Where Our Hearts Yearns to be

Chapter 8

"It is only in love and murder that we still remain sincere" Friedrich Durrenmatt

Mar Sara

Sarah couldn't help but let out a blissful sigh as she watched Jim snore slightly in his sleep. She has been extremely giddy since last night. She placed her hands on her lips as she savor the intensity of the kiss that Jim and her shared last night and the vow he made to her.

"…. I will love you til the end of time Sarah Louise Kerrigan, don't you ever forget that" Jim gasped after he broke away from their kiss to catch their breath.

As they lay on the branch of the Oak tree outside his cabin, the queen of blades is curled into a tiny ball within the arm of the man she loves more than life itself. Her wings wrapped around the couple in a protective embrace. The rays of the Mar Saran sun slowly emerge from the horizon and a spectacular array of orangey reddish light illuminated the blue sky. She lifted her head slightly to capture the beautiful light show that was on full display.

"beautiful" whispered the queen of blade and the man of her dreams in unison.

Their eyes met and a wave of tranquility washed over the human-zerg couple.

"I wish I could wake up to the beautiful sunrise with you by my side every day." Whispered Sarah as she doodled on Jim's chest.

"I didn't mean the sunrise was beautiful, I meant YOU are beautiful" said Jim as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

If it was possible for zerg to blush, Sarah Kerrigan was then definitely blushing. "You don't mean that..I am horribly disfigured right now."

Jim turned her head to face him. "Sarah, don't look at yourself through your eyes, see yourself through mine."

"I know what you see Jim… but you can't possibly find me physically attractive like this" whined Sarah.

"You offended me Sarah" Jim said in mock disgust. "I thought you know me better than that."

Sensing Jim's playfulness, Sarah said "Well. Mister.. remember that one time? In antiga prime?"


Jim sighed in defeat as he buried his face into her neck and kiss it softly.

Sarah giggled and moaned into his ear, "don't think you can drop the subject by distracting me"

"Oh… Sarah.. you underestimate me" whispered Jim into her ears which send shivers down her spine.

Sarah started to pant heavily as Jim's kisses made their way to her lips.

How did he get so good with his kisses?

Just before he kisses her lips, he moved an inch from her face and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I love you" Jim breathed as Sarah felt his hot breath on her face. Just as he was about to lean in…


Nova woke up with a bright smile. She now understands what she really wants. She wants Jim Raynor.

She made her way into the kitchen with resolve to find the man that captured her heart and found the kitchen lifeless.

It was empty and his bottle of liquid indulgence sits on the kitchen table sparkling from the ray of the sun.

As Nova made her way outside, the bright sun caused her to squint and she could hear Jim's voice although she wasn't able to see him.

Nova uttered his name with her hands over top of her eyes, trying to better locate the source of his voice.

She was greeted by the claws of the queen of blades aiming for her throat.

Nova instinctively dodges to the left as Sarah's hand missed her throat by mere inches.

"Kerrigan!" Nova shouted as she shaped her psionic blade on her left hand. "What did you do to Jim!"

"What did I do to him?" snarled Kerrigan with menace.

"YOU GAVE HIS LIFE AWAY TO MENGSK AND ALMOST GOT HIM KILLED" as Sarah launched herself towards Nova.

Although Nova was a class 10 ghost, she was no match for the queen of blades as Sarah lay on top of her with one hand holding both of Nova's hand above her head and her other hand pulled back, ready to strike.

Nova closed her eyes, ready for the finishing blow.

"SARAH! STOPPP!" yelled Jim as he tumbled out of the tree.

Seeing Jim land on his ass made Sarah worry as she quickly let go of the helpless ghost underneath her and rush to his side.

"Are you ok?" Sarah grabbed a hold of Jim's arm as she helped him up.

"I may not be as young as I used to be" Jim chuckled as he brushed himself off "But these old bones can still take a beating"

Nova made her way to Jim and grabbed him on the other arm as they help him get up.

If looks could kill, Nova would have died a thousand deaths as Sarah shot daggers at ghost with her eyes.

"Well.. ain't I living every man's dream with two beautiful gals all over the helpless ol' me" Jim trying to break the tension with no avail.

"You are not funny.." Sarah muttered as she turned her back towards Nova "What the hell are you doing here!"

"I am here under the order of Valerian to protect and serve commander Raynor until he is ready to return to duty" Nova said as she clings onto Jim's arms.

"So you are Mengsk's dog, doing his biddings" hissed Kerrigan

"And you are a heartless monster that killed millions" barked back Nova

Both women turned to face each other, ready to settle the score.

Just as they were about to attack one another again, Jim fell to the ground.

Both women's aggression evaporated and quickly turned into affection as they both hurdled around the fallen man.

Kerrigan picked Jim up while Nova opened the door and directed the queen of blades to Jim's room in the cabin.

Nova went to get Jim some water while Kerrigan laid Jim on his bed, she placed a hand on his fore head and instantly knew Jim was faking it.

She hit him on the chest and Jim let out a cough.

"I think you should take up a job in acting after your days as a commander is over" muttered Kerrigan as she surveys the room.

"Well… How else was I suppose to get two of the most powerful women in the universe to stop fighting?" smiled Jim as he laid on the bed.

"And you got some explaining to do!" Kerrigan glared at Jim "Why was she sleeping on YOUR BED?"

"Is this the reason why you got so good at kissing?" questioned Sarah as she looks at Jim suspiciously

"Sarah, I've always been a good kisser…" Joked Jim as her glaze turned cold.

Cold sweat starts to drip down Jim's forehead as she slowly move towards him.

Jim gulped.

This is going to be a LONG day.

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