I sat in my cold, dark cell, waiting. Waiting for something to happen, anything, either I would be taken again by the vile scientist that wanted to dissect me, like people do to frogs in science classes, or be rescued. I wasn't holding my breath for the latter though. I had been here for two years now, ever since the wizarding world screwed me over. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was the day I became a freak in their eyes, the day I became a mutant.


It was the day of the final battle, everywhere I looked there was either people fighting or dead bodies. Families were torn apart by this war and it would end today, either with the light side winning or Voldermort and his death eaters winning.

I walked into the mist of the battle where Voldermort was, I walked forwards and shouted "Voldermort!".

He turned to look at me and a cold smile spread over his snake like face "Ah,Harry, I'm so glad you could make it".

I walked closer and we started circling each other, I was aware that everyone had stopped to watch the fight but I ignored them because right now the only other person that mattered was Voldermort, I needed to stop him for good. "You ready to lose, Voldi?" I taunted.

"It is you, who shall lose Potter" he replied in his silky, snake voice.

We both puled out our wands and continued circling, waiting for the right moment to pounce. "What makes you so sure Tom?" I questioned using his hated muggle name "We've destroyed your ties to the land of the living, you can be killed and I can assure you, you will be the one leaving this fight in a body bag".

He snarled at me "How dare you use my muggle name" then he raised his wand and pointed it at me "ADVARDA KADAVA!".

The green light streaked threw the air and before I could move it hit me in the chest. I stumbled back my eyes wide, I felt sick but I stayed on my feet and, surprisingly, I was still alive. I looked up to see that everyone else mirrored my shocked look, even Voldermort. Voldermort looked at me in shock then he snarled and threw another killing curse at me.

The same thing happened but I didn't stumble back this time, he was getting angrier and threw at least five more spells before he gave up with an frustrated yell.

I felt different my eyesight was blurred and I could hear everything, I reached up and took my glasses off only to gasp when everything was so clear, it was clearer than wearing my glasses normally was. I felt a sudden pain between my knuckles and looked down to see three bone claws coming from my skin.

I looked up and smirked at Voldermort's shocked and sacred face. "My turn" I snarled before lunging at him, my wand forgotten as I slashed at him. Soon his body was a mangled mess on the floor, I turned around and picked up my wand, my claws going back into my hand. I tucked my wand into my pocket then looked up at everyone else, they all looked either disgusted or frightened.

I looked to my friends hoping they would be accepting of my new discovery but they had the same looks and my hope was squashed even further when Ron shouted "He's a mutant freak, he's dangerous and should be locked up".

Everyone else, including the death eaters, instead of helping me agreed with him and I soon found myself backed into a corner with hundreds of wands pointing at me.

End flashback

After that I was locked into the dungeons and sentenced to death, I managed to escape before I was killed and got on a flight to America, hoping life in this mutant filled country would be better, I was wrong, so very wrong.

So tell me what you think, I thought of this story using one of the prompts sent out by Luciniel. . .