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I walk into the guild and am greeted cheerfully by my friends. Natsu hooks his arm around my neck and squeezes me into his chest.

"Ah! What the heck are you doing?" I try to yell, instead my voice comes out as a muffled "Mmf! Mfphf mm tpfu!" Natsu ignores me completely and squeezes me tighter.

"I'm not gonna see you for six whole months!" He lets go and stares me down. "Aren't 'cha gonna miss me?"

I push him away. He'd crept into my bed again last night and used me as his own personal teddy-bear. Winter's coming up soon, so I don't mind, but when he starts sniffing me in his sleep? That's when I draw the line. All that, coupled with new neighbors who held parties every night with music blaring 'till dawn, a room that reeks of sweat and a midnight visit from Erza who'd gotten the wrong impression entirely, had resulted in about three hours sleep, which did not make for a happy Lucy.

"No. Most definitely not." I slump down over the bar's counter, exhausted. Without request a murky green drink flecked with brown slides across the bar and comes to rest in front of me. I lift my head sleepily and take a sip. It was the most foul thing I had ever tasted, including flying fish, but I knew this was one of Mira's best concoctions. It kept you stimulated for about six hours and had no nasty side-effects unless you count sleeping like a rock after it wears off.

"Whaaaaaaaaat?" Natsu sits beside me and pushes his face closer to mine. You mean, you won't miss me at all?"
I glare at him as best as my sleep deprived state would allow. "No." I pinch my nose and knock back the rest of the it-tastes-like-vomit-and-puke-but-its-all-thats-ke eping-me-from-falling-asleep-and slipping-off-my-chair Juice and rest my forehead against the counter, waiting for it to take effect.

"But Luce. We're partners! Best friends! Lucy and Natsu!"

"The hottest couple in Fairy Tail!" Levy chimes in giggling. I vaguely flap my arm around in hopes of smacking her in retribution and grin a little when my flailing arm hits something small and blue, but it's not Levy.

"Wah! Natsu! Lucy's being mean!"

"I know! She won't even miss me when I leave!"

"Of course she will Natsu." Mira calls. "She's just to embarrassed to say so."

"Oh, well if that's all then it's okay!"

I lift my head to see him grinning down at me. "But you don't hafta be shy you know Luce?" He says nodding. "'Coz me and you… We're like this!" Proudly, he shows me two intertwined fingers. Looking at my blank face his smile falters slightly. "Right?" His voice trembling slightly, like a child who's been told that he hasn't been invited to his best friends party. Asking for reassurance.


"Yeah!" His grin returns and he hugs me again. Something grey smacks the back of his head.

"Huh?" Levy and I laugh. He's holding a pair of briefs.

"Hey, stripper! Why're you takin' off your clothes for? Put them back ON!" He balls up Gray's undies and pegs them back at him.

"Don't tell me what to DO!" Yells Gray.

"You wanna go droopy eyes?"

"You're asking for it!"

The two launch themselves at one another and start yet another brawl in the middle of the guild hall.

"Oh, hi Master!" Mira chirps. I turn to see him making his way down the staircase.

"Lucy. I need to talk to you."

"Sure." I say, gesturing for him to take the seat Natsu had recently vacated. He shakes his head. "In my office please."

I freeze up. Natsu and Gray stop fighting and look at Master, then me, then Master again.

"She in trouble Gramps?" Natsu asks.

"Now please Lucy."

Woah! He completely ignored Natsu!

"Uh… Yeah." I hop off the bar stool and make my way over to him. A few of the… Less mature guild members chorus, "Ooooh, someone's in trouble!"

I resign myself and follow master into his office, feeling very much like a schoolgirl who's in a lot of trouble.

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT NOW?" I bolt up out of my seat and knock over the table between us. Papers are sent flying, and master grumbles something about his brats making messes, but I don't really care.

"It's good pay Lucy." He says placatingly.

"I don't care!" I screech. I shake my head rapidly. "No, no, no WAY am I ever doing something like that!" Master sighs.

"You can argue all you want Lucy but the fact remains that you are the only acceptable candidate."

I cross my arms. "Prove it." I say challengingly.

"The request is for someone placid, but willing to put their foot down. Erza is too loud and brash. Mira couldn't handle it. Levy is much too quiet. Lisanna might let her history with Natsu cloud her judgement. Evergreen would never agree to this, Cana would drink herself stupid, she wouldn't be able to do her job properly. Wendy is already going and Laki is on a mission and won't return for quite a while." Master finishes his list and begins to place the upset papers in neat piles. I'm guessing he'll ask Mira to sort through them properly later.

"Do you know how hard this will be?" I ask, relenting a little. "To do that for six months! A whole half year? To lose that long…"

Master shakes his head. "It will be easy Lucy." He tells me.

"EASY?" I yell. "HOW IS BABYSITTING DRAGON SLAYERS AND THEIR EXCEEDS EASY?" (AN: You weren't thinking something perverted were you?)

"It's a direct order from the magic council. They need as many Dragon Slayers as possible. They've even let Cobra out of jail for this. They need a peace keeper and have asked Fairy Tail to supply one. Natsu will be there so those Twin Dragon boys won't try anything stupid and Wendy will be there, so you won't be alone with all those boys."

I sit back in my chair. "Do you know how hard it is," I begin, "To take care of one Dragon Slayer, now you are asking me to take care of…" I look at him. "The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth?" He nods.

"Might as well tell me then, " I say with a sigh. "Who else is going?"

"Natsu and Happy. Gajeel and Lily. Wendy and Carla. Laxus and Cobra. Sting, Rogue, and their Exceeds. I'm not sure of their names though."

I nod. "Lector and Frosch." I suppose that it wouldn't be too bad… Laxus won't really poke his nose into anyone else's business. If Cobra misbehaved, he would go straight back to his cell. Rogue is indifferent most of the time, so that wouldn't really matter. Wendy wasn't likely to stir up trouble. Gajeel had a lot more common sense than Natsu so he mightn't reallyget into a fight unless provoked. The only problems were Natsu and Sting. I groan, I'd better keep them separated as often as I can. Wait a second! When did I decide I was taking this job on?

"The Magic Council is willing to cover any necessary expenses. And when I mentioned your apartment and Wendy's residence at Fairy Hills, they agreed to pay the rent on both places while you are away." I raise my eyebrow.

"Necessary expenses..." I say. "Does that include food? You have no idea how much Natsu alone can eat." Master nods.

I lean back in my chair, saying words I know I'll regret later.

"Alright. I'll do it."

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