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Myka stopped a few steps before the door. She gripped the book in her arms harder. She could hear the person in the room moving about, and the rest of her nerve failed. She turned around and started to walk back towards her room.

It was a stupid idea anyway.

"Agent Bering."

Myka froze and stiffly turned around.

"HG," Myka said. "It's, ahh, funny to see you here."

"Indeed, seeing how we are just outside my chambers…"

"Yeah," Myka said. She gave a nervous laugh, and rubbed her neck.

HG smirked. Her eyes flicked down, and caught on the book.

"Some light reading before bed?"

Myka looked down at the book. "Oh. No. It's just… nothing."

"Nothing?" HG questioned as she took a step closer to Myka. She slipped the book from Myka's arms before the taller woman could protest. She read the title and smiled. "War of the Worlds?"

Myka looked down. Her curls fell forward to hide her blush.

"My War of the Worlds."

"Well, yeah." She wrung her hands slightly as she looked up. "My dad gave it to me when I was eight."

HG lightly ran her fingers over the leather cover. The color had faded, and the leather had worn down. The spine was starting to crack, not from abuse, but from countless readings over the years.

"It's been loved," HG stated.

Myka just shrugged.

"Is there any particular reason you happen to be carrying this outside my room?"

Myka blushed again.

"It really doesn't matter. It was a stupid idea anyway."

"I highly doubt that any idea you have could be stupid."

"You obviously haven't been talking to Pete much then."

"I would hardly trust Agent Lattimer of such topics."

Myka just nodded. HG sighed.

"Myka, you can tell me."

Myka groaned. "It's just, you're HG Wells, and I grew up reading your work, and I never even dreamt that I would meet you, but here you are, and I just got the idea into my head that you would… But I'm just a dork, and it really doesn't matter, so I'm just going to…"

She trailed off as she tried to take her book back. HG stepped back, and chuckled. She had seen a few ladies react to Charles this way when it came to the books.

"You aren't a dork, darling," she told Myka. "Is it possible you would like me to sign the book?"

Myka paused, then nodded. HG couldn't help but grin at the look on her face. Part terrified, part ecstatic.

HG turned and walked into her room. Myka followed her.

"Well, this is exciting," HG declared. "I never actually got to autograph my own work. Charles did all of that, I'm afraid."

She sat at the desk, and picked up a pen. She opened the book and started to write.

"I'm glad I could be your first," Myka said.

HG glanced up at her with a smirk, then looked back at the book and scratched out her signature. She flipped the cover closed, and lightly ran her fingers over the title. She handed it back to Myka, who pressed it against her chest.

"Thanks," she said.

"No, thank you," HG responded.

Myka nodded, and quickly left the room. HG chuckled once she was gone.

Myka didn't stop until she reached her room. She closed the door, and sat on the edge of her bed.

Her fingers ran over the same leather HGs had touched. Slowly, she opened the book, lightly touched the signature, then read the message above it.


I am thrilled by the knowledge that you enjoy my books. I hope you enjoy me as a person even more. I am also glad that you are my first.


Helena G. Wells.

Myka grinned, and closed the book. She held it tightly against her as she let herself fall back onto the mattress.

So, I chose War of the Worlds for one reason...imagining how it sounds in Jamie Murray's voice.