Where Our Hearts Yearns to be

Chapter 1

"When you look Long into an Abyss, the abyss looks into you" – Nietzsche

Mar Sara

Once a planet rich in resources and booming with life, Mar Sara is now but a barren wasteland emitting an eerie orange glow. On the surface of the planet, a streak of light in the sky can be seem miles away in the dead of night. A terran shuttle has entered the orbit and softly landed on the edge of a canyon that covered the planets surface.

It has been a year since Nova Terra's last visit to Mar Sara. As she set foot on the planets surface, she remembered the fury of bullets and the scream of men that pulsated throughout the night in her last visit to retake Vespene Refinery BF 1138 from the Zerg. There will be no zerg this time. The reborned queen of blades has taken all of her minions back to Char after the fall of Korhal and the death of emperor Mengsk. Valerian, the son of the egoistic maniac emperor, has taken over the dominion and is trying to restore order with the help of Raynor's raiders lead by the notorious terrorist turned liberator of man, Jim Raynor.

Nova's blood boils with thoughts of the arrogant, the laidback and the sarcastic demeanor that Raynor carries about him. She really resent this man, even if he did liberate the dominion from the tyranny of Arturus Mengsk and prevented the annihilation of mankind in the Koprulu sector at the wrath of the zerg.

"Remember Nova, you are to find Jim and protect him with the uttermost respect. I can assure you that it is in your best interest to do so. If it wasn't for Raynor, Kerrigan would most definitely let her minions run wild in Korhal and finish the job." said Valerian as he turn his back to her.

"We have to make sure he is safe so that the Queen of Blades doesn't change her mind."

Utilizing the cover of the night, Nova moved swiftly to the small settlement. Mar Sara has been devastated by both the protoss and the zerg over the last decade. It is surprising that people would even try to recolonize this waste of a planet. Nova kept moving until one particular building caught her attention. Loud music can be heard and bright lights emitting from the windows. Inside, rugged men can be seem drinking and speaking loudly to one another, laughing happily and conversing away as women in skimpily clad cloth serve them drinks. One man slid his hand up the servers dress and received a slap in the face followed by the howling laughter of his friends.

Nova opened the door and walked into the bar, chatters died down as all the men's attentions were on her, eyeing her from head to toe as if they were undressing her with their eyes. Nova didn't care, she is used to man ravaging her with their gaze.

One of the man drunkenly stagger towards her and said "what's a sweet little lady like you doing all the way out here in these parts?"

Nova ignored him and proceeds to move past him. Taking her cold shoulder as insult, the drunk man moved to grab her wrist.

"Hey missy, I am talking to…" before he could finish, he was thrown across the room.

Silence ensued with the exception of the music being played in the background until one man spoke up and said "she's one of them ghost, look at her visor."

The group of man started yelling "You are not welcomed here!"

As they made their advance toward tiled her head down and let her bands fall in front of her face, smirking and thinking to herself. "Ohh, this is going to be fun."

Its been a week now since Nova has landed in Mar Sara. Each day was spent trying to locate Raynor. As she walked into another bar, the chattered died down and men began making silly advances at her.

"Why are all man such pigs?" thought Nova to herself as she broke the wrist of a man who tried to grab her butt.

This is the 4th bar she had been to and still no Jim Raynor. This man wasn't even trained in the ghost program and he was giving her so much grieve in trying to locate him.

"another reason to dislike him" thought Nova as she smiled to herself after she had finished taking care of the rough man of this settlement who now lays on the floor, beaten and ego bruised. Nova sat at the bar by herself and ordered a cold drink. There really should be no reason to hate him. He did save her when they were in the Valerian's facility that held Kerrigan for examination.

Flashback ~

"Take your best shot Blondie!" said Raynor as they stand at a face off.

Nova knew she had him, she is one of the best shooters and the fastest trigger in the dominion. As they stand facing each other, waiting for the inevitable face off. Nova was focused, ready and determined to bring Raynor down. Just as she raised her rifle at Raynor, he sprints towards her. She pulled the trigger and it hit him in the shoulder, but not before Raynor pushed her out of the way of Hydralisk's carapace that shot through the air where her head was. As she tumble to the ground, she fired three shots into the head of the hydralisk, killing it immediately. After she regained her sense, she quickly rushed to Raynor's side and said " What the hell were you thinking?!"

Jim laughed while coughing and choked out words that stunned her. "Just doing …what's right."

End of flashback.

She hates him, she hates the fact that he saved her. As she downs another glass of water at the bar, she could feel her eyes fighting the desire to shut. It wasn't as if she wasn't sleeping, ghosts were trained to stay up for weeks in their mission. Her legs suddenly feel heavy and weary, her head starts to spin.

"what … is going .. on?" stuttered as Nova staggered out of her seat by the bar and tried to walk out the bar.

Three men came out of no way and grabbed her, smiling evilly.

"Guess ghost are human after all huh?" blurted out one of the man as he picked up her cup by the bar and shook it infront of her face.

She had been drugged! How could she had been so foolish! The barmaid was working with the man in this bar. She could hear the laughter of the men as they hover above her body. Getting closer and closer to her face.. suddenly, she felt warm liquid on her face… and the scream of her captor. Being in and out of consciousncess, she could feel that someone was gently picking her up… she felt safe in this person's arm…and she was being placed into a vehicle. She could feel the warmth of the Mar Sara sunlight on her face as the vehicle took off. She is fighting with all her might to open her eyes to see her savior…if she could just try a little harder.. to push those eye lids open.. just to see her saviors face.. but when she did open them… the bright Mar Sara sun cast a silhouette on her savior… the last thing that she remember before she lost consciousness was hearing the voice of someone that she dreaded to hear.

"Take it easy now Blondie, I got ya.."

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