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The Fates



It wasn't her plan to end up like this. She didn't choose this. Not that they care. No one cares. They believe what they want to believe. She was seventeen when it happened. When her life was torn apart at the seams. She didn't wish it had never though; it ended up being a good thing.

She loved him. She loved Nathan. She loves her five year old son.


He was an outcast. No one cared about him. He had saved so many people. Though, he was also the cause of many people's death.

It seemed that no amount of good deeds could balance out the bad. 'Oh well,' he thought absently. 'At least I'm not being chased by villagers with pitchforks and torches,' the mental image caused him to laugh humorlessly.

'They might as well have,' came the gruff voice from inside his head. That voice was the reason for his problems. The reason everyone hated him.

That damned voice.

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