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Story Start!

The Namikaze family was what you would call the ideal family. Being a family of four, it consisted of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze as the parents of two children, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and Tsubaki Uzumaki Namikaze.

Naruto was five years old at the time, just about to enter the ninja academy. Tsubaki was currently at the age of the one, being born just a year ago.

However, there was something special about Naruto. At his birth, a giant demon fox called the Kyuubi had attacked his village, and nearly killed everyone. In order to save the village, his father had used a special seal from the Uzumaki clan to seal the demon fox into Naruto.

When it was over, it was agreed that it would be kept a secret from everyone that their son was a Jinchuriki.

The years following were normal. Naruto grew up with his parents at his side. He loved them, and they loved him. Every chance he got, Naruto would ask his parents to train him, and they would happily do so, all the while keeping Naruto in the dark about his tenant.

When Naruto was four, a miracle happened to the family. Their daughter, Tsubaki, was born. She had her mothers red hair, not the blonde like her father or brother. She had had her fathers blue eyes, and three whisker marks on her cheeks like her brother.

Minato and Kushina were elated when she was born. Naruto however, didn't know what to feel at the time. However, as he was looking at her, his curiosity was peaked. He extended his hand towards her, but her eyes opened at that moment. Seeing that he was bout to pull away, but not before her little hands grabbed his finger. She gave a small laugh. Naruto, with a smile, decided that just his parents, he would love her to.

A year passed, and nothing special happened Tsubaki learned how to walk, which made Minato and Kushina very happy. Naruto got the basics of Tree Walking down, and was able to go halfway up the tree in their backyard.

Currently, the family was walking through Konoha towards the former Hokage mansion. Hiruzen Sarutobi was like a grandfather to the two children. He would be there when Minato and Kushina couldn't be, and would often give advice to Naruto.

They came the front door, and it opened to the face of the former Kage himself, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Ahh. Minato, Kushina, what are you doing here?" He asked Kindly.

"OH come now Hiruzen." Minato said. "Can't we visit an old friend?"

"Plus." Kushina added. "Naruto wouldn't keep quit about how much he wanted see you."

"Oh, is that right?" He asked, looking towards Naruto.

"Yea!" Naruto said with a smile. "I wanted to show you something!"

"Is that right? Well, can it wait until your parents and I have a talk?" Hiruzen asked.

"Oh, yea okay." Naruto said.

"Oh, Tsubakis getting restless..." Kushina said. True to her word, Tsubaki was moving all about in Kushina's arms. "Maybe we should get inside now."

"Yes, yes. Come in." Hiruzen said.

Naruto had taken his sister from his mother's arms, and proceeded to play with her while waiting. Playing with Tsubaki usually meant playing Peek-A-Boo, or playing with a few toys.

After a few minutes, Naruto was getting bored. He wanted to show his grandfather what he could do! He picked Tsubaki up, and proceeded to the living room.

"Mom..." He said. "Are you almost done talking?"

"Oh, no Naruto..." Kushina said. "This is very important."

In truth, she wasn't lying. They were talking about Naruto's seal, and the possibility of the Kyuubi's Chakra leaking out.

"But I want to show grandpa what I can do!" Naruto said impatiently.

"Now Naruto..." Hiruzen said. "You need to learn to be patient. Why don't you give Tsubaki to your mother, and go practice what yo want to show me."

Naruto was unsure, he looked towards his father. "Go on son."

Naruto nodded and gave Tsubaki to Kushina, who whined at being taken away from her brother. He proceeded to the backyard to practice.

Monsoon P.O.V

Monsoon was usually a patient and understanding man. He was sent to this newly discovered Continent to bring back samples of the life there, perhaps find something useful towards there objective. The continent was located in the Bermuda Triangle and according to research, was only open once every few years. He could understand why he was sent, his ability to separate his body into smaller segments and still control them, made him ideal for stealth in case of hostility.

He explored the continent, finding strange animals, and strange structures. It appeared to be modeled after Japan. But what surprised him the most, however, was the abilities the people could do. He contacted his superior, who ordered him to bring back someone from the country so they could learn how to do it as well.

That was a week ago. Monsoon could not find a target easy enough to kidnap. He couldn't take an adult, they would surely fight back, something he wanted to avoid for now. He decided, with no other options, to take a child.

However, any child he set his sights that could do the abilities shown, were either someone important or couldn't do them at all.

He was currently walking sneaking through a city, the residents called it Konoha, using his abilities to stay hidden.

He was about to give up, before something caught his eye. At the back of a mansion, was a child. And the child was doing something that the others did. He was walking up a tree.

Now, Monsoon would usually wait to take him. After all, he might be someone he couldn't take. However, he only had a few days left before the content closed off from the rest of the world. So, throwing caution to the wind, he sent his hand towards the child, and chopped his neck, knocking him out. Not a sound was made. It was quick and clean. His had grabbed the child, and returned to him.

He then made his way out of the city, towards the boat that would take him back.

Livng Room, Former Hokage Mansion.

"So that's what you think?" Hiruzen aksed.

"yes..." Minato responded. "The seal is going to weaken, there is no doubt about that. Sooner or later, Naruto will see the fox."

"I can only think of what that child will do when he finds out..." Hiruzen asked.

"Well, let's not dwell on that..." Kushina said, while holding Tsubaki in her arms, who had fallen asleep. "Let's go see what Naruto wanted you to see."

'I agree." Minato said. "Let's not keep him waiting, you know how he gets."

Hiruzen nodded his head, and proceed to lead the family out to the back.

Hiruzen was the first out, and proceeded to call Naruto's name. However, he got no answer. Minato and Kushina were out with him now, equally worried.

"Naruto!" Minato shouted out, but got no answer. "Naruto! Come out now!" Still no answer.

Minato turned to Kushina. "I'm going to look for him, see if you can get a few ANBU or other ninja to help me out."

Kushina nodded, and watched as Minato rushed out of the backyard. She quickly followed, going to get Kakashi and a few other ANBU to help look. All the while, little Tsubaki stayed asleep in her arms.

Naruto P.O.V

Naruto groaned. His neck hurt, and he could feel that he was strapped to a hard surface. He heard some voices. Opening his eyes, he was greeted by a man in a suit, glasses on his face. He appeared to be in some sort of lab, now that he looked.

"Hello there..." The man said. "You must be wondering where you are by now."

Naruto nodded his head.

"Well then, let me explain." The man said. "One of my men took you, so that you could help us. You know that helping people is good right?" He asked Naruto, with a small smile on his face. Naruto nodded his answer, not trusting his voice. "Good, good. Now, can you pleas tell us, how you did that tree walking thing?"

Naruto didn't answer. His parents had told him to not give away any jutsu information to civilians, as they could cause serious trouble with it, or just plain hurt themselves. Naruto trusted his parents more than anything, so he would always follow what they tell him, no matter what. He nodded his head no.

The mans smile faded, before turning into an angry frown. "Listen here..." He started slowly. "I don't care about your safety. If I wanted, I would have my men torture you here and now. Now, will you answer the question." Again, Naruto nodded no.

The man sighed. He turned to someone else in the room. "Put him under, begin the procedure. And make sure to wipe his memory as well, I won't be able to use him if he remembers who he is."

"But, Sir..." The man said. "What procedure? You never clarified."

"Oh? How silly of me. If I can't get his secrets, I might as well use him for something else. Turn him into a cyborg. The schematics are in that file your holding." The man said.

"Yes, Senator Armstrong." The scientist said.

That was the last thing Naruto heard, before his world went black.

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