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P.O.V of Harry


I was in a black void but it soon changed and i was back on Hogwarts grounds it was the final battle.

I looked up and smirked at Voldemort's shocked and scared face. "My turn" I snarled before lunging at him, my wand forgotten as I slashed at him. Soon his body was a mangled mess on the floor, I turned around and picked up my wand, my claws going back into my hand. I tucked my wand into my pocket then looked up at everyone else, they all looked either disgusted or frightened.

I looked to my friends hoping they would be accepting of my new discovery but they had the same looks and my hope was squashed even further when Ron shouted "He's a mutant freak, he's dangerous and should be locked up".

Everyone else, including the death eaters, instead of helping me agreed with him and I soon found myself backed into a corner with hundreds of wands pointing at me "Monster" they all chanted.

"Monster" it was now the voice of a scientist and i was in the black void again "He's a monster, a wild beast!"

I was lying on a metal table now I looked to my left, when i heard footsteps, and saw a man with greying hair and beard, he was wearing glasses and a uniform that showed he either worked for the army or once was in the army.

"Who are you? And why on earth am I here?" I asked him.

He smiled, I didn't like the smile and it showed off his yellow teeth, and replied "I'm Colonel William Stryker and you're here because you are a mutant that the British sold to us. You have powers similar to that of Weapon X and we're eager to make an improved weapon. You will become Raven and you will be better than Weapon X or as he likes to be called Wolverine" with that said he walked from the room and scientist filed in.

The black void came back and i was soon engulfed in pain, the darkness tightened around. It felt like i was going to suffocate. I had to get out! A yell escaped my throat and everything stopped.


I bolted upright i was covered in sweat, i looked around and realised, with dread, that i was in a lab. I escaped one lab just to be put into another, great.

I jumped off the metal table i was on and headed towards, what looked like, the door. It was round, metal and silver, it didn't have a handle and there was a small box to put a code in on the side of it. I put my hand over the small metal box, that was on the side, and willed my magic to get it to open the door.

The box sparked and the door opened, I quickly exited the room not wanting to stay for long. I walked slowly down the corridor listening for anyone approaching. Nobody seemed to be near which was a good sign.

I walked past a few other circular doors when one of them opened. I looked inside and it seemed to be a lift, i took a cautious step inside and as soon as i was fully in the lift the door slammed shut.

Panicking i banged my fists on the door, but the only thing that happened was that the lift went up.

As soon as the lift stopped moving and the doors opened i was out. I looked around and everything looked much different to the lab downstairs. Up here there were wooden doors, and walls and the floor was wooden too. There was a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling and different pictures hanging on the walls. The was also a grand staircase leading to the floors above, the stairs were carpeted with red and gold patterned carpet.

I saw a huge set of double doors, i slowly walked towards them hoping they were an exit. I pushed the doors open and my eyes were immediately assaulted by the bright sunlight. I looked around and saw that i was at the front entrance of thee building. In front of me was gravel it seemed to lead up to a gate i saw in the distance, it must be some kind of driveway. Surrounding the driveway was green grass and flowers and in the distance i could see lots of trees that seemed to be the start of a forest. There were a few benches near the tree line and the entrance i was standing in. There also seemed to be a pond near the side of the building.

I shook my head to stop myself from gaping at the beautiful scenery, i had to get out of here. I started to run down the gravel drive and towards the gate, i was almost there when something barged into my side. I fell to the ground and looked up to see Wolverine towering over me.

I snarled at him, not wanting to stay here and be dissected, he just growled back. "What are you doing?" he growled at me.

I stood up and got into a defensive position before replying "Escaping, what does it look like? Now if you don't mind I'll be going" i turned to leave but i was tackled to the floor again. "Get off me" i growled at him.

"Why are you trying to leave?" Wolverine asked still pinning me down.

"I don't want to be in another lab" i snarled then in a quiet and defeated voice i added "I've had enough, i just want peace" i stopped struggling and closed my eyes, resigned to my fate.

"And you will have peace, with us" a new voice spoke. I opened my eyes to see Professor Xavier looking down at us.

Wolverine got off me and helped me up "We don't want to hurt you kid" he told me.

"We are a school for mutants, everyone here is a mutant. You'll be safe here and the place you woke up in wasn't a lab like you're used to, it's our infirmary" Professor Xavier told me.

I blushed embarrassed "Sorry i guess i just panicked" i told them sheepishly.

Professor Xavier just gave me a warm smile "That's understandable. You can still go we won't force you to stay, but you will be safe here. If you choose to stay we can help you get over your past and anything else you need help with, you can stay here for as long as you want and you will be accepted here. So what do you say" he asked as he held his hand out.

I took his hand and shook it "I would like to stay here, thank you" i smiled at him.

He nodded before speaking "If you follow me we can show you around, get you settled in and introduce you to everyone" he smiled at me before turning around and leading the way back to, what i now realised was, the mansion.


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