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Story Start!

(Three years later, after Jiraiya's training trip)

To say that the training was fruitful would not exactly be the right term. Tsubaki had improved by leaps and bounds, and had also learned some new Jutsu to boot.

Apparently, Jiraiya had not mentioned he wanted to take Tsubaki with them as well. He seems to have a habit of leaving out stuff like that.

However, as with Naruto, it's safe to say that maybe Jiraiya wasn't the best teacher. It wasn't that he didn't make an effort, it was just that the methods he used to try and unlock Naruto's Chakra did not work. Eventually Naruto told him to stop, stating that he probably couldn't use it anyway.

So, Naruto trained by himself. He improved in his swordsmanship, and even made small progress in controlling his less sane half. One day, Tsubaki had watched him train, although he wasn't completely aware of that fact. Apparently she was so awed that she walked right up ti him and demanded he teach her! Normally he would have left training to Jiraiya, but since the man didn't have any experience with swords, and due to Tsubaki's persistence, eventually he gave in and agreed to train her.

He started by giving her a stick. It wasn't much, and Tsubaki had voiced her thoughts about it. However, Naruto would not start her off with any sort of blade until she could perform basic maneuvers. Eventually she was able to perform said attacks, so Naruto went and had a blade made for her. Not buy, made. He believed that a unique blade would be better off, as the mass produced blades you would see in the shop were not sturdy enough for his training. The blade was a Katana, twenty-three inches in length and baring a razor-sharp edge. Tsubaki had decided to give the blade a name, 'Kamisori', Razor. Now, they were on their way back to the village.

Naruto had often wondered how the village was with Raiden in it.


Minato Namikaze was usually a cool, calm, collected man. He needed to be in order to assert his dominance, both as a leader and as a father. However, the situation presented to him made him want to scream out.

What situation? It was simple, over the years that Raiden had come to the village, he had started to act as a sort of vigilante. Reports of a swordsman saving people from danger around the village. Now, he was fine with that, it was just how he went about it. Any criminals he came in contact with would be severely injured, usually sometimes missing an arm or leg, even if they were did something as simple as stealing an apple. Thankfully, Tsunade had been able to reattach any lost limbs. Add to the fact that Raiden had made no attempts at hiding his body, thus prompting the Civilian council to scream and rage about making him theirs.

Needless to say that motion failed.

"Do you have an explanation for this time?" Minato asked, his face in his hands.

Raiden was standing in front of Minato, his arms crossed. He winced when he was reminded of what he did, and he wished he hadn't, however the Ripper in him demanded blood whenever he had confrontation with an enemy. His only response was truthful, but also hiding the real reason.

"I have trouble controlling myself." He answered.

Minato sighed at this. "Look, Raiden, Perhaps just maybe be a little more merciful next time."

Raiden wanted to say 'No Promises', but thought against it. Instead, he decided to change the subject. "So, Naruto and Tsubaki Return soon, right?"

"Yes, in fact." Minato said, his position changing dramatically. He was now smiling like nothing had ever happened. "I just don't know when though."

"Oh..." Raiden said. "Well, I guess I'll be on my way then."

"Remember what we talked about!" Minato yelled after him.

Raiden sighed. 'Man...' He thought. 'Being yelled at like that reminds me of my time at the Big Shell. I was so cool back then. Hell, I'm cooler now.'

This prompted a small laugh from him, heard by no-one.


Kazumie's life had been going well. Ever since her teary goodbye with Naruto, she had devoted herself to getting stronger. She had joined the found a foster family in the Namikazes, Joined the Academy, and made lots of friends. She had finished her first year just recently, and was preparing to go back, ready to be the top of the class again.

Yes, top of the class. Apparently Kazumie took the Ninja way like a fish to water. Most of this was because she had a small secret, though.

During one of the classes, she had seen the older students performing Jutsus. Apparently, one caught her eye, because when the Academy let out she went straight to the training grounds to try what she saw. Now, only seeing a Jutsu performed, and not knowing anything about other than its name and hand-signs, could lead to bad things happening. However, Kazumie had gotten lucky. When she tried to perform the Jutsu, she had instead, too her surprise, created a small ball of what looked like bright light.

Which had exploded the moment it left her hands.

Kazumie, unhurt but wanting to know just what had happened, had went to the two most powerful Ninja she knew. Minato and Kushina. When she told the two of what happened, they exchanged glances before spending an entire day in the Study. When they came out, they had sat Kazumie down, and told her what they thought. Apparently, she had the Nikkou, or Sunlight Bloodline. This Bloodline allowed her to use the light, and mold it into physical objects.

This came with the realization that her parents also had the bloodline, but never told her. She had voiced this, but Minato and Kushina had told her that due to things happening in Kiri at the time, it was best for her not to know in order to keep her safe.

It was this training in her Bloodline that allowed her to become the best in her class, as the Nikkou Bloodline had required great Chakra control to be mastered.

Right now she was walking through one of the many parks in Konoha. She found them peaceful, and it reminded her of the times Naruto took her to the parks when she first started to journey with him. Walking alongside her was Blade Wolf. The modified LQ-84I, or as Kazumie called him, Metal Puppy, had been a constant presence at her side. He had said it was an order from Raiden, but she didn't care.

"Hey, Wolf..." Kazumie said, gaining his attention. He didn't speak, but instead moved his head to look at her. "How long has it been?"

"To what are you referencing?" Wolf asked, his red 'eyes' blinking as he talked.

"How long has it been since Naruto left?" Kazumie clarified.

She had always been asking that, hoping that it would speed the process up. With the realization that it would do no such thing, she had still asked, keeping a small glimmer of hope that it would.

"Three years, two months, and six days." Wolf answered her. She knew he was right, she learned the hard way not to question his math. Or logic.

Well, anything about Blade Wolf, really.

"When is he going to come back?" She said, exasperated. She wasn't angry, just really frustrated.

Wolf, hearing the question, decided to answer. However, he knew that his words would not be listened to in her state of annoyance. But no one said it had to be his voice.

"Begin Playback." Wolf said, causing Kazumie to snap her head in his direction. "'Don't cry, Kazumie...'" The static voice of Naruto came from Wolf, and Kazumie had stopped to listen, a look in her eyes that was unidentifiable to even Wolf. "'Remember what I told you? Even if I'm a thousand miles away, we'll still be connected.'" Kazumie's eyes started to water at this point, but she refused o let any sobs come out. "' I should be gone for only three years. Three short years, alright? When I get back, I want you to tell me everything you have done.'"

With that, the message ended. Tears were rolling down Kazumie's face at this point. Anytime she had thought of Naruto, she had this feeling, like there was a hole where her heart should be.

"I was not designed to understand the Human emotion." Wolf said. "However, if it will stop the tears, then I see the need to remind you. It has been three years, the predetermined time that Naruto said has passed. If my calculations are correct, he will be here shortly."

Kazumie smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Thank you, Wolf."

Wolf just kept walking, Kazumie by his side.


Naruto, Tsubaki, and Jiraiya had entered the village not too long ago. They had already passed under the giant gates, and Naruto himself was looking around too see if anything had changed.

Surprisingly, not much. Tsubaki had gone off with Jiraiya to meet meet her parents, most likely to tell them the results of the training and to catch up. He had planned to go himself, however, he had walked around so much he was on the other side of the village. The home of the family being a few miles away.

Now, he could just run, but he thought it would be better if he didn't. After all, not even a ninja could match the speed of a cyborg.

And so he walked. He eventually came to a park. It had taken him a few minutes longer than he expected to get to this point, so in an effort to reduce the time it would take him by going through the park. The park itself was as green as you would expect it to be, with different families playing all around. He spotted one sitting together, having a picnic. Another was playing a sort of game that involved chasing each other.

He enjoyed watching them, but he did not know why. It gave him a feeling, like something was completed when a family was brought together like that. He was brought out of his musings though, when he heard a voice. His voice, to be exact.

"I should be gone for only three years. Three short years, alright? When I get back, I want you to tell me everything you have done." The voice said.

Moving to where he could see it, his eyes widened in surprise when he saw Blade-Wolf, and a face he had no shame in admitting that he missed, Kazumie. He heard Wolf, surprisingly, trying to console her. He felt a small smile appear on his face when Kazumie hugged the robotic dog.

It was this point he decided to surprise her a little bit.

(Play Fire Emblem Awakening Id: Sorrow)

He walked slowly up behind her, trying to be as quite as he could. When he reached her, he bent down, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"So..." He said. He could feel her freeze for a second at his voice. "What have you been doing exactly?"

It happened fast, but it was slow to Naruto. She turned around, a look of something that was beyond hope in her eyes. When she turned to around completely to face him, her mouth opened slightly in surprise, as well her eyes.

Naruto smiled at her. It was a kind, sincere smile. "So? Are you just going to stare, or are you going to tell me?"

He should of expected it, and he did. However, Kazumie's hug pushed him off his feet and onto his back. Kazumie was a crying mess as she lay on his chest. Naruto's smile turned soft, before he hugged her back. "It's good to see you." He said.

Kazumie looked up at him, tears still in her eyes. "B-Big B-Brother..." She said in a sniffle. That surprised Naruto a little bit, as he had never heard her call him that. "I-I missed you s-so much!"

"I missed you two." Naruto said. "...Little Sister."

He didn't know what compelled him to say that, but he did. And he was glad he did, as Kazumie gained the biggest smile he had ever seen her show.

The two just stayed like that, Naruto letting Kazumie cry her heart out. It has been three years, what's another few minutes? His parents could wait.

To the side, Blade-Wolf watched the interaction, nothing to say.

Story End!

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