"Midguardians." Loki muttered and scowled at the ground. He had been on the planet they deemed as 'Earth' for about a year now. The ever-flowing traffic of people through the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters never seemed to stop.

As his punishment from the Allfather and Mr. Fury, Loki had to help out around S.H.I.E.L.D. doing any odd jobs that may need to be done. Currently, he sat looking out the window of Lady Jane Foster's laboratory, scowling at the people down on the streets of New York City.

"Yo! Jokester," A female voice yelled across the room, "Mind helping me?"

Loki turned around and saw Lady Jane's petite, curvy servant (or 'assistant' as he had been corrected many times). Darcy was one of the few people that could get away with calling Loki names, no one had quite figured out what was so different about her, but the resident God of Mischief seemed to put up with her.

He groaned and walked to her, he may put up with her but even he hadn't the slightest clue as to why. "Loki could you move a little quicker? My arms are about to fall off." It was then that he actually looked at the young 'assistant', her arms were full of boxes and from the way she was straining under them they must have some weight to them.

Within 3 strides of his long legs Loki was in front of Darcy taking the boxes from her with ease. "I still do not understand why you put up with Lady Jane's commands Lady Darcy."

"It's Darcy not Lady Darcy, Reindeer Games. And if you want to know, I help Jane because it's my job and I get paid to do said jobs."

Loki stood waiting for Darcy to tell him where to set the load he currently held on to. "My apologies Darcy." He cringed, not putting a title on her name made it seem too personal. Loki didn't want this to become personal. If it became personal emotions may become prevalent.

"It's all good Lokster. You can sit the boxes on the lab table I guess." She pointed to a space on the table that, for once, was clear of paper.

"Lokster? I believe that is a new one." Darcy looked at him and saw a gleam in his eyes. Not the same gleam he gets when he thinks of mischief making, no this was a gleam of laughter.

"Yep, just now thought of it. Now help me empty these." Darcy had to admit that Loki had pretty eyes. They were the perfect color green and every time she looked into them she could see them soften. Or maybe it was her imagination.

"What are in these boxes?"

"I'm not sure. Books, I think, Jane didn't tell me."

Loki sighed. This is not how he expected his days to go when he was trying to take over this planet. Helping a young, beautiful, witty, mischievous, - he shook his head. Darcy may be all of those things but he shouldn't be thinking of her that way. He got to work opening the first box and took out the first book and looked at it. It was about the stars and galaxies. He scoffed, like these Midguardians would ever understand anything in any of the other nine realms, they don't even understand their own realm.

"Alright Mr. Sour-face, I know you don't want to be here but the least you could do is stop judging us on our misunderstandings of the realms." It was almost like she read his mind. Darcy took the book from Loki and paged through it. "You know, my grandma used to say that she wanted a flower that looked exactly like the stars."

Loki looked at her, puzzled. "What do you mean? A flower of the stars?"

"Yeah I guess," Darcy flipped to one of the pictures, a beautiful deep purple and blue sky with millions of little stars taking up space, "I used to tell her it was impossible and we would laugh. I told myself that I would find a flower of the stars, even if I had to make it myself." Darcy's voice became heavy with emotion, "Until one day after school, I came home and my parents told me that she had died. I had never given her a flower. I went on the Internet and found a picture much like this and folded it into a paper flower and laid it in her casket before she was buried. I just wish I had been able to get her a real flower of the stars." Darcy looked up at Loki, blinking away the unshed tears, "I'm sorry I don't know why I told you that. You don't care." She laughed out of embarrassment instead of humor.

"Darcy," Loki looked at her. He understood why she told him. He may have never wanted to give some one something like that, but he understood wanting to give people what they desire most, what they dream about. "Darcy I understand." When she looked up, instead of seeing Loki, God of Mischief, she saw Loki, the man standing in front of her, holding a flower made of magic to look like the stars.

"Thank you Loki. Thank you, for understanding me." She muttered as she took the flower and laid it carefully on the table. Loki thought she was displeased with the flower until she turned and pulled him into a hug.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her and muttered, "You're most welcome Darcy, keeper of my stars."

It may not have been much. It was barely anything at all, but to her it meant everything.