Hey! God it's been so long since I've written anything! Or even published on here. Truth be told - I got a huge batch of writers block, and I worried over many personal things in my life. The writers block didn't help as I was going through a rather dark part in my life and now I'm recovering, I'm wanting to express creativity again.

It's my life dream to be a successful writer, or even just a writer, but I need more experience of writing before I get the courage to actually submit any of my own personal work to an agent or publisher.

In the months that I've been off writing stories on here, I've taken up some role-play writing. I started on some forums on here, before advancing to adult role-play on a great place called Elliquiy. Google it! Seriously, if you are thinking of wanting to expand your writing skills and imagination, role-play is a great way of doing that. Adult role-play is just so much better. If you are into that sort of thing ;)

When I decided to finally come back here, I told myself several things:

1. I would actually set the story out, plan it and complete it. I would choose how many chapters, how many characters, how many dramatic moments, etc.

2. I would actually finish it!

Then I had to decide what I would write, and for which genre, or piece. I have this idea, and an idea for Fifty Shades of Grey. I knew that I needed one to get me started, and truth be told that the Fifty Shades of Grey story plan I have is my baby and will ultimately be my main one. But I'm not going to start that yet, as I need to finish planning it all out and I want to write at least ten chapters before publishing the first, to get me started.

This one is my baby starter, something that will get my juices flowing. I started off reading Twilight when I got into actually reading books, and I got hooked into the supernatural/fantasy genre. I've advanced in reading material to books like Vampire Diaries (which in my opinion are poorly written, but have a great plot and characters!), True Blood, Harry Potter, etc.

But the one thing that always stood out for me in Twilight, since although I love the franchise I'm not a huge twi-hard, I'm just a fan, but the Volturi kick it for me. They are awesome, and the whole darkness about them lures me in, especially how dark and sinister Caius is, or how power hungry yet insanely crazy Aro is.

That is why this story is involving Aro, my favourite character, and a sort of revamped Bella. I like her to be kind of kick-ass, knows how to stick up for herself, and live away from spouses.

So without ranting for longer than I already have, I present to you the opener. It hasn't got much drama in, just a little opener. This is going to be told from Bella's POV, but it might stray to Aro's halfway through if I feel something needs explaining. The Volturi won't appear in this chapter, there will be mentions of a few of them in the second chapter though!

Enjoy! :D Katie :)

Life had not yet been fair on me and I couldn't blame it, always finding faults in myself was a game for me. Edward and his family had left me, not once but twice, and I found that this time my reaction was different. Of course I still wasn't prepared for the sharp sting of reality, and the fact that even though I had flown to a different continent to prove to him that I was still alive and still very much loved him, he had chosen to leave me in the dark again to go away with his family.

Screw his excuses of not belonging in his world, I did and now the Volturi very much demanded me in that world since I would have to die if I didn't turn into a vampire. But Edward hadn't seemed to think of that properly, as he claimed they would forget by the time I had grown up and moved to university and so on.

Perhaps they would but I couldn't worry about that now. Charlie had been on high alert since they left again, and I was grounded because of going to save Edward's ass. That only made it worse as I couldn't at least cheer myself up by going to do something that would take my mind off the Cullens. I still very much belonged in that family in my mind, and I don't know whether the rest of them missed me or not.

Alice's email had, yet again, been disabled and every message I had tried to send had been denied. I had given up trying after two days of failed attempts, and had decided to not mope and prove to Charlie, if not myself, that I could live my life without them, I had before hadn't I?

School was the same, only this time I spent a lot more time with the group of normal friends I had managed to acquire before I had become immersed in the Cullen family. Jessica was a lot nicer to me since Mike was solely focusing on her, and not me. Angela was friendly, as always, and so was Ben. But Lauren would glare and boast about how the Cullens weren't needed here, obviously since they had left.

Jacob came over most weekends, since I couldn't go to him, and we studied together. He seemed to know the line between us and that I wasn't quite ready to start thinking of him in that way yet, and even if I was ready to start I don't know if I ever would. I was sad I couldn't begin to think of him in more than that way, but he understood and that made him my best friend, my rock tying me down.

Mum had rung or emailed daily, until I had politely asked her to keep it down to possibly three phone calls a week, and occasional emails. As much as I loved talking with her, I needed to be able to rely on myself to deal with my problems more than pining over them with someone else.

Dad, as I had now begun to start calling him, more than Charlie anyway, was spending a lot of time fishing with Billy, or at work, and when he was at home we'd spent quality time bickering and teaching him how to cook. There would be times I wouldn't be here, and I hated that he'd be ordering takeout to satisfy his hunger.

All in all, my life wasn't great but it wasn't bad, and I knew where I stood now. Edward still didn't want me, the Cullens were more prepared to listen to him then negotiate me in their lives and Jacob was the only guy I trusted to hear my secrets, and be a total goof around.

But this wouldn't last for long; nothing did.

"I can't believe you're still grounded," Jacob teased, sitting beside me in the living room as we watched a random comedy movie. "My Dad would usually ground me for a week and make me do chores."

I laughed, rolling my eyes as I nudged his side with my elbow, turning my eyes on the movie which was starting to bore me immensely. Dad had gone overboard with his sentence of grounding me, it was rather hilarious but it annoyed me.

"I know, but what can I do? Charlie reckons what I did deserved at least ten years of grounding, so I should be happy he only reckoned three months would do."

Jacob guffawed; rolling his head back to look at me as he held out his hand, offering me some of the popcorn he had been stuffing his face with prior to talking. I took his offer and popped a few of them in my mouth, chewing through them as a rather shrilled laugh came from the movie and I cringed.

"You only have two days left until freedom then! What you going to do once you finally get to see the sun shine?" he joked, looking at me with a smug grin.

"Hey! I go to school, I see some of the sun, but this town is so rainy it hardly gets the sun anyway, so I don't care," I replied, punching his arm as I settled to rest on his side. "You just are too smug because you get to take advantage of the sun up at the reservation."

"You bet," he retorted, smiling as he seemed to go into a memory. "It's so awesome up there to just sit back, relax, and learn. You really should just leave Forks high to come join us up there."

I laughed, shaking my head. It would be too weird and besides Charlie would never allow it. As much as he liked everyone up there, and believe me if he could move up there he would, he wouldn't like me changing schools.

"I like going to a normal school."

I smirked, watching him as he put on a look of hurt, and shook his head, laughing. We ended up watching the rest of the movie in a comfortable silence, swapping the remote to turn the volume up or down, and throwing popcorn at one another.

By the time Charlie walked through the door, we had finished and were clearing up after ourselves. He smiled and nodded at Jacob, raising an eyebrow at the popcorn covered floor, before hanging his coat up by the door and moving to the sofa, dropping down with a sigh.

"Have fun?" I asked him, looking outside to see the usual fishing gear hanging out to dry. "I take it that it rained, then?"

Charlie nodded, seeming to want the quiet as he gazed over at the telly which was now returning to daily channels. He looked to Jacob, then me, and smiled once again.

"What did you two get up to then?" he asked, stretching his legs as we looked to one another, shaking our heads with a chuckle.

"Just a movie," I replied, whilst Jacob had other ideas.


I gasped, eyes wide, looking over at him with a glare. Oh, he's going down.

Charlie sputtered, looking at us both, unsure who to believe. I mean one would believe said daughter, but then again with my track record of running off to Italy to save someone who just left soon after, he didn't look to believe me.

Frowning, I shook my head. "We didn't have sex, Dad, he's having a joke. Aren't you Jake?"

"I'm just joking with you, Charlie," Jake responded with a loud laugh, moving to stretch and stand. "But I do have to be going, Dad is expecting me back soon."

Charlie seemed to let out this huge sigh of relief, but he had a look that said he would kill us both if something like that happened again. He wasn't one for jokes, and whilst he was really quite supportive of the idea of me and Jacob as a couple, he was still a bit uncomfortable on the whole 'my daughter is growing up, and can have sex now' bit.

"Alright, well you make sure you come back soon, Jacob," Charlie replied, already half turning to face the telly to watch what I could only assume was now baseball. "Bella keeps nagging she has nothing but work to do."

I rolled my eyes and led Jacob away before they could get all buddy and discuss everything. Stopping at the door, we hugged and I whacked him over the head of his trick of trying to make Charlie believe his word over mine.

"I'll see you soon, Jake," I said, smiling as he walked down the steps to the drive way, already moving to sit on his motorbike. "Be careful."

He smirked, and nodded, turning the engine on and pulling it back out the drive, before looking at me with a smug grin.

"I'm always careful, Bells," he told me, winking. "Besides, he totally believed me."

With that he sped off and I laughed, closing the door behind me and saying goodnight to Charlie, I rushed upstairs to climb into bed, following by reading my book which promptly put me to sleep.

Chewing through my salad, I glanced around the cafeteria. School had been just as normal as it had been, but now everything had this sort of buzz. It was only two months until graduation and everyone was rushing around, planning parties, events, activities to help raise reputation for people looking to go to university.

Angela and I had joined a group planning on doing sponsored baking, since the other clubs were all about sponsored marathons and sport events; things that didn't work well with how clumsy I was. It was Angela who picked the baking over the craft club, or the sponsored silence, or any of the others that were available really. I didn't mind baking so I was up for it, and Charlie was more than supportive as he was the tester.

Jessica was quite put off that we weren't doing it together, as she wanted to join the running club and wanted us to do it too, but she was unwilling to relinquish that club for ours, so teamed up with Lauren, Tyler and Mike to run for reputation awareness. Speaking of Lauren, she wasn't highly fond of me still and made it her mission to openly brag about how I still didn't belong at this school, that I would always be the newbie outsider.

"Bella…" Angela said, breaking me out of my thoughts as I glanced her way, smiling in apology. "You always daydream!"

"Sorry. I was miles away," I replied, hoping she wasn't upset I had been ignoring whatever it was she had been saying. "I'm totally hyped up about baking later though."

She smiled, nodding her approval as she shuffled some leaflets over, advertising our baking. I smiled at the design, liking how she had gone for the theme of brown then anything too girly. It was what I admired most about her, she wasn't fussed about having things over the top and trying to grab attention, she preferred things simple.

"Yeah, so am I, this cake looks super easy to make, but tastes good too," she explained, pointing out the pictures of them on some pictures she had printed. "The cupcakes are more time consuming, but easy also. It is when we get to make savoury dishes that we have to concentrate more."

She was right. Savoury dishes always took longer, from scratch anyway, and whilst I enjoyed making them, I hated the clean-up and how long it took them to cook. I took each picture by hand and examined them, smiling at some of the cupcakes.

"They're getting more appealing every day," I told Angela who laughed, and nodded her agreement, handing some other pictures of savoury pies over. "I tried making a pie once, the pastry is slightly harder to make than average pastry."

"Puff pastry?" Angela asked, looking up at me, and I nodded. "It's not that hard once you get the hang of it. My nan taught me, she was very good at teaching around the books."

I looked back down, and admired the pies, before looking back at the leaflets. They had our names sprawled out in big capital letters at the top, followed by several slogans and pictures of cakes, cupcakes, pies and stews. Everything we were going to make for anyone to sample, the money going to charity.

"Have we chosen on a charity yet?" I asked her, curious as to which one would benefit most from it. "There are lots to choose from, I know."

Angela chuckled, and nodded, already bringing out a piece of paper with several names of charities on it. I scanned them, my eyes zeroing in on the charities which raised money for cancer, and the ones which helped bring children off the streets.

"I'm stuck between them two," I told her, as I looked up and watched some other students walk in, their own banner and t shirts representing them in their bid for reputation. A lot of students had taken to the root to raise money for charity, in hope for reputation, but we hoped that people would care more for the charities helped then their reputation.

"I like them both. Maybe we can split the money raised?"

I thought about it and it seemed the most reasonable thing to do, however much money we ended up raising. I knew this would end up happening as it was an honest thing to do, and I looked to Angela and nodded, before gathering my bags up.

"I hate maths," Angela groaned as she stood up beside me, already knowing I was going to head there myself. "I'm good at it, but I hate it."

She was right about that. She flew through all the questions and was done before anyone else in class, I envied her that. We walked out of the cafeteria and made our way down the corridor, following Mike and Ben into class before taking our seats at the side window.

The class actually didn't take as long and the time passed just as easily as it would do by doing something fun. We spent the day with science and geography, before the bell rung telling us freedom was now granted. The whole school nearly charged out, whooping their own happiness as they high tailed it out of here either by bus or their cars. I chuckled as I walked alongside Angela, heading for my red rusted truck.

"You really should trade this thing in," she commented, climbing in the passenger door. I rolled my eyes, climbing into the driver's side and turning the engine on. "It's going to break down sooner or later, it looks like it is about to die."

I laughed. "My truck is solid, leave off it. She gets me where I need to go and she is cheaper than most fancy cars you see parked around here."

I pulled out of school and begun the drive to my house. Normally we'd go to Angela's to bake, but since I was still a day and a bit away from getting freedom from my sentence of grounding, Charlie wouldn't let me, and insisted I brought Angela home. I couldn't for the life of me wonder why he wouldn't let me just go to Angela's house, but he was being stubborn and not backing down.

He wasn't home when we got there, and it made me think that we could have gone to Angela's in the first place, but I wasn't going to push my luck. We climbed out and rushed in, escaping the chilly cold that was now filtering through the trees of Forks.

Angela went straight for the kitchen, pulling out bags of ingredients I had stocked up on. I smiled as I watched her going about with papers with ingredients on, and I walked in after her, going to help. We made a great team, I always knew that, so it wasn't long until we had all the ingredients measured and out ready on the table.

"Cake or cupcakes first?" she asked, looking towards me.

"Definitely cake!"

We both laughed and went to mix the ingredients. Whilst I let Angela mix, I moved the cake tins across and lathered them with margarine and cake lining, to help stop it from sticking. I looked up to see Angela nodding, bringing the mixture over to pour into the bowls. I loved how it already evened out, oozing perfection.

When we had put the cake in the oven, set the timer and washed our hands, we went straight on to make the cupcakes which were done in a matter of minutes, all ready for lining in their cases. We really did make a great team, and if I had asked myself a few months ago did I see myself baking in my kitchen with Angela after a break up with Edward, I would have cried for hours.

Life without Edward wasn't as bad as I once made it out to be, and I was proving that by just managing to socialise with Angela and Jacob. They were easily my two best friends, and I knew that I could live my life happy with them in it, even if I wished the Cullens back.

Two hours later we were done and looked at the decorated cakes and cupcakes. Angela clapped and hugged me, looking down at them. I didn't realise just how many cupcakes we were making until we decorated, and I groaned, trying to think how best to sell them all off.

"They look great!" Angela exclaimed, picking her bags and coat up, hearing the horn outside signalling her mother was there to pick her up. "Just box them up for tomorrow, and we'll sell them all, I just know it! Thanks, Bella! I'll see you tomorrow!"

I chuckled as I watched her skip out, and I moved to box them up. Charlie walked in five minutes later and sniffed, a grin forming on his face as he sneaked a cupcake out of the box. He smiled at my look of irritation and walked out, munching on the newly made cupcake. Now I had them boxed up I had to worry where to hide them, as I squeezed them in some cupboards before saying goodnight once more to Charlie, and rushing upstairs.

I showered and brushed my teeth, before jumping into bed, reading for a few hours before sleep claimed me once more.


Please? :D