So I don't own anything, I have recently started reading all of the different Hermione pairings and for some reason, this one just came to me. So far, unsure if this will be more than a one shot or not. I hope you enjoy it.

After breakfast, they are sitting in his living room, deciding when to leave for the Burrow. "Mia, you know they are going to ask you. They always ask you. Let's tell them," he suggests, as they discuss the upcoming holiday. "I want them to finally know, who has been making me so happy."

"I don't want to just yet, I like having our own little world." She sighs, "No one bugging us about weddings, babies or such things. Plus they won't understand." Kissing his neck as he sits in his favorite spot on the couch, her legs draped over him like they always sit. Especially after a difficult day at work, it was not sexual at first more out of comfort. They have had the same discussion several times over the last few months, she stood fast and he knew that was a battle he didn't want to fight. She would tell everyone soon enough, he knew she would.


At first they just talked about things to get by, everyone else had someone. Someone to talk to, to love, to comfort, they comforted each other. Without her, he'd be lost. Well, that's what he told her, no one knew about them. They keep their friendship than their relationship a secret. Almost every night they talked or read, both of them not wanting to be alone. Then it was dinner, at her place or his, a debate over dessert about any number of topics, both happy that the other could hold their own in a debate against the other. Then a month after it started, he was too tired to Floo home. He stayed, in her room because she didn't have an extra bed and neither would let the other sleep on the couch. Nothing happened, again it was just comfort but he woke with his arms around her and her snuggled into his chest.

Then one night, as they sat there reading she was in her chair and he was on the couch legs curled under him. She walked over to him, "I want to sit with you." Uncurling his legs, he slid over so she could sit next to the arm of the couch because he knew that's where she liked to sit. Sitting down, she turned placing her back against the arm. He was surprised by her next action she put her legs over his lap and as she read, she played with a curl of hair at the nape of his neck. After watching her for a bit, he put his arm around her back and stroking her side, laying his book on her legs to read. The tension between them was obvious. They both cared for each other, but they both had been hurt in the past and were afraid. They had sat like that for about a week before she decided to say something.

"Can we talk?" she is asking quietly.

"Hmmmm?" He is still reading and in his own world, she couldn't fault him, she was the same way.

"Percy." Waiting for an answer, but that is not going to work, finally taking his book from his hands. She is closing it and placing it on the floor next to the couch along with her book.

"What was that for?" He asks.

"Because I want your full attention," smiling at him.

"You always have my full attention," looking at her, without thinking about it pushing a piece of her hair back behind her ear. "I can't help but pay attention to you." The words just tumbled out.

"Well, I understand if you aren't interested, but I want… I need..." Before she can say anymore, he is kissing her. Cupping her face in his hands; licking his tongue across her bottom lip. Opening her mouth to greet his; tenderly their tongues battle each other. Her arms wrap around his neck, breaking away from his mouth, she leaned her head against his, laughing, "I take that as you are interested?"

"Very much, I just didn't want to rush you. I wasn't sure if you wanted me or just needed the comfort. Now, kiss me again." He smirked as he covered her lips again with his. He is kissing her with all of the emotion that he has built up for the young witch who has taken to sitting in his lap recently. "Recently I have found myself thinking of you more and more every day."

"I want to be with you, this is hard for me to say though I want to keep it between us. I don't want everyone thinking they need to pry in our lives." She fiddles with the buttons on his shirt. "I love our friends and the family, but I can't take everyone being well themselves," she shrugs.

"We will tell them when you are ready. I just want you to know though I want to tell everyone I know. I won't because you don't want to," Kissing her, holding her, which is what makes him happy.

Back to current day

"I just want to be able to hug you and kiss you in front of my family. Let them know how much I love you. Mum knows I am dating someone, she says only the love of a wonderful woman would make me this happy."

"Please, after the New Year. I just, I am not sure. I am afraid they won't like it." Frowning, picking at her shirt, "I am sorry. I know I frustrate you."

"Frustrate, sometimes, love you any less. No. I don't want to upset you, so let's talk about this later. Go ahead a Floo in; I will be there in 15 minutes or so." Kissing her soundly, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Hmmm, if you don't leave, we will be very late."

Humming and rubbing his nose against the soft spot next to her ear. Licking her ear just lightly, she moans and rubs against him out of reaction, not realizing what she was doing. "Ok, that's it," kissing her ear, neck, collarbone as he starts to unbutton her shirt. Laughing at her as she sighs in contentment, kissing down to space between her breasts, "We have a few more minutes, come here." Running his hands up across her shoulders, pushing her shirt down, she is helping by shrugging it off. Kissing and sucking on her breast through the lacy bra she is wearing, whispering in her ear "I am going to help you relax a little before we go," Running his hand along the waistband of her pants, unbuttoning her jeans. Turning her so she has her back against his chest and is kissing her neck and bringing a hand up to cup her breast, squeezing as he is biting on her shoulder. "Do you like this?" knowing very well she is enjoying it. Whimpering, nodding her head and not wanting to speak. Spreading his hand across her stomach, right below her breasts and is rubbing his hand up and down her stomach, slowly creeping lower and lower. Starting to dip in her panties, "Please" is all she says, so quietly he might not have heard it. Parting her lips, he can feel her warmth rising from her core, sliding slowly back and forth with one finger. The restriction of her jeans, limiting the movement of his hand is helping him tease her. Lightly stroking her, using his free hand he is caressing her breasts, tracing circles around each one, pinching just slightly. Pushing a finger inside her, moaning, she wiggles her hips against him, trying to put her hands behind her to reach him, "No, I want this just about you." Speeding up his stroking, dipping his finger in and out of her, then two fingers, while rubbing palm against her sensitive nub. He can feel her starting to tighten and knows it won't be long now. Kissing the spot directly below her ear, it sends her over the edge, moaning and panting, leaning heavily back against him. "Hmm, I hope that you liked that." Nuzzling her and whispering in her ear, "Just whenever anyone gives you trouble today, think about that."

"I've changed my mind. Let's stay here; we can carry on in bed."

"Do you want Mum showing up here? Or worse sending the twins?" Sending a cleansing charm to her "Go ahead, I need a few minutes to be presentable. " Laughing as she turns to him, helping her button her shirt back up. Tucking it into her pants she is smiling at him and saying, "You didn't need to do that."

"I wanted to, I love you, now go."

"I love you, see you soon," Pulling away from him.

At the Burrow

Stepping out of the Floo into the living room at the Burrow, she comes face to face with Charlie, giving him a hug. "Hey Mione, how's it going?"

"Oh fine, where is everyone? In the kitchen?" Turning to walk into the kitchen.

"Whoa, hold on, as funny as it would be, to let you walk in there like that. You need to sort yourself out first." Pointing at the front of her shirt, "You are a little out of sorts there." Walking a little closer, as she is blushing, "Plus, you may want to cover up those love bites you got."

"Ah, bloody hell; I am going to kill him."

"Who love?" Hoping while she is distracted she will finally give up the name of her mystery suitor.

"Oh no Charlie, you aren't going to get it out of me." Re-buttoning her shirt, not even turning her back, Charlie and she are like brother and sister.

"Come on, Lil bit. I just want to make sure he is ok."

"Let's not start down this road again."

Stepping away from the Floo just in time, as Percy walks into the living room. Nodding his head at the two people standing in the living room, "Charlie, Hermione. Everything ok?"

"Yep, Percy, still trying to convince Mione to give up the name of the person who left her out of sorts a minute ago." Grabbing Hermione and squeezing her, "She came through the Floo with buttons undone and love bites, figured Mum would have a fit with that if she saw her. Now it is time to pick on your brother, where is your girlfriend? Mum keeps saying that she knows you are in love and wants to meet her." Charlie has let go of Hermione and is walking towards the kitchen.

After Charlie leaves the room, Percy looks back at Hermione who is giving him one of those looks. Mouthing to him, "You are in trouble!" pointing at him, and then pointing at her shirt. He is paling a little at the thought of her mad so much for getting her to relax before coming to the Burrow. Before leaving the living room, he is winking at her he mouths back "You love me." Hermione is throwing her hands up in the air, like I give up.

No one said anything about Percy being late but Charlie had fun messing with Hermione, she knew he wasn't done with her yet, she was waiting for it to begin. Dinner for the most part was as normal as dinner at the Burrow can get. Afterward dinner ended, Arthur and Percy were in the living room looking at several new books Arthur had found on Muggle Artifacts. Percy glanced her way quickly before leaving the kitchen, lifting just a corner of his mouth, as I am here for you gesture. She knows well enough giving either of them a book will guarantee both of them will be lost in the book and never hear anything. Harry and Ginny were sitting in the corner on the love seat, quietly talking. Ron had left with Luna to go and visit her father at his house. In the kitchen was where Hermione couldn't get away from it. First Charlie started, "So Mione, when are you going to bring your boy around for us to all meet?"

Blushing "Who says I have a boy for you to meet?" Taking a drink of the Firewhisky he sat in front of her.

"That right there says you do, plus you showed up looking freshly, um, snogged," Laughing at her expense, poking her in the side, just like the big brother he has become. "We just want to make sure he is good enough for you. Everyone deserves someone, hell, even Percy has found someone. I have been trying to get him to bring her around too. She must be something, he has started closing his Floo off, tried to stop by last weekend and couldn't get through. He even smiles and jokes. Never thought I would see the day when he willing participates in testing with Fred and George." She is silently thanking Percy that he closed the Floo. Also thinking of how much he has changed in the time they have been together, he is enjoying spending time with his family, more than he ever did. Plus who would have thought bookish Percy would be the lover that he is. Blushing thinking about this morning, she takes another drink from her glass.

"I agree, I want to have a small conversation with him, as well." Bill is saying from the other end of the table, drinking a Firewhisky, as well. "I mean, you have been seeing him for a while now and he didn't invite you to spend Christmas with him but you saw him today long enough to snog? That's low."

"Maybe he did and I said no," glaring at the oldest Weasley child, "I don't have to be glued to him."

"Moine, we know," George starting

"You love being with us," Fred finishing.

"But you should be,"

"With your 'lover'." Wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"And you wonder why, I don't want to tell you who he is, really? You four are like a nightmare sometimes. I would like to continue seeing him and with him intact." She is rubbing her eyes out of frustration. "If I did tell you who he is. You will be on him about every little thing and I don't want to deal with it. Not to mention, I would rather you not scare him off." Smiling a little bit, knowing to herself that Percy isn't afraid of his brothers, not anymore and he wants to tell them.

"Sweetheart, we just want you to have someone to settle down with and who loves you. Get married and have children." Walking in on the conversation Molly is giving her opinion.

"That's another reason. We are nowhere near being ready for either of those things." Her limit is about to be reached on how much she can take with this conversation, sipping on her drink, she is thinking.

"Just tell us who he is and we will leave you alone. Not another word." Charlie is trying to break her, winking at her "Just think, one name and no more questions."

"So you can go kill him? I don't think so."

"We would only kill," dropping his voice a little lower, George sounded serious.

"Him if you two were shagging," Fred growling just a little.

"But we would make I very painful first." Bill cracks his knuckles. She is unsure if they are joking at this point in stage, they have always been protective, especially since her parent's death.

"Possessive much?" Groaning as she leans her head against the table so they can't see her blushing. "Really, do I have to sit here and have a conversation about my sex life? I get the concern but guys really you don't think I can take care of myself? Molly? A little help here?" Now she is starting to think, maybe it is time. They would all be speechless.

"Sorry, hun, I want to know who this mysterious guy is too."

"Moine, come on, wouldn't this just be easier if you told us."

She felt herself breaking, she can't believe she is saying this. "So, if I tell you, " sighing, "Will you all promise, no teasing and no marriage talk for at least 6 months? And that you will leave him in one piece? Please?" Groaning as the words left her mouth.

"Promise!" From Charlie and Bill, and "We swear!" from George and Fred. The boys look like she has just given them the best Christmas present ever.

"Well Hermione, I am not…" From Molly.

"Mum!" from everyone in the kitchen, unable to believe she really is going to argue after Hermione might give up the name of the guy she has been seeing.

"Fine, I guess, no marriage talk," agreeing hesitantly.

"Now remember, you all promised." Downing the rest of her Firewhisky she is getting up from the table. Charlie giving her a confused look, she holds up one finger to silence the question that was forming on his mouth. Walking from the table to the living room, she sees him with his book, knowing that he is in his own little world. She would just act like they do when they are home. Stopping by the arm of the couch and kicking off her shoes. Still absorbed in his book, absent mindedly putting his hand on the inside of her leg, wrapping his fingers around to the back of her thigh and tracing a small circle on her leg. She can't face the others, sighing and smiling at him. She can hear a small gasp from Molly. Nudging him with her knee, without even taking his eyes off his book, he slides over. Pulling her onto the couch with him, she leans against the arm of the couch and slowly stretches her legs out over his lap. Putting his book on her knees and she leans up against him and starts playing with his hair, sighing "Happy Christmas Percy."

"Happy Christmas Mia," kissing her on the forehead, still reading.

"You may want to put the book down. I think your Mum wants to hug you and your brothers may want to have a talk to you."

"Why is Mum here and what do they want?" he mumbles, still reading.

"Perc." She is taking the book from his hands, "I need your full attention," laughing at the confusion on his face. "Look around, we are at the Burrow, you got lost in your book as you do."

Looking around, he sees his dad with a very confused look on his face, his mum with tears in her eyes, Ginny and Harry smiling at them and his four brothers somewhere between happiness, annoyance and slightly ill. Then back at Hermione, "Mia, you told them? I thought you wanted to wait." Cupping her face and kissing her.

"Well, I couldn't take the conversations about killing the guy I am shagging," Smirking at him.

"Really, my parents are here."

"Blame your brothers."

As all of my stories are written without a Beta, I enjoy writing and hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you thought.