Contains creepily bloody situations, animal killer, bad tattoos, and underage drinkers and murder. Please don't hate me! LOL

Read at your own risks, Dear.




Zoro was 6 years old. He is very distant and less social person. He can burst out his insane killing intent only with his demonic smirk, if someone dares to mock or bother him. But His glare alone is enough to make them back off in fear.

Some people called Zoro, The Puny Marimo that possessed by Demonic Satan.

His father, Koshiro acknowledged that Zoro possess a great power and swordsmanship talent, it would be waste if he didn't sharp or train it or worst he will drove his beast side to the wrong path. All the other children whose train Kendo with him, none of them be able to beat a single score on Zoro.

Somehow Zoro will be the main icon as reference for the kids doing their everyday Kendo's basic training. They will watch how Zoro swung his Shinai, how Zoro's steps and body moves. Even the adults secretly watching Zoro from afar, gulping their on saliva admitting how perfect the stance that Zoro's performs.

He slashes his Shinai through the air looks so strictly confident, rough, tough and greatness. Never show the hints of gentleness or softness.

Ryuma and Koshiro have been discussing about the matter seriously. Something about lend Zoro their Family's property. Zoro's mother who that time in her pregnancy of the second born, didn't complain and support her husband's decision seriously.

Ryuma tested his grandson's ability with some hard and strict law in Swordsmanship. All of the tests, Zoro successfully pass it without big problem. In their family gathering festive, Zoro was chosen as the next user of their family's greatest Katana, Wado Ichimonji.

His elders chose to do all of this because it's all only for Zoro's sake.

The pure Katana that hopefully would bring a good charm and blissfulness in Zoro's life.

Starting from the day, Zoro trained under Koshiro and Ryuma's strict behave how to mastering the Katana's swordsmanship.

'Every Sword has its own soul. Learn how to understand them; they will happily cooperate with you.'

Zoro wanders along the small river behind their Dojo in warmth evening, while his hand didn't stop swung Wado on air, doing his basic sword training. Some of the broken Shinais were seen placed inside a bamboo vase, near to where Zoro's training field.

Zoro was too absorbed in Wado's beautiful glints as he moves her. Wado's golden Tsuba sparkles when the sunset's ray shines through it. Zoro smile, alone.

"There are two type of Swordsman. One, he can cut anything even the hardest metal. Two, the type who never cut anything, even the thinnest paper."

Koshiro's words echoing inside Zoro's memory, during his yesterday training.

'I want to be, the one who can cut metal!' Zoro tried to cut the ball that hanging on the tree that he tied before. Zoro dashing forward and swift Wado, before he jump on the air highly.

Zoro tried to cut the thread in one slash, and it works. But the ball bumped on the ground before it falls into the river in shot moment.

"AH Shit!"

The river's stream is too rapids, the ball was carried by the rapids flows. Zoro stunned. He continues running, chasing after the ball.

Wado were slipped on his right waist, along with Ryuma's green haramaki that he borrowed. He wore the haramaki for him carried his Katana or Shinais more easily.

Zoro keep run and running, till he reach the village's town center. Zoro panting heavily. He stop running after seeing the ball was stuck at the river's barrier. Zoro was too small and his hand too short, he couldn't reach for it. Zoro keep trying to take the ball with long stick that he found nearby.

The evening was switch to night.


Suddenly, Zoro heard the screams near the place. Zoro halts, instantly keep up his guard. Zoro grope Wado, ready for any attack.

Zoro eyeing the ball before step back, hiding beside the wooden street wall, in dark. Zoro walks silently, searching the source of where the scream comes from.


Zoro jolted. A Senile Dog barks echoing entire hallway of the night. A gang of oversize senile dogs surrounds the bloody wounded old man.

Zoro's fingers twitching excitedly, his devil's side wanting to test his swordsmanship level, what was he learnt. Before the dog bite off and eat the old man, Zoro rush forward and cut one of the dog's head easily. The blood smear on that injured old man's bruised face, as he watched the chopped head flying on the air creepily before it bumped on the ground.

The headless body of dog still standing without moves any inch, as the blood spurting madly at the chopped neck. Slowly, the headless animal's body fall on the ground, leave a pool of dark crimson blood at the center of street.

"Ee heh heh hee.. This one is really good.."

Zoro giggles enticement like a damn creepiest Chucky, loving how he killed the dog in one slash.


The other of the senile dogs now set its eyes on the small kid, ready to attack. Zoro rolled his eyes, as he shifts Wado in ittoryu stance. Without any seconds, all the dogs runs forward to Zoro, and Zoro also dashing towards the amuck senile dogs, with his laughter getting more and more terrifyingly creeps the air of chilling night.

The old man stunned seeing the little green haired devil with one Katana perishing one by one of the Senile Dogs gang.

Wado was bathed with blood. Her first blood… Upon his clean metal Katana.

Zoro smirks evilly as he cut the wild dog flesh to pieces, one by one crazily without shows his slightest mercy.

The old man brought Zoro to his house. That old man introduce himself as Swords Dealer. The old man notice the Wado in Zoro's hold and instantly recognize Zoro as the youngest Roronoa's heir, the very famous 'Bushido' family that time.

The old man shivers and bowed thankfully to Zoro.

He offered himself to clean the Wado for Zoro, and teach the boy how to take care of the Katana as thank you for saving his life. The old man's wife offered Zoro some delicious onigiri and green tea as dinner. Zoro take it because he was too hungry. Zoro ate it in silence.

Zoro walk to where that old man store all the knife, because Zoro interested to see them. The old man didn't mind it and let Zoro take a walk inside his store.

Zoro look at every swords that hanging on the owner's wall. Then he walk to the basket of old swords. Zoro flip it one by one and suddenly touching one sword that caught his instinct; Zoro's beast instinct. He senses the devil auras come from the sword.

The old man nervous, he told Zoro not to take on the Katana but Zoro already unsheathe the Katana. The Katana's blade designed with blue-fire like pattern.

"Its heavy."

Zoro mumbled, and then he frowns. Zoro eyeing every inch of the Katana.

"It's cursed."

His mouth talks, but Zoro's eyes sharply locked on the very old but sharp blade.

Sandai Kitetsu.

Zoro throw the sword onto air as its swings. Zoro let out his left hand, try to fortune how his fate with this cold sword.

The old man screams in fear seeing Zoro's insane bravious manner. Or it just his six years old stupidity about Katana's real deal of sharpness.

Kitetsu swings arrogantly on the air and by the seconds flew, and fall to where Zoro lend his sacrificed left hand. In the very slowest of swings motion, the Kitetsu's blade happily gives his unsharped Mune (back) on Zoro's arm skin. Then it penetrated his sharpness deeply into the thick wooden floor, like the floor was made from a fragile jelly.

Zoro smile creepily wide, as the old man and his wife fall butting on the floor, too terrified and shocked, they shivers violently.

"I want this. How much?"

The old man could only stares without blinking, in disbelieves. This kid's level of Samurai's will were too far higher than himself! The old man feel so shame on himself, because he too belittle on this young Roronoa.

"They are the real legend of Samurai!"

"I want go back. Thank you for the dinner. It was delicious."

Said Zoro thanking as he bowed down, with honestly and courteous manner. Zoro about to step out from the store, then suddenly the old man catch Zoro's small hand.

"The... The Kitetsu.. You can have it! Roronoa-Dono!"

"I didn't have much money."

"No, you can have it for FREE!"

"Huh? Really?"

"Seriously! I believe sword also choose it's master. And you're kind hearted kid, I believe this sword will be your most powerful sword!"

"Thank you again, old man. Ah, I want to buy one of your 50 Beri sword, can I?"

"You're three sword style user? Ah, please wait, young Roronoa-Dono. I'll give you another one as thanks for saving my life. My family's sword, Yubashiri. It's an honor to us for have someone like you bearing and using our Katana."

". . . . ."

"Dear, why did you give him that old sword? He's only a kid. It's dangerous."

"Man passing their dream to the other man. That kid bearing a will of great Swordsman. Woman couldn't even understand about this. It's a man's pride."

The old man's wife stunned, as she shakes her head.

When Zoro found the right way to his home two days after, he shocked seeing his mother crying as she hug him tightly, screaming something about worried Zoro being lost.

After a moment, she realize something different about her son. Zoro carrying other new Katanas on his back. She scanning the body of the swords. Slowly, the tears vanished and her eyes changes into the very shocked one.


She screams, caller her father-in-law, Ryuma.

Ryuma walk calmly, along with Koshiro. They just finished their breakfast, and then both of them also turns into freaks one. Zoro carrying a cursed sword, Sandai Kitetsu.

"WHERE DID YOU FOUND IT? ? ! ! Zoro! !"

". . . . I found it."

"WHERE! ! ! ? ?"

"I found it."

Zoro never change his answer. Ryuma massage his sweaty temple, while Koshiro was too speechless. Then Ryuma shift his own sword, Kokuto Shuusui, in front of Zoro. His face so calm, and serious in the same time.

"From now on, show me that you're capable on wielding those Santoryuu, Roronoa Zoro. If not, I'll take that Yubashiri and Kitetsu to his family back."

"Yes, Sensei!"

Zoro bowed down with honor and respect to his grandfather, after he smile. Koshiro smile as he calm himself after a while.

Zoro would threat and means to harm if someone touch one of his most treasured Katanas. He never let anyone touch it. Koshiro and his wife would only sit beside their son, watch how their little Marimo tending all the Katana lovingly like an adult, everyday after his training with Ryuma.

It's the only time they got to watch how innocent Zoro's face as a children. The only time they got the time to stay so close in the family warmth circulation. They shall appreciate those silent and blissfully warmth moment, while Koshiro smile the most happiest dad and Zoro's mother smiles, chuckles her heart warmth in the most weirdest way, like a mad scientist.

But seeing an innocent face of little child holding the cursed katana... The views was so creepily weird and horror. Adding with somehow the mother 'Ufufufu'-ing her creepy-mother-minds wonders. Thinking about her baby boy is awesomely adorable in his own mysterious darkest way.

Most of the people around there called her Madame Monet. She is the Landlady, and the Chairman of the Moms Association in their neighborhood also having her own Ikebana Dojo, which teaching the ladies here about the art of Ikebana.

Ikebana is a disciplined art form, in which nature and humanity are brought, arranged together. Contrary to the idea of floral arrangement as a collection of varicolored or multicolored arrangement of blooms, ikebana often emphasizes other areas of the plant, such as its stems and leaves, and draws emphasis toward shape, line and forms.

The arrangement could expressive the artist's spiritual or intentions based on how the Ikebana was done and in its final result. Monet and Koshiro somehow make Zoro doing Ikebana, as his spiritual training meditation, to be a great Swordsman.

It's not really that surprising when knowing this Zoro was born from a creepy mother name's Monet, who was known as Harpy during her teens day.

It could tell where Zoro got his devilish act in the first place. Monet is a strict, demanding and senile-full creepy, and was a harsh person. After marrying Koshiro, she wore her new gentle and tenderness attitude cloth and learn about Ikebana disciplines, but still rendered with her dark layered auras, cover by her pinkish cheerful blooming mother's nature.

She is beautiful lady with long and soft greenish hair. Always wearing her kimono, but in little sexy way. Showing the most part of her bare shoulders, with golden dragon and pearls necklace decorate her neck.

Despite in his 6 years old, Zoro keep trains and swore himself to get stronger and got the habit defeating an opponent that older than him. This habit would get him into needless and bloody confrontations. It's what make Koshiro worried the most.

Koshiro did trains him the path of swordsmanship, Kendo and martial arts. But the hardest part was how to control his wild, dark side of behavior.

Maybe he got the genetics of evil and creepy like Harpy Monet, the gentle calm and soft like Koshiro in certain moments, and somehow strict, stolid and always in guard of awareness just like how Ryuma was.

Zoro seems can't control his beastly short temper. Sometimes, Zoro will shows Koshiro and Monet, his insane demoniacal smirk or madness that shadowed with devilish intent which does not match his age that time. The more devilish than old Monet. The more darkest than Ryuma.

It creep Monet to no end and demand her Dear husband and her father-in-law to give Zoro any lessons and save their son. Monet did nagging Zoro about skipping his meal, wasting their foods and continuously seeking an opponent to testing his Santoryuu secretly.

Ryuma trained Zoro with Shinai first, then after Zoro mastering all the basics, he start with wood blade. Then to the Katanas.

One day, Zoro was too bored seek for street opponents, so he decided to visits Dojo by Dojo, challenging their swords skills.

Zoro keep walked till the sun about to veiling it's sunset, Zoro noticed he was stand in the strange place that he never step his feet on it before. He was fucking trapped at the damn foot of the mountain.

'Shit.. I swear I took right path of the shortest way to go home..'

Zoro would never admit that he actually lost his way to his home.

In short moment, Zoro's devil instinct hoisted up and instantly leveling up his guard, grabbing the hilt of Kitetsu as he sensing a tsunami of dark maniacism killing auras surround him.

Zoro's eyes warily scanning the area, and that moment, some adults began crawling in the field, the number began increased more and more. Zoro really familiar about those group of thousands men based on their attire.

'Damn they're Yakuza..!'

Yakuza is the most powerful gang that time. The strongest clan was named after the Yamaguchi Clan, and is the current lead of the entire group with most outnumber of members. Alongside of it there is Ryuusaru Clan who's great in their silent assassin's tactician and got inhumanly war force. Their influence stays in the same level of greatness, greediest and bloody cruelty.

The Nobunaga Clan who lead by Oda Nobunaga, also is a powerful Underground Gangsters and his second command was young Capone 'Gang' Bege.

All of the three clan leaders really popular with their notorious behavior, having the reputation of very cunning and ruthless creatures.

Most of them wore a black attire, and every of them bear their terrifyingly trademark Clan's tattoos on their proud back and chest.

There a three groups of big clan, and facing their Clans War. Zoro was ignored. They don't give a damn who was there, their spirits was burnt highly and it's about time the bloody war began. All of them want to draw the island into their map turf.

The War between Yakuza and Underworld Gangsters.

The war to choose whose the real Oyabun.

Zoro trapped in a gigantic bloody fight between two Yakuza group and it cause Zoro didn't have any choice but drawn his precious Katanas. The war was so intense and bloody gigantic for a mere 6 years old kid.

Zoro manage to take down some of the senile amuck Yakuza men, their swordsmanship didn't disappointed him. They were strong, and skillful. Zoro tried his best protecting himself. Zoro didn't left out. There's always limit energy for a mere small kid. Zoro began exhausted.

"Who the fuck this boy ? ! Kill this boy! He's kill some of our men!"

"YARGGGHHH! ! ! !"


Zoro struggling about to shift his Katana highly again, then suddenly someone back up Zoro from behind.

"Bow down your head!"


Zoro didn't argue more about the unfamiliar demanding voice, obeying it and lower down his head instantly.

"Kuraeeee..! ! ! Riffle fists! !"

The baby-like-squeaks shout madly, making Zoro shock even more. 'GAKI?' And from the boy's body, Zoro swear the boy is younger than him. But the boy's fighting will.. 'Damn. Tried to be Hero, huh? ! !'

Zoro annoyed, somehow he felt what the boy's thinking right now, the boy fell he is stronger than Zoro. Zoro couldn't believe he was saved by certain raven haired boy wearing mugiwara boshi.

The boy send his countless hard knock fists in one thunder speed, bombarding some of the Yakuza men as they darted off miles away in heavy bruised. The kid is quite good in fighting despite on his very young baby-like age.

In between the noisy ruckus and havoc of war, the Mugiwara boy stand right in front of Zoro, as he nudging his hat to more proper comfortable wear.

"Who are you? Where you from? What are you kid doing in this place? Are you villagers boy around here? I never heard about Yamaguchi or Nobunaga got a baby little fellow before."

The boy questioning Zoro like an adult in one deep toned as his wide orb of eyes stares on Zoro seriously, although his face look so baby cute and didn't match with his dark toned voices. Now Zoro shift his head a little, glaring back with his killing intent. Zoro's calculation were misses, the Mugiwara kid didn't even flinch with Zoro's murderous intent.

". . . . . . . Look at yourself before you ask me that."

'If he is really one of them, this kid is sure will give me trouble later..'

It's Zoro's inner senses told about this Mugiwara kid hide his dangerous ability. He's not easy denounced or shrink with death warning. This brat, is no average small bodied kid...

Then in another seconds, the ground that he stand right now feel like it were shaking. And its rubble feels getting more strong and more closer to them. Zoro felt a little panics grousing his guts that time.

"Wha- Earth quake ? ! !"

But the Mugiwara kid didn't moves an inch, like he didn't feel the earth quake under his feet.

And thus, a giant-sized thing landing epicly right behind the Mugiwara kid. As the thing stop moving, the earth quake also stopped in instant. One most strange creature appears behind the Mugiwara boy, lending he... Wait. It's not 'he'. 'She..?' Zoro titled his head, weirdly.

"Aniki-Dono! Oyabun sent me to cover you!"

He/She got a big head, double chin, wore a massive thick make-up like some sort of Drag Queen, with super ridicules thick of purple afro, wore a purplish bikini, net socks with high heels and with big weird tattoo on its chest.

'Is that also a Yakuza ? !'

"Ah, Ivan-chan. Thanks! Shishishi"

The kid.. The kid laugh. The kind of weird laugh Zoro never heard before. It was right before the other Yakuzas attack us, they instantly roared their fighting spirits and attacking back.

Zoro jumped to back, fighting some of the swords users of Yakuza. Zoro steal a glance. He watch the purple big guy. He/She's appearance is too suspicious to begin with, Zoro could not help but wanting to watch how the thing fights. The results give Zoro's kiddo mind halts in speechless.

He/She keep attack people with its impossible kind of ridicules winks. Irony huh, people still got a very murderous injured after assaults by those ridicules winks! It must be hellish one kind of feels they had...

"What kind of ba- bakemono is that.."

Zoro's breath trembled, as he trapped inside his shocked brain seeing that big faced creature.

No matter what is, Zoro seen it clearly that purple creature is ganging up with the Mugiwara boy. Zoro couldn't tell if they are among his friends or foe, all of them still in the same league; the Yakuza.

One draw his murderous killing step towards Zoro, Zoro slashed them without slightest suspicion. Zoro smiles, smiles as the crimson blood smear on his little face. One by one, Zoro feed Kitetsu as the cursed sword happily suck off the free delicious blood.

Zoro remembers his training with Ryuma clearly before. About 'The will of Samurai' inside every of swordsman. About their pride, their egoism. Zoro stares on the raging Yakuzas, who blindly took Zoro as a mere child. Even tough most all of this Yakuza men is not a swordsman, but they got their spirits as great as Samurai.

Yakuza was originally is a Samurai, didn't they?

"You clueless adult.. You should be grateful enough, because I can let you die in your pride.."

Zoro smirks, wanting to testing Kitetsu's speed and sharpness in this War range.

"Right here."

Zoro pump his weight on both his legs, before he jump, dashed forward in a blink of eyes and stop right in front of the countless number of Nobunaga and Yamaguchi's men.

Zoro moves Kitetsu and Yubashiri with both of his hands, instantly bending it upside down and make the Katana's habaki (Katana's ferrule, the hilt of the Katana) facing the enemy's throat in second. All of the men's throats got their most savage Tsuki in same time. All of part of their body was paralyzed and coughing some blood badly due to the shocking attack form.

"Your Boss didn't told you? Don't ever lost your focus for even a split second in battle!"

All the men halts and before they managed to looking up to the talk voices, their stomach already burst out all the blood maddeningly. In instant, their eyes rolled to white and collapse on the blood bathed grass ground. They winched their notorious pain, but then its pains ended instantly. By Zoro cut off their head before the body kissed the ground.

All their Katanas falls, stabbed the ground near its fallen masters like a great momento.

"That would be your most proud Harakiri for you guys. Your Boss will happy. Eeheh hee.."

'Both of us really impatiens, huh? I wish they are strong enough.. I want to play more longer.'

=Feed me more. Blood... And those what you called legends!=

'I give you, and you must obey me.'

=Try make me obey you, brat=

Kitetsu rattles his hungry shivers, as Zoro slowly tighten his grip on both of his Katanas. Another group of enemy aiming for Zoro, tried to avenge their fallen brothers.

"Today is my lucky day. Heh."

Zoro's unknowingly leave out his darkest menacing demonic and uncontrollable Haki. A big dragon-ism shaped of dark auras formed for the first time behind Zoro, coiling around his master menacingly creepy, as Zoro chopped his prey one by one vigorously.

Not so far from where Zoro's danced his katanas, the purple monster named Ivan feels the creep of the auras.

"Aniki-Dono! The green kid!"

"I saw it."

'Black Dragon..'

This Mugiwara kid smiles. The other kid aroused his interest so much. Zoro's ability make this Mugiwara kid shivers in anticipating. Because the green kid bearing the "Dragon" on his back, the view were so perfect. On top of that, the dragon is alive and its dark.

"Ivan-chan! Tell our men back to him up. But don't get so close to him. 200 meters is finest."

"HUH ? ! ! ! That far how can we cover him from bullet ! ? Can't we just snatch him back to house?"

The purple Monster of Ivan felt it so strange, his/her young little Boss began demand his very first Bossy-order.

". . . . . . He closed his eyes. One that watching right now is his Katana, not him!"

Anyone who get near the green kid will sealed their fate with that cursed blade. The Mugiwara kid growls in his childish tone, but still leave out a creeps. This is getting more FUN, making his anticipating bloom in its excitement! 'I'll make him my NAKAMA!' The kid grins wider, as he promised to himself.

"I-Its..! But how about you Aniki-Dono ! ?"

"He can't hurt me. I'm strong! Shishishi!"

Ivan stared near for a minutes on the Mugiwara kid's back. The boy didn't even budge. Ivan could not help but smiles, as he/her bowed down his/her head a little honorably, obeying the command, searching for his/her other comrade brothers sending their Young Boss plan.

'Dragon-Oyabun must be proud if he heard about this!'

One big group of Yamaguchi's men surrounds Zoro, ready to chopped him with their Katana.


The same damn voices squeaks again before it joining Zoro's back, ready with his bloody hunger fists.

Later, they allied and fought side by side, protecting each other. That raven boy didn't even scare or cry, he fought just like a pro with his only bare hand, unarmed. And both of his hands were wrapped with thick bandage, for adding the impact when he launch some maddening hits towards the enemy's body.

I noticed on the boy's arms. He got some small fire-flows tattoos. The color were black, but it look like seriously burning on his skin.

The grin and blood that smear on that boy's face making him looks even more sadist and tyrant than Yakuza elders. He laughed loudly in weird sadistic tone while beating his opponents to the pulp and that shivers anyone who hear, who see it. This war seems like his backyard playground, playing around kicking some asses as he like.

'Like hell I'm letting you show off alone.'

Zoro unsheathe Wado, grip it with his mouth. Zoro uses his Santoryuu for the first time and that shocking the entire Yakuza men. It was like testing all his trainings in the line of between death and alive. They never see a little body children fully capable on swordsmanship combat. Zoros stance is pack and perfectly shaped. Even his insanely menacing killing aura feels more intimidating than the adults.

A man with big tattoo on his face, smirks, watching the two boys defending each other. Their teamwork impressed to him, too perfect for a mere tiny body of 6 years old children.

Through the war, Zoro could understand why this group of Yakuzas eagerly wanting to conquer this area. This place is holding its most important key to the wealthiness.

Zoro couldn't tell how long the War were clashed, and noticed this Yakuza and Underground's tornado brawls was spiraled out of control to the nearest villages. Most of the civilian were hurt severely and villagers run from their house because of terrified. Most of the house and stall were burnt to ashes.

Some of the Yakuza men also used the opportunity by harassing the family who trapped inside their house, harassing their woman in most vulgar and disgusting way, stealing their food and kill some of the villagers.

The Underground Gangsters run to the village's center and attacking Enryaku-ji, the village's main and big temple. He and his men slaughters all the monks. It was his first intentions to wipe off and remove all his potential troublesome rival soon.

One of Ryuusaru's men, a bold blue haired teen named Franky tried to cover one of his severed injured brothers from a stray bullet, it was so strange, it coming from nowhere. He noticed there was not only Yakuza around there. Is not before the confirmation was exposed, Franky managed to take down one of the hidden sniper hiding in bushes around the village.

Franky watch the dead man's attire, and know that is a Government Dog (police) based on his badge.

"Damn, I must tell Dragon-Oyabun!"

Franky loaded the dead man's body on his shoulder then he run to nowhere searching for his Oyabun. He was chased by a countless shotgun's bullet. The rest of the Police caught him try to bring one of their member to his Oyabun.

Instead of Oyabun, Franky found their clan's third command, who right now in the middle of his fists amuck. That Mugiwara kid.

"AWWW! Luffy-Aniki! !"

Before Franky managed to approached his young leader, he was hit by a Police's countless bazooka bombs. The body of the dead Police was blow to bits, and Franky himself, his body was split to two, crushing 96% of his bones and flesh.

Franky's scream was to weak to be heard in the middle of War, but the Mugiwara kid did heard his pains.


What the kid saw was his comrade, one of his brothers laying on the bloody ground, waiting for his split seconds times near to his death. This Mugiwara's eyes rounded as he roared his anger.

"FRANKYYYY! ! ! ! ! !"

Thus the kid run and got his men, shouting and ordering Franky about he must to stay alive. Franky grope the kid's shirt collar, bring the small head near his trembled and bloody coughing mouth, trying his best whispers what was he found.

"F-fuzz(police).. Is here.."

The Mugiwara kid halts, his face changes into one that Franky doesn't understand how serious it was. Then In sudden..


One weird guy, a light purplish haired color in Police's costume dancing silly holding his Bazooka gun, laughing faggot-ly on the nearly dead Franky. Luffy whispers deadly mad in his trembled, holding his anger all he could as his hatred filled eyes stared on every inch of that man's figure.

"Bastard fuzz..."

In split second, he vanished from Franky side, and in a blink of eyes he appears in front of the annoyingly hobo guy and launched his most deadly own Bazooka styled punch right on the face, in the most slowest of motions the high speed punch trounce that despised face by the second tics, crushing its jawbone and skull, breaking most of the teeth. As the tiny but deadliest punch leave the police guy's face with blood trace on it, the police dude sent about half kilometers away, and crushing down into the abandoned house.

In minutes when the bits of the bricks falls, the thatched roof collapse and crashing the poor Police dude.


All of the Police force who already surround the war area shouts unisonly towards their Superior.

The Mugiwara kid about to chase after the fainted Spandam, but then his body stop suddenly. No. He was stopped by one adult hand, grabbing his arm from moves.

"Ara ra raa.. I think that's enough..."

The Mugiwara kid shift his, head looked up to the talking man with weird tone who hold him right now. The man got insanely tall body and not so thin, wearing his Police Superior long black coat, and also staring down on the raven kid under his round black glasses. Noticing the ranks badge on the man's shoulder, the kid sealed his canine teeth. 'Chief Assistant General..'

It's not about the tall or rank that guy got what make the Mugiwara kid flinches, but it was about he couldn't sensed the Police's movement behind him. 'Their ranks is not just an empty name, huh.'

". . . . . Monkey D. Luffy."

The tall police added, telling the kid it's about time to stop, and control his anger, as he tighten his grip when feel the kid about to struggle to release himself.


Four from Luffy's men charging forward unisonly with their shining short Samurai swords, ready to kill and died along with their Kamikaze's will. They jump recklessly, highly on air like they were flying themselves, ready to attack the Chief Assistant General though they know they will dead as the result. The Chief Assistant General didn't moves even an inch, as the sword's blade reaching at the back of him.

The metal blade aiming right to the guy's back that bear the proud Japanese Katakana written bolt white words "JUSTICE".

Right before the sword sharpness touched the Police coat's cloth, a huge and strong shocking Haki like a violent gusts of wind depressing their swords to back, along with their body and instantly knocking off all of them. The Police's also coat flutters to back as the impact blows, but it still attached to his shoulder badasses-ly like a boss. Their body fly backward before they bumped on the ground, faints next to the Chief Assistant General's legs.

"You know my name?"

Now Luffy answer the elder with his deep childish tone, lowering his Mugiwara head a little with his un-gripped heavy and bandaged right hand. Luffy look up again to the tall Police, showing some part of his big pair of eyes, little cute nose and lips. He is being serious but in his cute way.

The Police grip loosen a little, as he sweat dropped, staying silent and looked down at the boy right before his eyes.

'This kid.. Got a Haoshoku Haki!'

The Police knows that this kid is a little devil who raised by a Yakuza. It sounds crazy enough, but then this Haoshoku ability pop out from this little devil. This is maddeningly sickest kind of craziest information. On top of that, Luffy already know how to control his Haki in this very young age.

'What if he turns adult soon? This Yakuza clans is not easy to wiped off, should I bring this to Maryjoah and discussed about tied an allies with them?'

Luffy titled his head, bending it to left side as he weirdly stares on the weird tall Police who keep silent and still stared on him like Luffy was also the weird one.

Finally the Police ask again after a moment in his normal tone voice.

"Why you knock down your own men? You know I was about to attack them back?"

"If I didn't stop them, they was a dead man right now."

Luffy talked back in his smooth deep voice.

'Ara ra raa.. This kid really know his duty how to protect his own underlings.. Its right in the damn time.'

"So you did know my motive."

"No. It's about our rules for not attacking man from the back. It's our pride."

'I shall remind them for unconsciously tried to broke this rule. Looks like some of my comrade will lose their pinky finger tonight.'

The Chief Assistance General taken aback with those bolt words. 'This kid is really...'

"Leave out my boy, or you need to find other guy to replace this man's seat... Kuzan no Aokiji."

A sudden, manly voice intruding the Police's mind wonders.

The Chief Assistant General named Aokiji halts, as he moves his head looked at his back before his shoulder, locking his eyes on the familiar voices and figure that famous with his notorious ruthless, very cunning person and revolutionized brain thinker.

"Monkey D. Dragon.."

Aokiji was expect to meet the man here in this Yakuza War, so he was right in his moment.

Beside Dragon-Oyabun, Yamaguchi-gumi also stand there wielding his long katana ready to rive Spandam's body. The air turns so intense and heavy around them, a temperatures drops down and its feels so silents despite the War still clashed, the noises, cries and screams were filled everywhere.


Aokiji sigh as he completely let go off Luffy's arm. Luffy smiles like an innocent child, but still didn't moved from the place he stand right now, next to Aokiji. He waiting for his Oyabun to give his order. Luffy still worried about Franky conditions, who right now tended by the other brothers.

Dragon and Yamaguchi-gumi also released the faints Spandam and let the man bumped on the ground like a bull shit.

This was not lasted long, when the big battalion of police force came and interrupting this Yakuza and Underground gangsters War with their firearms.

"Sheathe your swords and lower down your weapons! This place is under the jurisdiction of the World Government! I, Aokiji, hereby declared this War now END!"

All the men didn't lower down their battle stand and Katanas untill their Oyabuns and Boss give their command.

Dragon-Oyabun, Yamaguchi-Gumi and Nobunaga slowly rise up their right hand opens in the air, then bring it down firmly as the palm facing the ground, as symbol to lower their Katanas and weapons like how the Police command.

Their thousands underlings obey without wait any second. Luffy dashed to where Franky was, and he find Franky's severed injured was bandaged heavily in careless way. How silly of Yakuza they never treat a wounded people before so how would they know the right way to do this kind of job.

Luffy trembled, and fighting his urge to cried but his tears flows down anyway. He relieve knowing Franky still sounds and alive, but still barely took his proper breathe.

"Stay alive Franky this is MY order!"

Franky could only reply with his heavy and shaking breathe.

"Is my help needed here?"

One of the quite old man's voice patting Luffy's back, and he wear a long white doctor's coat. His hair and mustache like a Albert Einstein, it's messy like a coconut husk. The old man extend his hand that already wrapped with rubber glove. Luffy frowns.

"Who are you old man..?"

"I'm Dr. Vegapunk."

All the injured person was taken care, and the dead was buried. The Police still controlling over the entire place. Aokiji did told his conclusion to the three leaders, they must settle this turfing problem before the Police arrested all of the criminals.

The leaders must make their decision, who's the right capable one that can hold this area. In between the fierce discussions, Aokiji state that they must declare the truce in public, soon.

During waiting for the bosses to finish up their darkest discussion, Luffy wanders around looking for Zoro. And Luffy found him, sleeping like marimo haired pig on the stack of dried straw and thick canes in a large warehouse in the village.

Luffy only watch how Zoro sleep and snores loudly. 'Shishishi he sleep like Ace!' In the snores that sound like a Snorlax's, Luffy heards the faint grumble sounds coming from Zoro's stomach.

Luffy's grin wider. He moves to the side of the big pile of dried straws, hug it and lift it, along with sleeping Zoro. Luffy walks by carrying Zoro on the pile of straws to his clan's group, carry it on the head like he were lift nothing.

The rapist, the civilians murder and the rest of Nobunaga's men who killed the monks was arrested to the World Goverment's underwater prison, Impel Down.

After the War ended, Zoro was caught by Ryuusaru Yakuza Clan people and drag to their main branch. (Literary was drag by Luffy during his sleep) They give him foods and treat him hot pot meals for dinner say their thanks because helped their 'Young Aniki'. Zoro only in his silent. Zoro still clueless about the Mugiwara name. How he could say? 'I didn't help him.. It was him who help himself enjoying his enemy's blood.'

Zoro glance to the raven boy again. Zoro halts.

Zoro seeing the monstrous act of that raven haired boy. That kid eats all the meats like a vacuum cleaner. And the food inserted without pause, like it was bottomless kind of stomach. That time, he gain knowledge that raven haired boy is a son of Yakuza, because people keep called that raven haired boy, Young Aniki.

They tried their best avoiding, blocking and shielding their plate from the Luffy's extreme food stealer hands. Suddenly, another child's voice calling from my back causing me to jolt in surprise. I turn my back to see the person.

"Hey Luf. Are you done eating?"

A freckles black haired boy in medium size of height for normal children, stand behind me, with some thick book inside his hold. His eyes fills with disgust as he stared down on the Mugiwara bearing kid, but I sense no hatred inside it. And the boy wearing his glasses, make him look like a book-freak-nerd. I swear he is not too older than me.

"Ohh A~ce~~ NO! I'm still hungry! Do you want to eat?"

How could this vacuum monster said that with his mouth full and his belly intriguingly about to burst out all it's contents. Then I heard the glasses boy snorted.

"Don't scare this visitor with your stomach. And I already took mine."

"Hontouniii ? ? ? Ayee~~"

The raven haired kid shove more the food inside his full mouth, happy to know that all the food now were his. Greedy bastard.

I noticed this kid called Ace bow down his head to the guy with long hair at the main seat, greeting him without his single words. Then the glasses kid walks back, and stop before he step inside his room.

"Don't disturb me, I want to read. You understand? Tell me about the War's flow after the dinner. Details."


The boy grinned after the freckle boy. They just a kids, but talking about something that only discussed by old man soldiers or politicians. I find it too ridicules and funny in the same time. It's too nonsenses. But all the adult men didn't disturb or chuckles on both this raven boys words. They even bowed down their head respectively to the freckles nerd.

Is he also this Yakuza clan's son? Maybe the first born. I never knew a Yakuza having a Bookworm. From the look, maybe someday he will turn into a Bookdragon. Who knows? Altough he still small. This is freakingly weird... And awkward..

The situations was too crazy to explained with. 'Did I caught in the place of Alien's basement or what?'

Zoro stares to a man who sit far at the edge of the table. The place who normally sit by family's leader.

He got a long messy black hair, and weird but cool tattoos on his face. The tattoo that looks like a mythical creature of dragon's simplified scales. Zoro didn't know if what he think of it is the true, but Zoro swear his feeling told him it really was it.

There are menacing and creep dark aura around that man. Zoro sporting a sinister grin on that man face, further aiding his already intimidating visage. His gaze is strongly demoniac just like a hungry predator, ready to kill if bothered.

People call that long black haired man as 'Dragon Oyabun'. 'Maybe he is their head clan', doubts Zoro even more.

This clan seems related too close with dragon. Their house, their tattoos, their clothes, their weapons.. Everything got dragon on it. Its look beautiful, menacing, and terrifying in the same time. Staring into the Dragon's eyes, I could feel a mysterious spirits insert through my soul and adding up my spirit, crushing down the non-confident spirit and leave me fresh.

Right behind me was their big and beautiful Zen backyard. And what catch my eyes the most was, a pair of big golden and shining dragon statue. The dragon's body coiling around the human statue that made from the black marble stone. If it look closely, its not actually a human statue.

The black statue got a human face without eyes, showing his pair of canine tooth, and with punk kind of hairstyle. It wore a golden crown like what was wore by Son Wukong. I paid more attention on it's body. It was a massive muscled body of monkey, with four hands attached together, forming the badass fists. It got a three tails at the back of back near it's butt, in shape like it were swinging in the most ego manner between the body pair of coiling dragon. On every each of the tails, it adorned with big and long golden tail's bracelets. it was beautifully ornamented, like a high class of classical ornaments.

I noticed the human faced King monkey have its Yakuza's colorful but terrifyingly tattoos on it's back, to his broad chest and furry 2 pair of arms.

'Ryuusaru clan's pride-ness, huh.'

"Nee, you!"

Zoro flinches and little upset on his less-awareness about his surrounds, when the kid suddenly pop out beside Zoro, Zoro didn't noticed it.

Then, raven haired boy sits beside Zoro and show his abnormally wide goofy grin, some pieces of foods still on his innocent baby-look face. Zoro feels like want to punch that face so it would turn to their normal being. Luffy asking Zoro.

"Who the hell are you?"

"And WHO the fucking hell are you?"

"Ne~ Nee~~ Ppffttttt..! ! ! Why is your hair green..? ?"

"Why the fuck you care..? !"

"So, your name is 'Green', then."

"It's Zoro, teme gaki ! ! !"

"Ah. I'm Luffy! Nice to meet you, Zoro!"

"Luffy? So you're son of-"

"Are we 'nakama'? Let's be 'nakama', Zoro!"


Zoro snarls, annoyed when this Luffy-kid cut his words before he could complete it properly.

"Come on~ You're the first one that I know~ Nakama, we must be nakama~!"

"I'm.. the first..?"

"Uh uh!"

"I think you're also the first kid.. Want to talk to me..."

"Oh?! Then, let's be nakama!"

"Nakama, huh.. Sounds good."

Zoro smirk, as his face soften.

"Shishishishi! Yeah! I got new 'nakama'!"

"Me too. Heheh."

"Aih! Where is your house? Your father didn't worried about you? Will he come to find you?"

"I.. Forgot the way to my house."

"You LOST ?!"

"I'm not!"

"AHAH HAA HAH! ! ! ! Stupid Zoro~! !"

"Teme you Luffy!"


That is how he friend with Luffy. Dragon's second right hand man, Kuma, was able to track Zoro's family branch. They know that Zoro is the heir of famous Roronoa family, based on the identical Meitou Wado Ichimonji that Zoro's carried along with him.

Koshiro at first about to protest Zoro because make friend with son of the most dangerous Yakuza clan. But then Ryuma told that it's doesn't matter. Just they didn't told who's exactly Luffy is to Monet. What Luffy's background was outside of the knowledge of his wife.

"Let him be. It was his fate, met with the boy. Didn't you notice? Look carefully, Koshiro."

Koshiro halts for a while, then he watch Zoro. Koshiro notice Zoro's smile. Smile that Koshiro never seen before, a smile that hold such a proud, happiness and meaningful. It's just like a kid when receive their most special birthday present. Koshiro smile and relieve.

"Yes, father."

He letting Luffy come into the house and eat lunch with his family. Zoro is really, really laughing happily, chatting with Luffy just like any other normal children. Even Zoro let Luffy touch Wado Ichimonji and Yubashiri.

Koshiro never feel so blessed and happy like this before. He can't stop smiling. His son really make a friend.

After that day, Luffy keep coming to their dojo. Day by day till year changing to years, Luffy keep sparring and training with Zoro. Just like the other same age normal children, most of their times filled with fool plays and goofing around.

"Oi Luffy, what with this room?"

Zoro's eyes scanning the strange room that they just slip inside, in the middle of the night. Today Zoro going to sleep in Luffy's family main house, they training and playing till he forgot it's already night.

Zoro never knew the house have this kind of room. Various things and groceries complete if this place was some sort of restaurant's freezer. The things arranged inside it was so packed and full with stuff. Zoro sniffing the air. 'Ohh..'

It's foods.

Luffy already busying himself digging some bread in the gunny sack, stuffing his puffy mouth with big amount of cheese and some other various kind of raw dishes.

"Zoro. This is my family's main store. You know what? It's a FOOD store! Everything is delicious here!"

Zoro only watch and stares on Luffy's giggling face. He can't believe himself.

"O-Oii.. Don't tell me.. You're drag me sneaking here just to.. Steal food, didn't ya?"

"I ain't stealing! It's my family's store! Come on, eat whatever you want! Shishishi"

"You.. What if they catch us?"


Luffy shove some Onigiri and Dango into Zoro's mouth in sudden, causing Zoro jerk off in shock, but still didn't refuse to chew the stuffing food in his mouth and then gulp it all. Zoro humming about the taste it's not so bad.

Luffy only stares while Zoro chewing the food. After Zoro gulp it down, Luffy giggles in satisfied.

"See? It is good? Ivan-Chan makes it this evening. It was the left over."

Zoro growled as he licking the leftover of the rice on the side of his mouth. 'Damn Luffy never give me chance to argue!'

"I said, what if your men find out? Did you always-"

"Here! This thing is good too!"

Luffy shove another thing in Zoro's hand. A bottle of booze. The bottle was designed with golden dragon sticker, and some red colored words written ' Rice Sake'. Zoro's eyes rounded in awe. The things in his hand look so damn.. Delicious.


Zoro completely ignored all his arguments. He opened the tip of the bottle with his teeth, and then took a sip tasting the strong taste mixed of sweet and sour liquid. The strong smell of marinated rice and wheat filling Zoro's nostrils, as his brain absorb the smell, like it was instant addict liquor.

"Ohh damnnn..."

"How was it? ? How? How? ? ?"

Luffy began anticipating when notice the changes of fresh sparkles on Zoro's cute face.

"I swear this is going to be my favorite."

Finally Zoro grunts, growled his satisfied about the absolute goddamn enticing taste. Luffy roared his laugh, proud himself.

"That one is my family's brand! So from now on, told your dad or Ryuma-Sensei to buy it from us, okay? You can drink it too aeeshishishi!"

"Ah.. Hei. Why not you taste it too?"

"Ivan-chan will hit my head if I drink it."

"Ivan is not here. Come on."

"Oh.. Okay~~! Ah, but can you wait?"

Luffy said and then he run to somewhere, rustles in the rack, searching for something. After a moment, Luffy come back to Zoro with two red colored small sized round plates.

"Zoro! We should drink with this!"

"For what?"

"Jii-chan said anyone who clashed and drink with this will become brothers!"

"You have Jii-san too? Awesome!"

Both Zoro and Luffy grinned widely. Luffy pour the water inside the plate. Zoro only stares as the water filled the cup little by little.

"Hey Luffy. Do you have something.. To aimed for?"

"Do you mean what my dreams ? !"


"I want to make all the turf under mine! ! I'll make they stay under my name! I'll be the KING ! ! !"

"Huh that's pretty greedy of you.."

"Shishishi what about you? Zoro!"

"Me? I heard out there is one man got really great in his Swordsmanship from my Jii-san. And he was Jii-san's rival."

"Is that mean your old man is not the great?"

"NO! He is GREAT! Jii-san is my Master!"

"Ah. . . . I understand. Owari!"

"I'll took his title one day. I'll be The Greatest Swordsman!"

Zoro shouts, along with Luffy to the air, roaring the determination that they plant inside their dreams.

"Zoro, here."

Luffy place the Sake's bottle on the table and shows Zoro his small plate. Zoro nods. The small red plate was clashed before they drink off all the contains inside it.

"From now on, we are Nakama, and Brothers!"

"Zoro! You're my Black Swordsman!"

"Luffy! Heh. Sencho... Oyabin."

Both of them laugh happily, louder than loud till their little project was found out by Ivankov a minutes later. Received their rewards, the super big lump on their heads.

They make themselves a rival, on par, bestfriends and protecting like a brothers, and learn their own fighting skills. They soldering their determination in improving their strength by keep drag a ruckus and street fighting as their everyday trainings. They understanding each other's powers and specialties. They really make a great duo. A real deal of the great, duo Monsters. Sometimes, Koshiro was thinking.

'Beast that can't be tame, only tamed by the beast itself.'

Luffy himself is just like a beast, taming Zoro who is a beast that was much feared. That Luffy is really capable of doing something like that. Luffy's strange ability to make allies or friend out of anyone is the most dangerous ability in the world. That's what was called 'CONQUER'.

He can tell just by knowing who Luffy's father are. Though their path still long and need more times, to see the real side of life.

They must learn how to build themselves in order to become whether the individual that;

'WHO will change the Worldor WHO will changes by the World.'

To be continue..

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Ikebana (Ike- Bana) - Literally means 'Arrange - Flower' ( Ike, originally Ikeru = to arrange/ keep alive) (Bana, originally is Hana = flower) One of Japanese traditional culture, Japanese traditional arts of rearranging the flowers.

Onigiri - Japanese traditional rice ball in triangle shape with seaweed.

Oni Giri - Demon Slash (Zoro's swordsmanship technique)

Dango - Japanese small ball shaped dumplings and sweets made from rice flour.

Bakemono - Monster.

Baka - Insults, means Stupid / Silly.

Harakiri (Hara-Kiri) - Literally means 'Cutting - Belly'. Often perform by Samurai. A ritual form of suicide, by slashing the abdomen (stomach), formerly practiced in Japan, and commanded by the government in the cases of disgraced officials; disembowelment; - also written, but incorrectly, hari-kari.

Kamikaze (Kami- Kaze) - Literally means 'Divine Wind'. (Kami = God) (Kaze = Wind) During World War 2, a member of a special unit in the Japanese Air Force charged with the suicidal mission of crashing an aircraft that loaded with explosives bomb into an enemy target such as battleships or building.

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Son Wukong - Chinese legend of creature, a King of Monkey wielding his golden cudgel which its can change its shape as its master wish.

Gaki - kid. ( "Kodomo" is the polite and cute way to said. Remember the brand of Kodomo Lion? Ain't they cute? Ahehehe! )

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