An Epilogue of Sorts

Since the Darcys were in the public eye, Lizzie decided to vlog her life again so that her fans wouldn't have to buy magazines to find out about her. She had started after the twitter leak of her son's picture, and decided it was the best way to handle being in the spotlight. The vlogs were now weekly and consisted of updates on her family and life; especially Ben- everyone wanted to know about him.

The videos also served as a shared hobby for Lizzie and Darcy. He helped her film and edit the videos and, when Charlotte came to visit, she would take his place.

Time flew and the little guy's birthday neared. Lizzie was on her YouTube channel looking back at old videos. She could see the changes her baby had gone through, and now here he was, about to turn one year old. She was getting emotional and she didn't know it, but they were a result of some new hormones that were now coursing through her body.

Little Benjamin's 1st birthday party had been a complete success. The family gathered together again like they had for his birth and they had a great time. Well, most of them anyway. Lizzie was terribly sick a large portion of the time.

"Are you feeling any better Lizzie?", asked Jane worriedly from outside the door.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just feeling a little light-headed. No big deal. Really.", Lizzie replied while leaning over the sink in the bathroom.

Darcy was not oblivious to his wife's chronic bathroom breaks for the past couple of weeks, and was starting to worry. After they sang 'Happy Birthday' to Ben and cut his cake, Darcy pulled Lizzie aside and expressed his concern.

"Lizzie, we're going to the doctor tomorrow. No excuses.", he said authoritatively. Whenever he pulled that tone of voice, Lizzie always argued back saying that she wasn't a child, but she also wanted to know what was going on so she just nodded.

A couple weeks after the birthday party, Lizzie wanted to video chat with everyone at the same time. She sent a mass text message to her parents, Charlotte, Gigi, Fitz, Bing and Jane, and Lydia (who had since moved out of her parent's house and is currently living with the boyfriend she had been hiding the previous year).

"I'm featuring you guys in my vlog and I want to record you all on the computer. It's really quick, I promise!" -Lizzie D.

Once everyone agreed, they all were connected on Lizzie's computer screen.

"Hi, everyone!", Lizzie said excitedly as she sat on a bench in front of her desktop. Darcy, who was seated next to her with Benjamin on his lap, waved to them. After all the salutations were exchanged, Lizzie cleared her throat and began speaking.

"So, I'm using you guys for my video this week, we wanted to tell you all something and record your reactions."

Everyone was curious and all mumbled for her to go on. She looked over at Darcy who was holding her hand on the bench, out of view from the webcam. He was smiling reassuringly and so was Ben. He didn't know why his parents were smiling but he smiled, too. Especially after he caught sight of his cousin Charles on Jane and Bing's video.

"I'm uhh… we're umm… William and I are…", she said and couldn't continue. She was too filled with emotion and began tearing up.

Darcy took it upon himself to finish her sentence for her.

"Well, everyone. Lizzie and I are expecting our second child.", he said proudly.

The reactions were what you would expect: an ecstatic Mrs. Bennet screaming about more grandbabies, a squealing Gigi and Fitz, a supportive Jane, and a not-surprised Charlotte. "I knew it!", was her only response.

"My name is Lizzie Darcy, and I have some great news!" *cue theme music*

"So I know I haven't done a video using my old intro since my video diary ended, but I figured today is a special occasion, so why not? What's the occasion you ask? Roll the clip, Will!"

She showed footage of them telling their family and then continued.

"See? If this isn't great news then I don't know what is. I'm about three months along and-"

Lizzie was interrupted by Benjamin, out-of-frame, who was making his way to his mother with unsteady steps. He fell on his bottom a couple of times before he reached her and said, "Ma-ma."

Lizzie pulled him up onto her lap and said to him, "That's right, Ben. I'm mommy and you are gonna be a big brother!". She put his hand on her belly.

Darcy knocked on the door frame to announce his arrival.

"Look who's home from work, Ben! Who is that?!", Lizzie asked him excitedly and he yelled "Da-da!" and clapped his hands.

Darcy walked over and kissed Lizzie on the forehead and picked up Ben. He threw the baby in the air and caught him, causing him to giggle like crazy.

"Call mommy.", whispered Darcy to Ben.

He obliged and yelled, "Ma-ma!".

"Well guys, I think that's my cue to go. See you all next week!" *cue theme music*

That's the end of this story guys! It felt appropriate to me to end "The First Dizzie Baby" with an announcement of the second lol.

But thank you all so much for reading! This story was all over the place lol but it was fun. My first successfully completed multi-chaptered fic.


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