Attn: Hi, I Had this idea in my head about this story and couldn't get it out of my head until I actually wrote it down and then decided to share it. Please let me know what you think and hope you can read it I have no clue how to write people writing on a computer in a story on here, lol.

"Do you want me to stay with you tonight?" Kurt Hummel asked his best friend and employer as he stood in her doorway. Santana Lopez shook her head already feeling exhaustion take over her body." I am just going to go to bed." Kurt nodded then said his goodbyes before he left to go to his own apartment across town.

Santana kicked off her boots, socks and then took off her pants before fallen face first on her bed. Lying on her stomach she found herself not being able to sleep. Sitting up irritated." Well damn." Santana complained not able to sleep. Her laptop sat closed beside her on her bed the only thing she saw that could possibly entertain her until she actually fell asleep. She usually didn't get on her twitter or Facebook letting her assistant post updates for her but she felt like reading some messages from her fans on her latest photo shoot she knew Kurt posted on her Facebook earlier. She was very pleased how the pictures came out and smiled as she saw most of her fans felt the same way as well. Looking through the comments she came upon one that for some reason caught her eye well more the profile picture did but the comment to a photo of her posing with a horse was very nice as well.

'Both the horse and you are beautiful.'

Santana wanted to thank her so she pushed reply but then for some reason she wanted to message her somehow. Pushing on the woman's profile picture she was memorized with how beautiful the blonde was in the picture. Amazingly the profile was not private and although she felt like she was invading the blonde's privacy even though her profile wasn't private she was able to look through the pictures of the girl's life. She seemed to have an oversize cat that appeared in more than half the pictures. There were pictures of about five young kids but right away she learned their names and that Brittany was their older sister from the captions and comments. Santana was wide awake now as she started a message to the stranger.

Thank you for the nice comment you left on my picture. The horse was very nice to shoot with, they called him Hammy. You're very beautiful as well. Santana Lopez

Pushing send she hoped the girl didn't think this was someone playing a trick on her. Requesting to be a friend she looked at the 'info' page to find out the girl lived in Utah and wasn't in any relationship that she cared to share on Facebook. The girls name was Brittany S. Pierce and she didn't seem to have a lot of friends but the ones she did have commented on her page daily especially these two people Noah Puckerman and Rachel Berry.

Santana was shocked when a notification popped up and Brittany had accepted her friend request then shortly after a message popped up from Brittany in the chat window.

B- 'Thank you for the message back you didn't have to write back but I am glad you did.'

Santana perked up.

S-" So what are you doing up at this time at night?"

She didn't know what time it was in Utah but she knew here in New York was almost one in the morning.

B-"This is the only time I get to be online."

Santana didn't know what that meant but she was willing to find out.

B-"Why aren't you asleep?"

Santana didn't know the answer but she wasn't going to let Brittany think she wasn't online still.

S-"I was so exhausted earlier by the time I got to lay down my body decided it wasn't time to go to sleep." 0_o

B-"Well I have to go I hope you can get some sleep."

Santana was surprised but more disappointed that she couldn't talk to the woman any longer.

S-"Ok, hope to talk to you again soon! Thank you I hope you have a good night too."


Santana closed her laptop after looking through their conversation one more time amazed she had never had such a easy conversation with someone in her whole life. There was no talk about her career or fame it was just simple. Smiling maybe she could get use to just simple even though her life was anything but that in reality.

So it began their one am Facebook messages to one another. Brittany was a mystery she would talk about everything around her but stayed away from too personal questions which confused Santana. She would answer anything Brittany would ask if she would only ask those kinds of questions. Brittany's questions were typically about the day and nothing more. She had asked Santana the farthest place she been from home? Santana had said Asia and Brittany was very impressed. Brittany had gone to Florida once but nothing since then she had answered when Santana turned the question on to her. They had been talking on Facebook for almost a month now and Santana wanted nothing more to meet Brittany in person.

S-"Can I get your phone number so we can text?"

She knew as soon as she pressed sent that this could go two ways; one being Brittany abides and gives Santana her number or two Brittany gets mad and doesn't talk to her anymore. Santana bit her fingernail as she waited for a response.

B-"you sure you want my number? You don't even know me. I mean we haven't even met in real life."

Santana giggled a little how innocent Brittany really was.

S-"once I get your number I will call you and you will see I am indeed who I say I am."

The response came a little longer than what Santana was anticipating but once it came Santana shrieked out loud excited. Brittany had given her, her phone number. Quickly grabbing her cell from her bed stand beside the bed she text Brittany hers. Not even a minute later Brittany text back with a smiling face.

B-"I have only one request you call me at this time and not during the day. You can text but I really don't know how to explain to you what it is I do during the day but I will one day."

Santana frowned at the weird request but of course she was going to respect the request.

S-"Anything you need B, could I ask you a request?"


S-"Please send me a couple pictures of you?"


Santana's smile widened larger as she looked through her phone for some good pictures she had that she wanted to send the blonde as she did that Brittany had wrote back that she had to go but that she would send the pictures shortly. Santana couldn't wait and she impatiently waited for three minutes until her screen lit up with a notification the number she hadn't saved yet had sent her a couple picture messages.

B-"Not good ones but the last one is from just now."

"Wow" Santana thought out loud as she looked at all three pictures. The first picture was of the blonde standing by a horse smiling widely. Santana was awed with the scene but the woman's blue eyes were gorgeous. Brittany was beautiful. She looked at the second one of the blonde sitting beside a brown haired man leaning her head on his shoulder. They looked like they were in a bedroom. Santana didn't like this guy already and she had never met him in her life. This feeling was new and it poked at her stomach as she looked at the two that seemed comfortable with one another. She knew what the emotion was but didn't even know why she was jealous over a picture? She had never even met Brittany in real life. The third picture was defiantly her favorite out of the three it was from tonight and the girl was beside her black laptop holding the phone up over her head and she was looking up at the camera smiling. She wore a black shirt that said 'cheerleader's rock' and a pair of short black shorts. She looked like she was in a barn by the hay lying on the ground in the picture. She was sitting in a white lawn chair and the computer was placed on a white patio table.

S- "You are beautiful Brittany."

Santana text Brittany back and right away the blonde text her back;

B-"Thank you now your turn"

Santana was happy the blonde wanted pictures of her too. As she selected the two pictures she had selected and sent them. Taken a picture of herself in her bed she also sent that one so they both have a very recent photo. Right away she got a text from Brittany complimenting her on her looks and thanking her for the pictures. After a goodnight text Santana lay back in bed and stared at the blonde's picture hoping somewhere in Utah the blonde was looking at her pictures as well.