"I'll race you!" Elrohir laughed back to his twin. He encouraged his horse to speed up and watched as Elladan did the same. Soon they were flying through the forest. Elrohir laughed as he felt the familiar sensation rush through him. He loved riding, especially at high speed when it seemed as though him and his horse melted together.

Bit by bit he lost Elladan, who wasn't as good a rider. He didn't speed down though, he wasn't afraid they wouldn't be able to find each other afterwards. Their bond assured both of them that they would be able to reunite.

Suddenly Elrohir spotted something laying a small way away from the path. Abruptly he pulled his horse in that direction, as they neared Elrohir saw that it was a person, human from the looks of it. Before the horse had even stopped fully Elrohir jumped off its back and ran over to the human.

He abandoned all caution and reluctance he may have had when he saw that the human was either dead or nearing it. Kneeling beside him he checked his pulse. It was weak, but it was there.

At that moment Elladan came into the same clearing Elrohir was in. He quickly surveyed the situation, then descended from his horse and walked over to Elrohir.

"Can you grab my bag?" Elrohir asked. He didn't even need to turn around to know that it was Elladan behind him.

Elladan went over and picked up Elrohir's bag before sitting down next to him.


Elrohir got out all his medical gear and began treating the man's wounds. He had a head wound and also a stab wound to the stomach. From what Elrohir could see the man had laid there for some time.

Elrohir had been the one of the twins to inherit their fathers healing abilities, specifically the ability to transfer healing energy into another person. It allowed him to help heal or strengthen a person. His talent for it was even larger that Elrond's. Elladan also had the ability, but it was very weak in comparison.

Elrond had taught Elrohir everything about healing, while Elladan, although having had more than just basic healing lessons, had concentrated on the sword.

Elladan helped Elrohir by boiling some water in preparation for cleaning the wound in the man's stomach. Elrohir mixed several herbs into the water before beginning to clean the wound.

Elladan watched soundlessly as Elrohir worked on first cleaning the wound then bandaging it. He than moved to the wound on the man's head and inspected it.

From the serious look on Elrohir's face, Elladan knew that the man wasn't in any good condition. Elrohir sat quietly for some minutes thinking, when he then looked up at Elladan, he knew what Elrohir was going to ask him. There was a gentle, serious and inquiring look in Elrohir's eyes; he wanted to transfer energy to the man. Elladan sighed, why did Elrohir even ask him when he knew that he would do it even if he said yes or no? No matter what Elrohir would, if it was within his limit, help anyone who was placed before him.

Elladan smiled at his brother, "You can do what you want Ro, but if you find out that he is beyond your help then pull back. I'll be right here."

Elrohir smiled as well, "Thanks. Don't worry Elladan." He then placed one of his hands on the man's brow and the other on the wound in his stomach. Closing his eyes in deep concentration his slowed his breathing and entered a somewhat trancelike state. He slowly began channeling his energy to the man.

Elladan kept completely quiet, knowing that he shouldn't break Elrohir's concentration. He watched silently as Elrohir paled bit by bit his energy going to the man. He took the man's wrist in his hand and felt, as his pulse grew stronger, at the same time he felt Elrohir's energy run through him warmly. He withdrew his hand not wanting to receive some of the energy Elrohir was giving to the man.

Finally Elrohir opened his eyes and looked at Elladan. To any others it wouldn't have seemed as though Elrohir had changed, but Elladan knew his twin well and he could see that Elrohir was weakened somewhat.

"We should probably take him to Rivendell so Ada can give him proper treatment." Elrohir said, "I hadn't expected that this would be the end of our hunting trip."

"Me neither." Elladan answered, "But it was a good thing we came upon him when we did or else he would have died. Do you want me to take him?"

Elrohir shook his head. "I would like to watch his condition and continue to give him energy till I know he is stable."

"Are you okay Elrohir?" Elladan asked.

"I'm fine." Elrohir huffed, "I'm used to giving more than this. Seriously Elladan, you don't have to worry I'm fine."

Both of them stood up and walked over to the horses. Elrohir strapped his bag back on the saddle and guided his horse over to the unconscious man.

"I'll lift him up to you." Elladan said and came over. After Elrohir had mounted his horse Elladan hoisted the man up in front of him.

Elladan mounted as well and they were off going at a lower speed now that they had a wounded passenger. Elladan couldn't help but glance at Elrohir periodically to see how he was managing, but nothing could be seen on the younger twin's expression.


"How far from home are we?" Elrohir asked, "An hour?"

Elladan looked around and then answered, "yeah, something like that." It was getting dark.

Elrohir slowed down a bit and felt the man's pulse. Frowning he then checked the bandages around his stomach and saw that there was fresh blood on them. Elrohir doubled the amount of energy he was sending the man so he would be able to withstand the movement of the horse. Trusting he horse to guide him Elrohir zoned in and out of attentiveness.

It was nightfall when they reached Rivendell. Few words had been said between them throughout the journey home, as Elrohir had been preoccupied. As they came to a halt before the stables Elladan dismounted and Elrohir passed the man down to him before dismounting himself.

Elrohir took the man from Elladan again and said, "I'll take him to the healing ward. Will you take care of the horses?"

"Sure." Elladan answered, "I'll meet you there when I'm done."

Elrohir nodded and then hurried off to the healing ward. As he entered the room another healer came over to him. It was Nestor.

"Elrohir?" Nestor asked, "Both you and Elladan are home? Who do you have there?"

Elrohir laid the man on one of the beds before turning to answer him. "Yeah, Elladan will be here in a few minutes. We came upon this man on the way here. He's wounded, head wound and a stab wound to the stomach. I've kept him stable, but he needs further treatment."

Nestor nodded, it wasn't something new that Elrohir came back with various wounded people. From the looks of it Elrohir had done more than just keep him stable, but Nestor wasn't about to point that out to him, as he knew that Elrohir knew that already. Elrohir was modest; he probably didn't even need his help.

Nestor went over to the man and checked him over. Then he and Elrohir began treating the man together. Elladan came in and joined them moments after.

Nestor noticed that Elrohir was slightly pale and knew that he had transferred some of his energy to the man. They were almost done treating the man.

"I can do the rest by myself Elrohir." Nestor said, "You should rest."

Elrohir looked thoughtfully at Nestor, but nodded. Nestor handed him a cup of tea. Elrohir took a sip of it and watched as Nestor started to stitch the wound together. It was the tea they usually gave him after he had transferred energy, strengthening. Elrohir immediately felt it warm his body.

"Thank you Nestor." Elrohir said.

Elladan got up from the chair he was currently sitting in and walked over to Elrohir. "We should probably tell Ada that we're home." He said.

Elrohir nodded and followed him out of the room.

"Ada will be sleeping won't he?" Elrohir asked, "Do we really need to wake him?"

"Remember the last time we didn't wake him and tell him we came home?" Elladan said, "He gave us a lecture about the worries of a father. It took an hour for him to beat it into our heads that we should wake him every time we get home so he could stop worrying and sleep properly."

Both Elladan and Elrohir shuddered in remembrance, but then smiled at each other. They were home. They rounded the corner and walked to their father's room.

They opened the door quietly and walked over to the bed. Elrond woke up when both of them sat down on the bed.

"You're back." He stated smiling.

"We're back." The twins grinned.

Elrond sat up and they hugged him tightly.

"You're not injured?" Elrond asked, "How did the trip go?"

"Nope." Elladan answered, "No injuries. The trip went well, except there wasn't much to hunt. We came upon an injured man on the way home." At this Elrond looked at Elrohir. "He was close to death, but we got him to Rivendell alive. He is currently in the healing ward.

Elrohir had closed his eyes tiredly and listened to Elladan's explanation while drinking his tea. It felt good to sit down, but now that he did he didn't want to stand back up.

He opened his eyes again and found that both Elrond's and Elladan's eyes were on him. He rolled his eyes at their worried and searching looks.

Elladan stood up from the bed and held his hand out to Elrohir. When Elrohir took it he pulled him up until he was standing. He kept hold of his hand.

"We'll go sleep." Elladan said, "Good night Ada."

"Good night Elladan. Good night Elrohir. I'll make sure no one disturbs you."

Elladan and Elrohir walked from the room and to theirs on the other side of the hall. They entered Elrohir's room and Elladan guided Elrohir over to sit down on the bed while he found his nightclothes. Elrohir just let his brother take control.

"Do you need something? Food?" Elladan asked.

"No." Elrohir answered, "I'll be fine after I've slept for a while." He then downed the rest of the tea and placed the cup on his bedside table or that was what he meant to instead he placed it halfway over the edge and the cup toppled to the floor.

Elladan looked back at the sound of the cup breaking and hurried over to Elrohir, who was on the ground picking up the broken shards of porcelain. He studied Elrohir while helping clean up. He was obviously worse off than Elladan had thought. His hands were trembling slightly as he picked up to pieces.

"Sorry…" Elrohir muttered.

"It doesn't matter. Are you okay Ro?"

Elrohir looked at him and answered, "I must have given him more than I realized at the moment. Or else Nestor put some sleeping herbs in the tea he gave me."

"Do you think Nestor would do that?"

"I don't know." Elrohir said and stood up. He walked over to his bag and pulled a small piece of lembas from his pouch. He ate it and then drank some water.

Elladan handed him his nightclothes and Elrohir began undressing. Feeling the weight lift off him as he removed his sword and cloak. His hands moved slowly as they undid the buttons in his tunic.

He knew he was dirty after a week out in the wild, but he couldn't even think about taking a bath at the moment, he could barely change. It would have to wait till morning.

Elladan was still sitting on the bed watching him without making a move to go to his own room. Elrohir looked completely drained as he pulled the nightshirt over his head and climbed onto the bed. Elrohir's arms encircled him from behind and he drew him into a hug while resting his chin on Elladan's shoulder.

"Good night Elladan." Elrohir murmured tiredly.

Elladan laughed lightly and squeezed Elrohir's hand. "You can't fall asleep on me." Elladan exclaimed, "You have to lie down."

Elrohir huffed and moved away from Elladan to lie down on the bed. Elladan turned around and watched as Elrohir tried to force his eyes to remain focused.

Elladan brushed Elrohir's hair way from his forehead and said, "Sleep little brother. You need it."

"Little brother…" Elrohir muttered annoyed under his breath. There was a smile on his face though as he fell asleep.

Elladan then stood up and picked up the broken shards of the teacup and walked out the door. He walked back to the healing ward where Nestor was still caring for the human.

Nestor looked up as he came into the room, he eyed the broken cup in Elladan's hand. "Elrohir's asleep? What happened to the cup?" He asked.

"Yeah, he's asleep." Elladan answered with a smile, "Elrohir dropped the cup. Did you put sleeping herbs into the tea?"

Nestor raised his eyebrow, "Not much. Certainly not enough for him to drop a teacup, but I guess combined with his exhaustion… He didn't hurt himself, did he?"

"No he's fine. It would have been nice with a warning though. Something could have happened." Elladan said strictly.

"I apologize lord Elladan." Nestor said, "It was unwise of me. I'll warn you next time."

"Thank you. Was the cup special?"

"No. Here let me take it." Nestor said and stretched his hand to take the cup. Elladan gave it to him.

Elladan was just about to leave when he stopped and looked at the human on the bed. He was still unconscious. "When do you think he will wake?" Elladan asked.

"I'm uncertain because of his head wound, but Elrohir seems to have given him a lot of means to fight so I expect that it won't be long. Maybe tomorrow."

Elladan nodded and then went back to his room. He changed, took a bath and then went to bed. He laid awake for some time thinking about his twin.

He could hear Elrohir breathing slowly from the room beside his own. He had left the door between their rooms stand open so he could see his brother from where he was.

It wasn't the first time Elrohir had been exhausted after using his healing ability, but it wasn't the worst time either. He remembered once where Elrohir had been so pale that it was beginning to look almost grey. He hadn't quite collapsed, but Elladan had had to support him to his room.

He had once been jealous of Elrohir for having such a great ability, but Elladan had seen first-rate what a responsibility it was and how it affected Elrohir. Of course Elrohir had the ability to help others when they were hurt, but he was also over the years faced with the pain of not being able to help people who were already too far gone.

Once, when Elrohir had informed an elf's family that he couldn't help their son, they had cursed him and shouted at him, their grief turning to anger. He had been their last resort.

It had torn Elrohir apart to hear it. He had just stood there while the accusations rained on his shoulders. His eyes had darkened and he had done nothing to defend himself when the elf's mother had slapped him across the cheek.

Elladan had found him an hour later in his room. His cheek had still been red, but even though his eyes were broken there had been no tears running down his cheeks. He had been there when the elf had drawn in his last breath and he had seen the grief-consumed parents break down at his bedside.

Elladan sighed and ran his hand over his eyes. He slowly let his mind relax and his thoughts turn blank. He was tired so it didn't take long for him to drift to sleep.