Thank you so much to Eiichiro Oda for creating such a superb droolable characters.

Authors Explanations :

Shinai– Bamboo sword

Kendoka– People who do Kendo

Kendo – Japanese martial arts that use Shinai as sword and wear some protective battle armored suit

along with Japanese traditional cloth.

Katana– metal bladed sword.

Nodachi – metal bladed long sword.

Santoryu– three styled swords combatant, using katana.

Itto – one styled combatant in Kendo.

Nito – two styled combatant in Kendo.



The bold and highlighted Shabondy Stadium crowded with audiences, visitors, news and magazine reporters and some fan-club since the morning of first battle of participants. Today is the day of World Kendo Championship. The expected match between two Demon Kendokas from famous and well known family attracted lots of news reporters, magazines pressman, live broadcast television station, and even paparazzi.

Outside the stadium, so any people gathered to buy some souvenirs from ton of booths and stalls. People chat happily. Merchants and dealers busy in serving their customers. It's like a Special Festival, and only came once in three years.

More than ten ambulance and paramedic cars were lined in a row, outside the stadium. It's busy with taking and sending numerous participants who severely injured and coma to the Hospital. Bunch of audience wait on the outside of stadium just to entertain themselves by watching the amusing views of crying and disappointed Kendokas, and counts the number of people who boarding the ambulance.

Of course they were busy. Because this year tournament was accompany by that two Demon in Kendo. Every Kendoka must facing that Demon wrath in order to achieve the glorious Final Match.

Too much balloons, banner, key-chains, clay-craft and much more thing that printed with the cool features and portrait of certain popular participants in this championship. The portraits in frame of famous Kendokas from all over the World were hanging on every high pole near the stadium building.

Fun Park full with various kids and some adults who watch over their springs enjoy the blissfulness of the day. The place looks colorful. Not left behind, various deliciously foods with over-seducing smell were sold everywhere...

Where is got foods, so do where have raven haired teenager named Monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy will stand on that place and inhumanly drooling over the foods with weird face. He wore his High school uniform. Caimie, green haired cute girl walks beside Luffy with gently steps. She dressed sweetly in greenish peachy colors Gyaru-Kimono fashion.

Her Kimono didn't laden so much with flowery pattern and cute accessories. Her hair combed beautifully with some big red and peach flowers ornament clipped on the right side. The white beads that attached to the flower, hanging down and some small round bell make a cute tingling sounds.

Caimie chuckles cutely, watching Luffy whining all over the sweets and that tempting FOODS. She pats Luffy's back.

"Your hand and mouth already full with takoyaki, Luffy-chin."

"Buuu Caimie~~ I want more hamburger! AH! Look, meat BBQ..! Ah there, candies! Over there..! Chicken popcorns! UH OHH croissant potatoes! WOAH! Lovely Cheesy MESHIIIII...! DAMN! Caimie~~ Look~~! They all whistle at me oh that fabulous food!"

Caimie giggling hearing and watch Luffy's Food-Obsessions antics. Especially, anything about meat. Luffy's body sways and dancing, while his nose expand and deflated, swallowing the hypnotizing delicious smells of foods.

Caimie lick her Strawberry Vanilla ice-cream, while her hand didn't let go of Luffy's highscool coat. Her long nails beautifully trimmed with some peachy pastel colors, didn't contrast too much with her naturally soft green hair color.

The place crowded with strangers and different kind of people, she can't let Luffy wanders alone in this human Tsunami. She herself got a little nervous walking around with so much unknown people. Caimie peek on her pure golden wrist watch. It's about time...

"Luffy-chin? Are not we going to watch Nii-chin's match..?"

"On the way~~ Ah! I'm got to buy that chicken popcorns first!"

Caimie giggles. While Luffy buys his foods, Caimie walks to the nearest booth of souvenirs. The lady dealer greets Caimie sweetly. She touches the key-chain that has portrait one of the famous Kendoka, Roronoa Zoro's sulking face. Caimie chuckled. She always adores this man. She didn't know why this man didn't like it when his face captured by cameras. But this key-chain look so cute.. Caimie flowerly smile.

"How much costs is this for two, Madam..?"

The fight between two Demon in Kendo, Roronoa Zoro and Trafalgar Law was expected to close the curtains of the Championship. They met as opponent also enemy in today World most famous and honorific championship - World Kendo Championship.

The overall prize is Golden Dragon Bowl trophy. And it's made from 3.8kg pure gold. Two golden Asian dragons coiling around the golden globe shape, its eyes and scales carved with gemstones. The first and second winner also will get platinum medal.

The news spread about this great duo building up younglings already done on day before the formal opening ceremony of championship. The audiences put their high expectation on this pair.

Many Kendo participants come from all over the World, district, associations and province just to attend and watch this glorious tournament. As was told before, this championship was held once in every three years. So even the Kendoka beginners didn't leave their chances to watch, attend and take part in this championship.

Loud cheers and cries in despair of high spirits by participants and also the audiences blooming inside the crowded Shabondy Stadium to the outside. Luffy's ears twitching after he heard the firework like noises. Luffy grins after wiped off his salivary drools with unknown scarf. Must be one of the Screening Level of battle just ended.

After buy some amount of chicken popcorns, Luffy and Caimie walk into the stadium. Luffy sang his 'Ahou Baka' song, special for his dear nakama who right now attends the fight inside this gigantic Shabondy Stadium. Caimie sang along with Luffy. She didn't aware for whom this beautiful song was dedicated for.

Luffy giggles, steadily his walks and grins goofily knowing his friend must be playing around or rather sleepy in the fight.



The Kendoka with armored suit, shriek, shivers violently hears Zoro's rudely scold-like super sneeze echoing in the whole stadium.

Zoro yawn loudly, he scratch his back with his Shinai. His golden Shinai's tsuba glints as Zoro moves his Shinai. His yawn sounds like a hungry growl of Dinosaur. Zoro's seventh opponent, smaller guy who severely shaken because of scared, jolted hearing that growls and faints afterward.

All the audience let out unison gasps when the Kendoka's body falls on the ground. That guy's Shinai fell lifeless as it's owner.

The Medics Unit and that faint guy's teacher rushed to him with first aid in hands. The teacher sigh heavily. The confirmation was stated, and another bell of declaration tingling again, and audience's epic loud cheers heard again.

Zoro bowed his head to that guy's teacher, the teacher also do the same. Then they walk out from the ring battle, carrying the faint Kendoka on the stretcher.

Luffy and Caimie walks slowly at the corner of stadium, watching the spotted man inside the Kendo's battle field. Luffy stare at the standing man's hand grip. Luffy grins wider.

"See? He only bring one Shinai with him~"

"Can't he ever be serious with his opponent.. Poor him."

"If Zoro serious, then his opponent will be moooooooooorrreeee poor. Shishishi"

"Ne? You're right."

They grinned at each other, and continue walking to the front seats. A special sits for VIP.


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