Inspired by a LBD Seahorse hangout screenshot I saw on Tumblr. It was one with Ashley Clements who plays Lizzie on LBD and Daniel Vincent Gordh who plays Darcy. I didn't see them as Lizzie and Darcy during the hangout. I saw them as them. Regular, real-life people. But on Tumblr, amongst all the Dizzie Day gifs, and with my feels all over the place, I kind of thought that the stair-railing in the background looked similar to a crib LOL. And it inspired this. So enjoy! :P

It's a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon in San Francisco, California. The Darcy Estate is looking beautiful as always, but is a little messy in one wing because of the preparations being made in the nursery. Darcy is busy in there making sure the room is up to par. Lizzie hasn't been allowed in to see the progress.

"Will!... Will, come here!... William Fitzwilliam Darcy, I NEED YOU!", Lizzie screamed, desperation and anxiety dripping from her voice, as she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom. She tried to stare at the puddle at her feet but just saw the white cotton towel draped around her 39-week pregnant belly. She had just finished showering and drying her hair, when she felt her water break. "Oh my God, this is actually happening.", she thought to herself as Darcy burst through their ensuite bathroom door.

His face was etched with fear and concern as he looked his wife up and down to ascertain the cause of her yells. He didn't see anything wrong with her so he asked, concern obvious in his tone, "What's wrong, Lizzie?". She faced him and pointed at the puddle at her feet. "Babe, our kid is on its way!", Lizzie said, still in shock.

This is where DarcyBot kicked in. "Everything is going to be fine, my love.", he comforted his wife who seemed to be having an internal panic attack. She looked up at him and saw the calm in his eyes and felt a little better. He led her to their walk-in closet and started rummaging through drawers to find some underwear, her most comfortable pair of yoga pants, and one of his old Harvard hoodies.

He removed her towel, helped her put on her panties and her bra, pulled up her pants and paused for a couple seconds to rub his hands over Lizzie's swollen belly. He smiled at her and she calmed down even more. He slipped his hoodie over her torso, chuckling internally at how tight it was around her. Before she was pregnant, she always looked like she was being swallowed alive by his hoodie.

He snapped back to reality when Lizzie started talking. "OH MY GOD! I have to call my mom! And Jane! And Charlotte! And Lydia! And Gigi! They need to be here! Will!", Lizzie began panicking again. Darcy grabbed Lizzie's hands, kissed them, and told her, "One thing at a time, my darling." He took his cell phone out of his pocket, and called Mrs. Reynolds, while he grabbed the packed hospital bags for Lizzie.

"Mrs. Reynolds, I need for you to call Dr. Woodhouse and let her know that Lizzie's water has broken and we are en route to the hospital. I also need you to book the first flights out for Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and Lydia, and send a cab to take them to the airport. We will alert the rest of the family ourselves.", Darcy instructed calmly.

"Consider it done, sir. And may I offer my congratulations to you and Mrs. Darcy.", Mrs. Reynolds said excitedly over the phone. "Darcy smiled and said "Thank you. Please e-mail the confirmations.", Darcy replied happily and hung up. He handed his cell phone to Lizzie and said "Call your mother.", as he grabbed the rest of their things and looked for Lizzie's cell phone to put in her hospital bag. He finally found it and said "I will be back for you shortly, my love.", as he headed out the door of their bedroom and to the car. "MOM! My water broke!", Lizzie exclaimed to her Mother.

"OH MY GOODNESS! THOMASSS! OH MY, MY! MY SECOND GRANDBABY IS ON ITS WAY! PRAISE THE LORD! THOMASSS!", Mrs. Bennet yelled to her husband. Lydia practically fell down the stairs when she heard her mother.

"What?! The baby is coming? But I thought it was supposed to be next week? Is something wrong?", Lydia panicked.

Lizzie was listening to all the commotion and said "No! NO! Everything is fine!".

Darcy returned and asked Lizzie to hand him the phone. He feared all this would affect her negatively. "Mrs. Bennet… Mrs. Bennet! Calm down. We purchased tickets for the first flights out and a car should be on its way to take you all to the airport. Please get ready…. Yes I am overjoyed as well…. Thank you. I hope I can do half as well as you did with Lizzie. We'll see you later Mrs. Bennet."

Lizzie teared up at the compliment her husband paid her and the fact that pretty soon her baby will be in her arms and they will be responsible for raising him or her to be a good person.

"Do not cry, Lizzie.", Darcy said as he stroked her cheek and wiped her tears. He placed a short, sweet kiss on her lips and handed her the phone. "Here, call the Lees and see if they'd like to come. And then, don't forget to call Charlotte, Gigi, and Fitz. She nodded. Darcy then picked her up and carried her all the way to the car. She had gained 50 lbs with their baby but Darcy had no difficulty picking her up.

Memories of other times he's carried like that came rushing to his mind. The first time was years ago, when Lizzie was finishing up her vlogs. Another time was when he carried her across the threshold of their hotel room when they were on their honey moon. More recently, though, he carried her from their home theater to their bed. She had fallen asleep during their weekly movie night. She had been doing that a lot lately. "Being pregnant is hard work!", had always been her excuse the next morning.

Darcy got to the car, set Lizzie down gently, and helped her into the passenger seat. He buckled her seat belt and ran to the driver's side. He buckled up and they left their estate. It was a half hour drive to the hospital and he hoped Lizzie wouldn't be uncomfortable on the way.

Lizzie was far from uncomfortable. She wasn't in too much pain. She experienced a dull aching in her lower back and hips that would come and go, but nothing too severe. She called Jane as soon as Darcy gave her his phone back in their bedroom. "Jane! It's me, Lizzie! My water broke!" and Jane squealed so loud that Lizzie had to pull the phone away from her ear. She looked apologetically at Darcy, who was carrying her down the stairs at the time. He didn't even notice; he was in his thoughts.

"I know you and Bing are busy with little Charles, but it would really mean a lot to us if you guys could come! Pleaseeeee my lovely, perfect, beautiful big sister! Come help your baby sister have her baby, sister!", Lizzie whined and begged jokingly.

"Of course, Lizzie. No need to ask! I would have come regardless. I'll let Bing know. Congratulations, Lizzie. You are going to be a wonderful mother.", Jane reassured her. Lizzie got all teary-eyed again, said goodbye and after calming down a little, proceeded to call Charlotte.

"Since-fetuses bestie! Guess what! My kid decided to pop out early!", she said animatedly. Charlotte choked on her drink and gasped, "What?! Do I have a niece or nephew?!" Lizzie laughed and corrected her, "No! He or she is not here yet. My water broke not too long ago and Will and I are on the way to the hospital!"

Charlotte replied, "Oh ok. That better be the case. I would've killed you if you waited until after to let me know. I'll be sure to tell my parents and Maria! I'll fly out in a couple of weeks. By then, the Lu-Collins, Inc. should be done with these meetings with foreign investors. Keep me updated, OK bestie?". Lizzie said, "Sure thing, Char!" and hung up with Charlotte as Darcy was helping her into the car.

They were on the road already when she called Gigi. She put the call on speaker so Darcy could listen in. Gigi was ecstatic, of course. "I'm on my way! I'll let James know and then I'll catch the next flight out. See! I knew I shouldn't have left San Fran until after my niece was born!", Gigi complained. "No way, Gigi. You can't use our kid as an excuse to not move in with your boyfriend. And besides we won't know if it's a boy or a girl yet!", Lizzie laughed. Darcy looked over and was glad to see her smile.

Next up was Fitz. Lizzie decided to give Darcy the honor of breaking the news to Fitz. They left the phone on speaker. "Yo Darcy, my main lobster! What's crackin!", Fitz answered.

Lizzie laughed at him and Darcy smirked, answering, "You still insist on that nickname? Even though I have improved my social skills?... We'll discuss this further another time because I have wonderful news. Lizzie and I are going to be parents sooner than was expected."

Fitz screamed "WHAT?! The next Darcy is already on its way! I knew that little man was gonna take after his father. 'On time is late, and early is on time.' Ha!"

Darcy chuckled, agreeing with Fitz on that point. "It's too bad you and Brandon are not in the country. I never knew adopting would be this time-consuming. We would have really enjoyed you being here.", Darcy lamented.

"It's all good! We'll see the little Darcy when we get back in a couple weeks. This baby that we want is worth it. She's beautiful… Oh wait. I'm getting a call from our adoption intermediary. Send me a pic of the little Junior when he gets here!".

Darcy agreed and looked over at Lizzie. She looked beautiful and was smiling from ear to ear wile she rubbed her belly. He took his free hand and held hers while they drove in peaceful silence to the hospital.

Point I want to clear up: There is a span of about a little over an hour between Lizzie's water breaking and them arriving at the hospital. The shock, getting ready to go, the phone calls, and the drive to the hospital are not like hours long or anything. So it's totally plausible that she isn't giving birth in this chapter.

Questions answered in the next chapter: Will the family members make it on time to experience the birth? Will the delivery go smooth? Is the first-born child going to be a boy or a girl?

Edit- 07 July, 2013: I went back and separated the text more. A reader mentioned it and I completely forgot about it. I always meant to go back and edit but I never did. Now I have and hopefully it's easier to read.