Family Ties-Part II

*This is just a summary of the first part of the series. The true first chapter will be uploaded Monday, August 19th.

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**This story takes place roughly two weeks after the big breakup in "As You Were"

A/N: This is a very bare summary of the first part. I wrote this for those who have read it and want to be refreshed as to the goings on. A lot has been left out, however, and if you haven't read it before, I strongly suggest you read the first part, lest you miss important plot points and character attributes and behavior not mentioned in here.

What has happened so far…

Drinking on a hillside, lamenting Buffy casting him aside, Spike comes across a naked woman who looks very similar to Buffy. Sure that it is his love, Spike rushes the feverish woman to the Summers' place where he runs into Willow. They take care of the woman and Tara comes by briefly, and leaves to pick up Dawn. Buffy comes upon Willow and Spike in her room in time to see the woman kiss Spike on the cheek. She turns to Willow and is attacked by the woman who glares at her with hatred before falling into Spike's arms, still weak. They all have questions as to why she not only looks like Buffy but appears to hate the slayer as well.

Changing out of her work clothes in Willow's room, Buffy is approached by a flirtatious Spike who realizes that she was jealous of the kiss. When Willow leaves to see to Tara and Dawn downstairs, Spike puts the moves on Buffy, who can't seem to resist. She admits that she really believes he loves her and that she is scared of feeling. Lost in their groping, they fail to notice Tara come up the steps. As Buffy leaves, embarrassed, Tara teases Spike before following the blonde slayer. Spike shakes his head, giddy at Buffy's semi-acceptance of his love and the strange behavior of Tara.

Meanwhile, a new stranger has entered the town. Going by the name of Seth, this vampire enters Willie's, wrecks shop, recruits a vamp to organize a hit party on the slayer. There, he meets up with two familiar faces, Rack and a woman by the name of Jennifer and they form an uneasy alliance, with Rack wanting Willow and Jennifer wanting Dawn.

Now all assembled (save for Anya) the Scoobies discuss the woman with the familiar face. As they are talking, she saunters down the steps, announcing that she is Faith Joyce Summers, Buffy's daughter.

She tells them that she is from the future, 40 something years and is also a slayer (with some vampiric traits). She tells how Buffy had a child by a vampire, but never says his name--everyone assumes it's Angel. She tells how Buffy is immortal and that a new warlock vampire by the name of Gabriel has all but taken over the world. She shows obvious affection for Spike and hatred for Buffy. Spike, not Angel, was the one whom she called father and she tells everyone that Buffy staked him. Buffy, Spike, Faith and Gabriel are linked by a prophecy and Gabriel can only be defeated by Faith. The problem is that Seth, his greatest warrior, is unbeatable due, in part by the Gift Gabriel bestowed upon Seth. The prophecy states that the only way to kill Seth is for the Mark that he carries to be disengaged by the one person who placed it on him…

Buffy and Spike go on a mission to find Faith's locket, her only way home, as well as the last vestige of her family together. They are attacked by the gang Seth put together and Spike almost gets staked. Finding that he isnt, Buffy ravages him and asks him to make love to her. They do in the woods and go back to his crypt where they go at it several more times. They have a discussion about feelings and Buffy is at war with herself, wanting to accept Spike while part of her is adamant about his history of killing. She realizes, however, how bad they have all treated him and she wants to make amends but is not sure how. Angst ensues as assumptions are made before Buffy makes Spike understand that he is a true friend. She also admits that she is glad that he loves her. With a surge of hope, he heads, hand in hand with his slayer, back to her house.

During Spike and Buffy's patrol, Faith went to talk to Dawn. She had told the Scoobies that Dawn was the woman, Emerald, who had sent her back. Dawn had disappeared when Faith was 10 and appeared years later, at the side of Gabriel. For an unknown reason, she sent Faith back, only telling her about different choices people may make if they know certain things. Dawn had thought that, since the Glory thing and now this, she was responsible for the death of her mother. Faith calms her and goes outside when she senses several demons. Putting a stop to them, she is accosted by Seth and is so terrified, she cannot fight back. Seth molests her and we find, later, that when she had been captured by Gabriel, he had raped her frequently. She tells this to Tara and Willow, after Seth takes Dawn to Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Seth about a ritual she needs to perform as the First with Dawn but never specifies. Upon further investigation, Seth sees Dawn and he knows that she is Emerald. He met Emerald before he was turned and was in love with her. They spent 9 months together before Emerald, fearing for Seth's life, brought him to Gabriel to be turned. He still wants to be with her but knows it's impossible. A history of their time together is told sporadically by use of flashbacks.

As Tara & Willow comfort her, Willow puts many of her observations about Faith together and realizes that it's Spike, and not Angel, that is her father. Buffy hears this and is shocked. Spike doesn't and when Faith and Buffy have a heart to heart, she begs Buffy not to tell because the prophecy said that if he does find out, he will die.

Upset at Dawn's kidnapping, Spike smokes outside where Tara confronts him. She sees through his guilt and self-pity and does not let him feel it. She tells him that he is not evil and things (buffy dying, Dawn kidnapped) are not his fault.

Leaving Spike to his own devices, Tara decides to stay and she gets to talking to Willow. They talk about their relationship. Tara lets Willow know that she will continue to make mistakes but she will have to deal with them and not take the easy way out. For the first time, Tara lets Willow know that, despite the redhead's actions, she is forgiven and that there may be greener pastures for the two of them just around the corner.

Feeling a little better, Spike enters the room and sees Buffy and Faith sleep on the floor together. He and Buffy talk for a minute before taking Faith upstairs. Faith tells Spike that he is a "Good Daddy and I love you." He and Buffy go to bed (after she asks him to stay) and talk and Buffy kisses Spike, thanking him for everything. They don't make love but nestle before trying to finish their earlier talk. She doesn't know where to go in life and Spike gives her confidence in the things that she can do, instead of focusing on what she can't do. During the talk, Buffy realizes that Spike still blames himself for her death. She alleviates his fears and tells him that she is proud of him. He cries in her arms, releasing the guilt he had pent-up for so long.

After an unpleasant run-in with Dawn where she singes his arm (she doesn't know how she did it) Seth realizes that it has been Gabriel all along keeping him from Emerald and he decides to change history.

Jennifer is so drawn to Seth and she doesn't know why. As she is pleasuring herself thinking about him, he comes in and helps her finish the job. Afterwards, she tells him that she, too, is Emerald. The Enjoining is what she wants to have with Dawn. She tells him how she is the First Evil--the harbourer of demon souls and Dawn is the First Light. The Enjoining will create the One. Their personalities will mesh within Dawn's body but Jennifer's essence will be in charge after a gestation period because she knows what she is doing and Dawn doesn't know how to defend against it.

As the first part comes to a close, several things become evident. Seth whispers three words to Jennifer and she returns his love plea. Tara realizes that time is short and those 'greener pastures' are right in front of her before she and Willow reconcile (hehe). Giles is on his way back, heart heavy from leaving Buffy as well as news of the prophecies that he carries. Buffy breaks down after realizing the danger that her sister is in and Spike is there to comfort her. Dawn feels in her spirit that, no matter what, after the ritual, nothing will ever be the same.

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**Note: There will be approximately 17 chapters in this part, definitely not as long as Part One. Hold on, because I have one doozy of a climax waiting.

Prophecies, Pacings & Pastries (Monday, August 19th)

My future Lover (Friday, August 23rd)

The Gang's All Here (Wednesday, August 28th)

***As I said before, this is a brief summary. There has been a lot of important information about the characters (and interactions) left out. Read Part One to get clued in on the other details.

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