In The Future

Chapter 1: Info


McKenzie Rose – 5, Wizard, Alex and Mason's Daughter

Mason JR. - 7, Werewolf, Alex and Mason's Son

Leah Marie & Bailey Nicole - 9, Vampire & Wizard , Justin and Juilet's Daughters

Isaac Kris – 3, Wizard, Justin and Juilet's Son

Tyler Jones- 6 Normal ,{Muggle}, Max's Son

Macie Star- 2 Normal, {Muggle}, Max's Daughter

Louis Maze & Nova Sea- 4, Normal, {Muggles} Harper and Zeke's Kids

Rebecca- Max's wife


10 yrs. In the future


Manhattan, New York


Raising The Kids

Hi I'm SeddieForever81 I normally write iCarly story's but I like other shows to especially WOWP. I hope you are going to like this one. I'll try to update soon.