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Any references to people, places, businesses etc is entirely fictitious.

"…in another time and place…"

3.11 Temporally Displaced (ABCDU)



And in another time and place, Lester, Cutter, Stephen, Ryan, Sarah and Jenny searched for their missing friends. And when hours turned to days turned to weeks turned to years… they continued to hope. They hoped that whenever their friends were... Abby, Connor, Becker and Danny were alright.

Sarah took Rex home with her, while Stephen took Sid and Nancy back to his place. And when Nick and Jenny Cutter's twin daughters were born, everyone agreed the names Constance Abigail and Hillary Danielle Cutter were almost as perfect as the babies themselves.

Lester never allowed Abby, Connor, Becker and Danny to be declared dead, but kept them listed as active on the ARC's roster, status: Missing In Time.

Ryan still trains German shepherds. One of Stella's pups, is grown now... and leads the canine team.

Connor's Mum found herself trying to keep Jack Maitland out of trouble. Somebody had to do it. And if she made Jack a little nervous sometimes... well, that was better than Jack making her nervous.

Becker's mother lives in Sussex with her daughter and granddaughter's... and her memories.

Stephen never convinced Sarah that she should stop waiting for Danny… but when he stopped trying, he did convince her to go on with her life.

"I'd never make you choose," said Stephen. "When Danny comes back… I'll bow out gracefully."

Sarah arched her eyebrow speculatively.

"But what if I don't want you to bow out?"

Stephen grinned.

"Well... in that case," said Stephen with a delightfully naughty grin, "what do you think of a ménage à trois?


Many, many years later, Mrs. Lester and her husband's assistant... a bright, bubbly and frighteningly efficient woman... cleaned out Lester's office desk together. They shared stories, tears and laughter. Mrs. Lester took the personal items home with her. Miss Parker packed up Lester's daily log, papers, and notes covering over twenty years worth of anomaly related activities... then, she sent the box to the library archives...