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Lying in bed the next morning I had a lot to think about. I still had the problem of Victoria roaming the world thinking of ways to kill me, and I had to find a way to contact Jacob. I needed to know they were okay and safe, and if Charlie was okay. I should ask Jane how to contact him, I needed to contact Jacob.

Something was going on between Aro and me, and I had no idea what. He was asking me to sit beside his throne, something only the wives did or pets, and he was caressing my back half the time I was sat beside him. I had only come here for protection yet Aro was treating me like I was something else in the Volturi. I wasn't a damn member and I hadn't asked to be one, yet he expected me to sit and watch him punish other vampires of the world.

I sighed, shaking my head as I sat up in bed, looking around. The room was still a bit extravagant and it made me envy them a whole lot more, but I was still content with my small purple bedroom and beaten down truck back home.

I had to find out what they were doing about Victoria. I have been here for a couple of days already and I have heard nothing about Victoria. Why were they doing nothing yet or not telling me anything? I had to find out.

I got up swiftly and dressed, brushing through my hair before opening the door and walking out. Jane looked up and nodded, moving to my side as we walked, following me wherever I decided to go.

"Where is Aro?" I asked her, looking over.

"In his library. I can take you to him. Come."

It seemed as if she already knew I needed to see him, and that made me surprised as I followed her down the corridor. Life had slightly gotten easier with living here but the food wasn't great, that wasn't a huge surprise, and they didn't seem as … patient with me. Again, not a surprise.

Jane came to a stop at a door, knocked once and opened it. I presumed Aro had granted her entry but I had not heard it. She gestured for me to follow, bowed once to Aro before taking her leave. I gasped, looking back, hoping she would return but sighed as I watched the door close behind her.

"You wanted to see me?"

I turned and nodded, seeming to accept my fate of being alone with him. It wasn't that I was scared of him as a vampire – which I suppose I was, of any vampire really, but especially him – but it was more me I was scared of. My reaction to whatever he would say or do. He was a very handsome man and I feared I would not be able to speak my mind.

His eyes were simply looking at me, his body showing no signs of movement. He was completely still as he stood up from his chair, his hair falling around his shoulders, showing off more of his white skin. I bit my lip and told myself to speak.

"I want… to know what is happening with Victoria," I bit out, giving myself a mental pat on the back for getting my thoughts out. "I've been here for a few days and I've witnessed things I never wanted to, and there is little to do around here for a human especially since I have little places to go that aren't off limits."

"For your safety that is," Aro replied, lifting his hand to point at a chair, which I gratefully took to calm my nerves and buckling knees. "If you are bored you need only say, we can arrange something. A visit to the city perhaps?"

"I did that, I didn't enjoy it."

Aro chuckled. "That was a one off and won't happen again. How about you come in here frequently and you can read some of our books?"

I did like reading and it was something I excelled in during school time, and as I gazed around I noticed he had a heck of a lot of books. It would take me literally forever to finish all of them. I stepped around to follow my eyes, seeming to realise they were all categorised like a real library and I would have fun being able to just stick to one genre of book at a time.

Aro seemed to notice my interest as he took his seat next to him, relaxing back as he watched me. That was slightly unnerving and it made me look back, keeping my eyes on him.

"You're welcome anytime to borrow any books," he told me, smiling. "We have many, and funds to buy more if none take to your liking which I highly doubt so."

"You don't need to buy anymore," I quickly told him, shocked he would go to buying more just to give me something to do. "There is enough here to satisfy me until my death."

I was meaning that as a joke, but as I turned to look at him I saw him tense up, his usual red eyes turning black. It was weird to see the colour change I had never really see them change only the result after… Edward had golden eyes once then black the next, but I never saw the transition.

Before I knew it I was pulled across to Aro, perched over his lap. I gasped, eyes wide, about to struggle to get off before his hands clamped over my hips holding my in place, his face looking at me as I distinctly heard a low growl.

"You will not die," he snapped, leaning in and sniffing at my neck, his already black eyes seeming to only sink into their darkness. "Never. You will not leave me."

My eyes shot to his face, confused and hesitating as I wriggled to climb off, slightly nervous of what he was doing. He had never been this forward before nor had he actively made his thoughts on me clear.

"Aro… this is new, please, I am confused." I cringed at my words but soon enough Aro leant back, looking up at me, but not releasing me. "Everyone dies in the end."

"Not you!" He hissed, seeming to shoot forwards, grasping my hair and tugging my head back to expose my neck. I gasped, my breath escaping me as I struggled, feeling Aro's head nuzzle into my neck, his lips pressed against my skin before I felt the scrape of his teeth. Panicking I struggled, hitting out, crying out for help as I felt his teeth scrape lower.

But soon he stopped, seeming to come to his senses as he shook his head, and gently lifted me off his lap, his eyes once again looking up at me. Silence fell on us as I gathered myself, shaking off my nerves as I bit my lip, looking around before turning and rushing out the door.

Had I known Aro was capable of losing his control I wouldn't have stayed, and I had wanted Jane to remain there but now I couldn't focus on that as I raced into my room and jumped into my bed, pulling the covers over myself.

His teeth had actually scraped my neck, he had actually intended to turn me without my consent! I had never had any objections to becoming a vampire in fact I was very much for turning into one ever since being with Edward… I knew that if I wanted to remain with him, I would have to turn eventually.

But this was different. Maybe it was the surprise of the attack that had shocked me, maybe it was that he was willing to turn me without asking and leaving me with no choice but to live my vampire years alone and always wondering. I would only become a vampire if my other half was currently or intending to be one.

I had no one, so why would he turn me?