In The Future

Chapter 5: Harper Finkle-Beakerman

Hey! I'm Harper. Alex Russo's best friend. I live in Manhattan, New York with my husband Zeke, and my twins Nova & Louis they are 4 years old. A little less then a year after Alex won the wizard competition me, Mason, Zeke, and Alex all moved into a house right by our college The ArtInstitute of New York City were I studied to be a clothes designer, Alex & Mason studied to be artists, and Zeke went for clogging. Junior year Zeke proposed to me and that winter we got married. Then two years latter we had the twins. Alex and Mason moved out so Zeke and I could have the house for our family but we are still as close as sisters. Zeke and Justin grew apart but they see each other once a month during the Russo family dinner. It's great to see all 16 of them but there's going to be another two soon because me and Alex are pregnant at the same time. We are going to have another girl and we are naming her May Taylor. I have my own business as a clothes designer and Zeke is a clog instructor. Today is mine and Alex's baby shower since we are both having girls Mr. and Mrs. Russo thought that we should have it at the same time. But the boys are acting very rude to there sisters today so much for relaxing and having a good time. Here's what me and Alex have been hearing all day.

"Mommy Louis took Lacy (Doll) and throw it out the window."

"Mommy Jr. wolfed up and ripped Barbie and Ken's head off."

"Mommy Nova just slapped me."

"Mommy Kenzie won't give me back Buzz."

"OKAY!" I yelled. "For the rest of this party the girls stay near their moms. Boys stay by their Dads."

"Actually Harper I think Max, Mason, Kenzie, Jr, Tyler, Macie and I are going to go home."


"Yeah Max has to get ready for his date."

"It's not a date." He blushed.

"Date with Becca?"

"No! Long story tell you later."


{They flash out with there stuff}

"Well better start cleaning up."