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She whispered I love you, and he walked away.

She blew him a kiss the last of the day.

She slipped past the door and went up stairs.

She didn't know that I would care.

She lay in bed surprisingly satisfied,

And if I asked where she was, she would only lie.

So I'll put down my pen, and pick up my brush.

And paint what I wanted that sweet tender touch.

I looked at my first written poem, and sighed. Yeah it was true; I saw Katniss and Gale last night. They went off secretly, and thought I wouldn't follow them. But I did…and I didn't like what I saw. She was in his arms, and he was kissing her softly. I guess my love isn't good enough, and I'm not Gale. I slammed my fist down in frustration, and watched the tears hit my poem.

*Knock* I flinched as someone knocked on my door. "What?" I snapped, but then felt sorry for snapping. "Sweetheart?" Katniss peeked her head in the door. "Yes?" I muttered, but didn't look at her. "What's wrong?" she asked innocently…

Innocently? Seriously? That's all I could think of, her innocent! Tears forced their way out of my eyes and Katniss shut the door. She knelt in front of me, "Peeta?" she asked, I closed my eyes. All I could see was her in his arms, his lips against hers. I stood up fast and crashed my way out the door. Where I could get far away from her, far away and fast.

She spoke so soft and gentle.

Her lips so pure, pink like a petal. (I crossed that last word out, and put a "?")

She was once mine to hold.

Now his to ruin.

And tears won't say enough, unless I tell her now.

And my heart is simply broken, won't ever beat or glow. (What else rynms with that?)

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