Thank you for sticking with me through this whole story. I am sorry about the long wait, life just seems to sometimes decide I am bored and turns hectic!

"I knew you were going to be perfect at this." Santana cried over her sweaty exhausted wife who had just spent ten hours in labor without any pain medicine in her.( not Santana's choice she wanted the doctors to drug her yelling uncontrollable wife) but it wasn't her choice. Brittany glared up at the Latina." I can't do this anymore." Brittany started to cry which made Santana quickly panic." Baby you won't have to. No more children if that's what you want. We have our perfect baby my beauty."

Brittany nodded but still continue crying." When do I get to see her San?" Santana looked over at the nurse for help." She'll be in shortly Hun." Santana looked back at her wife taken her hand in hers. Leaning over Santana gave her wife a few kisses on the forehead before she gave a few kisses on her wife's lips." I love you so much Britt, thank you for her."

Brittany closed her eyes trying to calm herself down." I love you too San, I just can't wait to get out if here and back home." Santana cringed knowing how hers she tried to get her wife back to the states but the unexpected storm wouldn't allow them to fly and when Brittany's water broke they had no choice but to go to a hospital. Brittany was pissed as she yelled and tried to tell everyone she could hold the baby in until they were home." We will be out of here in a few days and back home shortly after honey." Santana explained." Can't believe our daughter is German." Santana laughed a little." Baby I'm Puerto Rican as well as American as she is too just German added." Brittany shook her head.

"Here you go ladies your precious baby girl." The nurse smiled as she handed the baby to Brittany.
"Thank you." Brittany gasp seeing how much the baby looked like her wife." San!" Santana smiled." I know Brittany Alana is beautiful."
Brittany started to cry happy tears seeing just how precious her baby girl was.

"She is perfect." Brittany gently took off the pink cap laughing at the little black hair on top." She looks just like you my dear." Brittany commented." Don't let her appearance fool you I can see you in there as well. She has that darn pout of yours and your smile." The baby smiled making both her moms awe." Told you Britt."

"Today super star Santana Lopez and her wife and ex dancer Brittany get to bring home their bundle of joy. The super star shortened her Europe tour due to the delivery promising to finish in a couple months. I am hearing they will exit through this airport exit door and get into the black SUV behind me." Reporter Julie farmer announced into her microphone excited to see a glimpse possibly of the newborn.

Suddenly the doors opened revealing three security men surrounding Santana, Brittany and the baby Brittany held closely to her chest covered in a blanket. Julie had gotten as close as she could.
" How is everyone Santana?" Julie yelled with the microphone out in front of her invade Santana answered. To her surprise the superstar did." Very good thank you."
"A name?" Julie asked taken a chance.
This time Santana just smiled then looked away.

3 months later

"Baby are you ready to go take some family pictures." Brittany talked to her three month old daughter in a baby voice.
"Honey come on we're going to be late." Santana reminded her wife who had yet put the baby's shoes on." Coming." Brittany said still using a baby voice.

" You are adorable." Santana laughed.
"Did the coopers call?"
"They're already there and Mackenzie is getting impatient." Santana informed.

Santana watched her daughter and wife smile at each other as Brittany place their daughter's shoes on from the bedroom doorway. She knew she couldn't love any other two people the way she loved her wife and daughter. She had to take a breath to collect herself how overwhelmed she could think of the love her and Brittany shared. Brittany stopped on front of her knowing exactly what Santana was thinking." We found each other my dear, we are both the lucky one." Brittany whispered to her before giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

Although Brittany said that Santana knew she was truly the lucky one to have the blonde.

The end.