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Elena stretched in her bed, her nose scrunching up slightly as the warm sun tickled her skin through the high windows. As she slowly opened her eyes, a large smile spilled over her peaceful features. She had been living in the luxurious apartment in Manhattan for three years now yet could never cease to feel the wonder at so much light and air in the bedroom.

She rolled over and got out of the soft bed, hunting down a robe to tie around her form before noticing a package with an envelope atop on the table next to the door. Her smile only widened when she noticed the tidy writing of her husband's hand and slowly slid the heavy cream paper from the unsealed confines.

My dearest Elena,

As it is three years today you have agreed to take my name and spend the rest of your living days with me, I shall like to honour you with a modest surprise this eve. In the box you shall find all that you will need for when I pick you up at 7. I trust you to have a lovely day, Mrs. Smith.

Ad finem saeculorum,


She chuckled and caressed his signature gently before putting the letter to the side and opening the box. Her soft amusement turned into a full belly laugh when she saw the dress within. Her fingers curled around the light material as she pulled it out. The dress she had worn for their first ever date more than five years ago, and he wished them to celebrate as they once used to. She could still remember the lovely evening, their first time to ever dine together….

"Come on, pick up woman…." Elena grumbled as her cell beeped before the redhead finally picked up. "Verity?"

Her girl friend groaned a bit, most likely not happy about her screeching down the phone when her ears were sensitive from hangover. "You are going to the death of me, Elena. "What's the freakin fire?" she inquired lazily.

"I need a favour. You need to go to my apartment and get me the cute little black dress I bought when we last went shopping, and bring it to me along with some pumps and a little clutch, I have a date tonight." The words left her lips in a quick stream fuelled by nerves, her fingernail tapping against the counter.

She heard a sudden rustle of sheets. Good, that woke the bohemian up. "You WHAT?" Verity almost screamed.

Elena winced slightly but hang onto the little piece of metal that masked itself as a communication devise. "I err…have a date…tonight. He picks me up at closing hours and I'm the only one here so I can't leave. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, I will worship at your altar and buy you your favourite almond soya late with an extra shot for like a week!" she pleaded.

Verity's tone turned teasing. "Well I would have done it just cause I love ya, but since you offered, we have a deal. But who are you going on a date with? Please tell me it's not some sort of a creep. I mean I've known you for like a couple of years now and I have never seen you even flirt with a man! I was starting to wonder about your sexuality actually-"

"Verity! Focus! I need the dress." Elena sounded exasperated now.

"Na-ah, no. you are not getting out of this conversation. Who is he?" the redhead questioned, the devilish smile of hers audible in her tone.

Elena sighed and plopped down in the nearby chair. "Well he's like 30 or something, you know that refined face, not too old though. And he's British I think-"

"Oh my God girl! You got yourself a gent! I can't believe it! Well, to be honest, you are a girl with standards so I guess that's right by you! GO girl!" she giggled. "What's his name?"

Elena thought a moment. "E-something, really old school like his manners. Hold on." She fished for the note and knocked over a magazine in here efforts. She opened the note and looked at his signature again. "It's Elijah. Pretty classy, right?"

Verity positively squealed. "That sounds so….old school! Elijah…" she tried it on her tongue. "Why does it sound familiar?" she mused.

Elena just rolled her eyes. "I don't know, you used to date a prep boy?" she took a wild guess.

"Alright Miss Bitchy, you should be happy not mean." The redhead pouted.

Elena sighed and rubbed her temple. "Look, just….get me the dress. Please? I promise to give you all the gossip when I get back from the date."

"You better! Ciao hot stuff!" Verity giggled and hang up on her.

Elena just sighed and for the umpteenth time that day asked the deities why they hated her. She put her phone away and picked up the magazine that her clumsy hands knocked down earlier before she suddenly froze.

There, from the cover of the Times stared her date up into her face with a polite smile. She gasped and listed through the pages. How could she have no noticed before? The face, the suit, the accent….Elijah Smith: the man of the year screamed the heading in the business section at her. Elijah Smith. 'Well fuck me sideways…' her mind provided helpfully.

She had admittedly spent the better part of their date still at awe that the man in front of her was on the front pages of magazines. Well, right after internally doing a happy dance about the simple Italian restaurant he had taken her to. The food was so yummy…

Elijah, true to his old fashioned upbringing, had courted her for many months, taking her out on dates, learning about her world and showing her his. She had accompanied him to several company functions and other medialised events, her heart always beating fast in her throat. But he had been all she could have ever asked for in a man. Supportive, dedicated, honest and most of all loving. He had opened up her world, taken her around the world and treated her so well she felt precious and special every single day.

It was barely a year later when he proposed during their trip to Crete and a few months later she had officially become Mrs. Elijah Smith in a private ceremony with only their closest friends here in New York. She had been happy every day since. They travelled and collected rare books on their trips that fared very well in her little corner bookshop. Elena had expanded on it and it was now both a little tea house and a bookstore, much popular with the people in the neighbourhood for its atmosphere.

Elijah still worked during the week but set up new hierarchy or trustees in the company that took over when he wished to leave and spend time with her, either in the book shop distracting her from paperwork, or at home, just enjoying a lazy afternoon or making love at any surface available.

Today was their third wedding anniversary and Elena could not wait for her love to pick her up tonight. She had originally wanted to cook and spend the night on their large balcony that was a part of the penthouse apartment, simply watching stars and engaging in quiet conversation as was their habit but she could not deny the excitement at the prospect of a surprise.

Her phone rang and she walked over to the table to pick it up.

"Hello?" she asked politely.

"Hola, chica! Guess what I'm doing?" sounded Verity's happy voice over the phone.

Elena chuckled. Her best friend has not changed one bit. Still in the thick of the flamboyant life style even when she has just turned thirty. "Drinking something with a little umbrella that has a ridiculous amount of tequila in it?" she asked cheekily.

Verity chuckled over the phone. "I swear to god woman, you have psychic powers."

Elena just laughed and headed to the kitchen to get some juice. "No, I just know you well. How's Barcelona?"

"Oh you wound not believe, it's gorgeous! You need to get that man of yours to take you here. I mean when he took you to Peru, that was cool, but this…this is just amazing! And Estevan is taking me to Milan tomorrow, so things are about to get even better." Elena could practically hear the red head purr over the phone.

"Estevan? Two days ago you were with a Rafael, was it not?" Elena asked with a chuckle.

"Meh, he turned out to be engaged, the bastard. So I went to this party and met Estevan. He's 23 and dear god he does this thing with his-"

"Enough! I get it! Okay, you really like him." Elena laughed. ""And 23? Should I start calling you a cradle robber soon?" she asked teasingly, though her voice held no judgement.

"Ha, look who's speaking with over a decade between you and your husband. Happy anniversary by the way, chica!" Verity chuckled.

"Thanks, he's taking me out tonight as a surprise." Elena grinned happily as she danced around the kitchen, getting a glass.

"Have you told him yet?" asked the redhead.

"No, but I was planning to, tonight." Elena said softly, placing her hand upon her still flat belly. She had just been to the doctor's last week after suffering a dizzy spell and received the happy news. She was 6 weeks along, expecting their child. She knew Elijah had wanted a family since he had little of his own, and she herself had almost no one in the world. They would start a family and she could not wait to tell her husband.

"Good luck with that! And you will tell me all about it when I call next, yes?"

Elena chuckled. "Sure, you take care and have a good time in Milan."

"Bye chica!" the redhead laughed and hung up.

Time flew fast for Elena who prepared a little love nest of pillows and blankets for them upon the balcony for later and got ready for evening. The dress fit her just as well as it had all those years ago, reaching just above the knees, a soft silk material that slid over her curves and flat belly. She pulled on her grey velvet pumps and put a few necessities into her clutch and waited for seven to struck on the clock on the wall. The door bell pulled her out of her musings and she noted that Elijah was a little bit early, probably just as eager as her. She opened the door, a large smile at the ready, but instead of being greeted by her smiling husband, she met with the sombre face of a police officer.

"Are you Mrs Elena Smith?" he asked.

Elena nodded. "Is something the matter?" she asked, concern making a little line appear between her brows.

"I have to inform you that at 5 o'clock this afternoon, your husband's car was one of the few that suffered impact during an escape of an armed robber on the 54th. It is my duty to inform you that your husband was one of the casualties…."

But Elena heard no more, as her world turned black.