I don't want you to get behind or not take care of the kingdoms properly."

"Don't worry Lover, I've got everything under control. I've set it up so that I can do my paperwork from home and I should only have hold court once or twice a month now. I'm all yours for as long as you need me."

"I always need you Eric. I love you so much."

"I love you too Sookie and I think that it's time we show each other just how much."

"Yes lets." He gently lifted me into his arms and set me down next to the bed. He slowly undressed me and himself before making sure that I was comfortable on bed, then laying down beside me. He slowly touched and kissed every inch of my body. This was what I'd missed the most. It wasn't that all of his touches were sexual, it was the closeness that I felt when he touched me that I had missed so much.

When he moved to kiss my neck, I pulled his face up to mind and kissed him on the lips. "Make love to me Eric, please."

"Anything for you my Sookie." He gently moved on top of me, keeping his weight off of my tummy and slid inside of me.

He was slow and gentle with me and I wanted to be him to go faster and harder, but that wasn't what this was about. This was bringing us back together.

He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes as he gently thrust in and out of me. "I love you Sookie, more than you will ever know. There will never be another for me than you."

"I love you too Eric. You are the love of my life and there will never be another for me ever." He sped up his thrusts just a bit and brought us both to a deep and intense release.

He gently pulled out of me and maneuvered us into bed. With him spooning behind me I fell asleep with a smile on my face and slept better than I had in weeks.