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I stare at the empty shell of a girl that lay in front of me. Her eyes skim the pages of her book, but during the twenty minutes it had taken me to explain the situation to Yuki, nothing had happened, the only sounds were my voice, our breathing and the occasional flip of a page.

"So, she has no memories?"

I nod, grateful that she'd sent everyone else out. Some to the market, some to fix up the front yard, some to look for clues and others out to train, as close as they were to Lucy, it'd only become problematic for them to know of her situation at this point, there wasn't much I could do without any memories, and Yuki's healing powers were restricted to restoration only, she can't mend physical wounds, but her powers over the mind were amazing, another reason we made such a good team, I identify, she heals.

"Yes she has no memories, or yes she has memories?"

"Her mind is blank, no memories."

"The little girl said something about magical water or something similar didn't she?"

"She's older than you." I chide her gently. "But yeah, she said it makes you lose things you value most about yourself. Natsu's was his magic and his hair right?"

"Her magic." Yuki holds up a tiny, pale hand and counts off on her slender fingers. "Her memories. Both hold connections to Layla right?" She rubs her cheeks with the palms of her hands. To an unaffected observer, it would appear that she was attempting to wipe something away, but I was far from unaffected. Yuki rarely came across a problem she couldn't solve and something like this was undoubtedly frustrating her to no end, a complex problem with no real leads, and next to no information is her idea of fun, but I guess, because it's Layla's daughter… But still…


I look up. Her eyes are frosted over, not even a glimpse of emotion, but the desperation rolling off her in icy waves was more than enough for me to see my friend was in pain. She wasn't thinking about Lucy any more. That much was obvious. She was thinking of herself, and of me, this position was dreadful, a bunch of talentless kids, up against the fiercest creatures ever, and the worst creation from the book of Zeref. What was the Magic Council thinking? Surely, surely there were mages more qualified than us? Yuki and I had never even joined a Guild. Never taken on a mission. Always scavenging for whatever we could find. I look at her, so tiny, her feet didn't touch the floor when she sat straight-backed on the wooden stool.

I had tried to care for her when I met her. She had hated me actually, or so I thought, truth was, she had been isolated from humans for so long, she just didn't know how to interact.

I remember the first time I saw her. A seven year old girl, with long, wild hair that stuck up in every direction, infused with mud and leaves, her little face was smeared with dirt and dried blood and her clothes were little more than a few rags, obviously scavenged from the clothes others had thrown away. I'd offered her food and she hadn't refused, though she didn't sit. She just stared. After an hour, I realized she wasn't going to eat while I was there, so I'd left. I set up camp some fair distance away from where I'd 'shared' dinner with Yuki, only to wake up in the morning with her a few feet away. We've been inseparable ever since.

Come to think of it, I can't remember anything about her before I met her. Not that it mattered much. We began to build up a reputation, people asking us for help with simple problems, in exchange for food, money or a place to stay the night. We weren't picky. We never stayed in the same place twice. Yuki helped me with my magic and I helped her with hers. She grew stronger as I trained her. Not to battle though, never to battle. Only to create and heal. That much I could handle. Then began Yuki's obsession with Lucy Heartfillia. Thought I think it came long before that, always watching out for her, perking up when her name was heard. When I asked her about it she had only replied,

"I am to service Lucy Heartfillia until I die."

Then we got caught on Tenroujima chasing that Dumb Oaf who ran some Guild called Grimore Heart and were frozen in time for seven years and we had to start again.

Now here we are, Yuki having never fought before, in room with no way out. I can't protect her in the midst of battle, I'd had to learn that the hard way, but if I could keep her out of the battle al together…

Suddenly Yuki's position changed, and I could tell without even using my magic, that the guys in the yard had left the house and gone to train as per her second instruction. Lucy turns another page in her book. Yuki's rigid posture slumps, her spine curved in, her shoulders hunched, she brings her legs, previously dangling above the floor up to her chest and hugs them tightly. She rests her forehead on her knees and her whole body shudders in a silent sob. The dragon in me rears it's head and I'm overcome with a burning desire to protect the girl in front of me.

Yuki. Snow. She was as delicate as her name suggested. Her hands, clenched into tiny, tight fists, were never made to harm another. Her body, shaking with fear, was never supposed to be put on the front lines of a war we would never win. Her eyes, so childlike in the way her tears rolled down her cheeks, yet froze to ice almost as soon as they left her eyes. The temperature in the room drops rapidly, I reach over and pull her into my lap easily. I stroke her hair and her hands curl up again, grabbing a fist full of my shirt.

"I don't think I want to do this anymore."

Her voice grates on my heart, and reminded me that Yuki, for all her talent and maturity, was only ten. Only with me, would she ever cry. No matter how she felt, she would lock all her emotions inside herself until we were alone. She couldn't afford to let emotions get in the way of her helping me, she'd once said.

"It's only for a little while." I tell her, pulling her a little closer. "Don't be scared."

"I'm not scared!" She protests and she pushes me away. She stands and faces me defiantly. "I'm not scared." She repeats, sounding more sure of herself.

I smile and caress the top of her head. "That's my girl." I say, she huffs and turns away from me, but her energy patterns betray her and I know she's pleased. "Who's afraid of the big, bad, dragon?" I ask. She looks at me and the corner of her mouth twitches. She extends her arms, a little girl, seeking comfort and I comply, sitting in the armchair, I hug her and she lightly traces snowflake patterns on the back of my hand that's intertwined with hers.

"Sing." She says after a while. I try not to snort. I'm not the best singer, but she insists that she prefers my singing to hers. And since I didn't know many songs, she taught me one she learned a long time ago.

"Do you know the Dragon of Sky?

Soaring higher than all the rest?

The nurturing nature of this selfless beast,

Is what makes it adored by all."


-Abigail (Second Dragon)-

I watch, in dragon form, as the dragons battle it out over yet another kill. This one, a boy with blonde hair and a scar on his face, well, he was blonde and did have a scar, until they'd mauled him and were now fighting over the innards. I roll my eyes. How childish. True to our style, they were aggressive and unforgiving in their attacks. One of Sky, one of regular power. This wasn't just a battle for food, it had turned into a battle to the death. I unfurl my wings and fly directly into the path of an oncoming attack.

"Enough." I hiss at the two of them. "Leave here now."

Which is how I ended up above the town in full flight, with an angry Sky-Dragon child in tow. Suddenly, a Mellow voice interrupts my flight.

"Do you know the Dragon of Sky?

Where have I heard—An agonized cry from behind me makes me turn, expecting an attack, but no. The Child's wings had burned away to nothing, disintegrating from something I couldn't see.

"What's going on?" I scream at her.

Soaring higher than all the rest?

"It BURNS!" Her voice ends in a roar and the wind picks up. What was a gentle breeze a few minutes ago has now turned into a full blown tornado, I battle against the wind in hopes of reaching the writhing female, but the wind is gushing outwards and I can't even see her anymore.

The nurturing nature of this selfless beast,

She howls again and it's so high-pitched it hurts my ears. Something that partially resembles a boat soars past me, clipping my wings. I tumble down and struggle to regain the rhythm of my wings. The voice is still singing.


I look up, and squint to see through the wind

Is what makes it adored by all."

The wind stops and so does the screaming. I see her fall and I dart out of the way before she falls on me, and causes me to fall out of the sky. Then I remember the humans. If they see her, it's all over. She'll kill them if she lands on them. I go into a dive but I know I'm not going to reach her before she hits the ground. Then, she's gone. Her flesh disintegrates into ash then the ash is blown away by a much more natural wind.

"Do you know the Dragon of Fire?

Searching the Skies itching for a fight?

The unswerving faith for his friends,

Enemies fall in his wake."

I have no idea what's going on, but I'm sure I've heard this song before… I soar down, transform into a human and drop onto a room. I steal into the house and a feminie scream alerts me to the fact that I've just entered someone's bathroom.

"Sorry Miss, but I'll be taking these." I say to the elderly woman in the bath. I don her clothes and jump out the second-story window.


Yuki leans back and my arms encircle her waist. This song was one of her only comforts, one of the few things she taught me. Most of everything else, we figured out ourselves.

"Do you know the Dragon of Iron?

Tearing his enemies limb from limb?

This elusive beastʼs roar comes from the west.

And he takes you in the night.

Do you know the Dragon of Poison?

Draining the life from his foes?

His poisonous gases seep into the hearts,

Of those who ever do wrong.

Do you know the Dragon of Lightning?

Cruel and callous though he can seem?

This beast is lonely and is never seen,

In a group more than one.

Do you know the Dragon of Shadow?

Never seen, never heard?

Never been capture, never been slain,

This one roams the skies."

Suddenly Yuki jerks up. "What's that?" I stiffen and my ears prick up as I hear what she was referring to. A low growl sounds from outside. But as we reach the window to see, it stops.

"Death." Yuki's mask is on again. "I can smell death in the air." I grab her hand more for myself than her.

"I can smell it too."

I study her for a minute, then she jerks back and screams. I look at the window and automatically shift so Yuki is behind me, shielding her from the threat.

What happened to the Dragon? What's going on with Lucy? What is out the window? Why does it take me so long to update?


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