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And just as Primus gave me two wings to fly and two creators to raise me and teach me, he gave me two trinemates to protect and love, and with them, two more sparks to call my own.

Ancient scrolls, Temple of Primus in Vos

"Computer," Starscream addressed the semi-intelligent laboratory network, satisfied when the system beeped announcing its readiness to receive orders. He firmly refused the stupid habit of giving non sentient computers real-life designations. "Search: Scientific conference. Location limit: Outside Cybertron. Timeframe limit: Next lunar cycle." The system beeped again, acknowledging the task. Starscream changed a few samples and restarted the analyser.

"Three results found," the computer's voice reported. "Result one: Common Mating Habits of Carbon-based Organics. Location: asteroid Dre–"

"Next!" the Seeker interrupted. Who the Pit cared about some disgusting organics and their probably even more disgusting mating habits?

"Result two," the computer continued, unfazed. "Extra-Linguistic Problems of Translating Religious Texts from and to the Language of Dokari. Location: planet Dokari. Timeframe–"


"Result three: The Future of Theoretical Physics. Location: moon of planet Taalon V. Timeframe: 258/36/87/1 to 371/36/85/3."

Ah, finally something bearable! "Perfect. Sign me in."

"Specify: As a visitor or as a lecturer?"

"As a visitor," the jet mumbled distractedly, leaning over a microscope.

"Unable to complete: Visitor capacity full."

Starscream's wings twitched in irritation. "Then sign me in as a lecturer!" he snapped. He needed to get off planet, slag it!

"The topic of your discourse?" the computer demanded.

The Seeker racked his processor for something remotely interesting... "Quantum mechanics in a reversed hyperdrive," he decided.

"Your application has been submitted. Awaiting approval."

"Hn. Notify me when the answer comes."


To Starscream's surprise it didn't even take long before the computer's dull voice informed him that his application had been approved. "Attached message: Thank you for your interest in our conference. I will be looking forward to hearing your discourse. Please contact me at your own convenience to arrange the details. Your travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by the International Institute of Theoretical Physics. Best regards, Particle, Director of IITP. Message end. Answer?"

"No. Find me a flight from Iacon to the location of the conference two solar cycles prior to its beginning."

"Two results found. Result one: Flight RE5598 leaving from Iacon Spaceport II at 124-37. Estimated time of arrival: 894-63 Cybertronian time, e78fga local time. Result two-"

"Stop. Book a seat in the first flight." The young scientist stretched and fanned out his wings to ease the tension that was beginning to seep in. Slag it, he had been leaning over the stupid microscope for way too long. A check of his chronometer told him that he missed a recharge period and morning refuelling. Not an unusual occurrence when working on a project. As they say, time flies when you're having fun. A cursory glance at his energy levels filled his vision with long ignored warnings. He dismissed them with practiced ease.

"Passenger designation and model?"

"Starscream, Seeker." As if the stupid computer didn't already know that.

"Processing... Processing... Unable to complete."

"What? Never mind, book me a seat in the second flight."

"Repeat: Unable to complete. All trineless Seekers are prohibited to leave Cybertron during the Trining under the Act number Zz897c of the Vosian Council of Elders."

A blue fist smashed the computer console leaving a sizeable dent as the tricoloured jet cursed in Seekercant.

"Carrier," he growled.

To be continued...