Rose (Me): Hello. I am the author of this Deadpool thingy and before you start reading the actual story you will need to know a few things (so you won't get confused)

[] if you see these thingys (whatever they're called) it means the "white box" is talking

{} these thingys means that "the yellow box" is talking

And lastly if the words are bold you can tell that that's me talking

Deadpool: Hurry up! Get on with it!

Rose: Ahhh! How did you get in my house?!

Deadpool: Does it really matter? Hey how old are you?

Rose: *O.O* why do you want to know?!

Deadpool: Um…. Never mind! Just start the story!

Rose: Okay… um, I'm going to go call my mom...

Deadpool: Dammit! You must be too young for me if you're calling your mom

Rose: What are you talking about!? I was just going to tell her that Deadpool's in our house and if I'm not here when she gets back that means that I ran away with you.

Deadpool: *O.O* …

Rose:*Chuckles then laughs evilly*

Deadpool: Are you ok?

Rose: Yeah, I'm fine.

Deadpool: If you don't mind I'm going back into the story.

Rose: Okay. Bye!

Inside a Mexican diner, Deadpool was waiting impatiently at his booth for his waiter. "Come on! Hurry up! I'm starving here!"

[What's taking so long!?]

{Yeah! If I don't get my food within the next 5 minutes, I'm going to go Incredible Hulk on this place!}

Finally, the waiter showed up. "FINALLY!" Deadpool shouted.



"What would you like to eat?" The short Mexican man with a moustache asked politely. He was wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans and brown work boots.

"Well…" Deadpool started to think.


[Mexican diners don't sell pizza.]


[Yeah. They don't]

{FINE! Just get me the usual}

"Okay. I would like 20 tacos, 30 burritos, and 50 chimichangas!" The waiter nods and walks into the kitchen. When he returns 1 hour later, he slides onto the table plates full of tacos and burritos. Deadpool looked around the food as if something was missing. "Excuse me, waiter. Where are the chimichangas?" he kindly asked.

"We don't have any chimichangas."



"WHAT! What kind of Mexican restaurant doesn't sell chimichangas?"

"This one."

"I demand chimichangas! RIGHT NOW!" Deadpool banged his fist on the table.

"Sir, please calm down. You're disturbing the other customers." The waiter pleaded.

"Just give me my chimichangas and I'll calm down."

"I told you we don't serve chimichangas."

"Then I want to speak to the manager!"

"Oh no, please, sir. Anything but that," the waiter looked worried. "Can I get you something else? Maybe something that is actually on the menu?" Deadpool stood up and looked down at the waiter.

"If you won't serve me my chimichangas…"

{We'll shoot him! Please tell me that we're going to shoot him!}

"No. We can handle this situation like men." Deadpool told his yellow box.

"Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, just the yellow boxes." The guy gave him a weird look. "You know, because we're in a book or comic or…. Wait what is this, Rose?"

Rose: A fanfic.

Deadpool: If this is a fanfic, then why do I have boxes that no one can see?

Rose: No one could see them before.

Deadpool: No. In my comics, the readers were able to see them.

Rose: I don't have enough money in my budget to pay of that.

Deadpool: Girl, you need some more money so you can pay for an actual comic book production company and so you can get out of your mother's basement. *snaps fingers*

{Hey! Speaking of productions}

[EW! Shut up!]

Rose:*frowns* All of you, get your butts back in the story! *looks at Deadpool* And I don't live in my mom's basement!

Deadpool: Fine! Whatever.

"Anyway, you can't see them because we're in a fanfic and not a comic. Actually, only the reader can see them so never mind. You couldn't see it anyways."

{Can we just shoot him?}

"No," Deadpool says, picking up a plate of tacos. "I'll just take these." He starts to walk out the door.

"Hey! You forgot to pay!" the man shouts. Deadpool throws an empty plate in the man's face then leaves.

{We're not paying!}

[It's not like we had any money to pay with anyway.]

Deadpool pulls out a small note pad labeled "Note To Self" and writes, "Blow up chimichangasless diner."


[So, where are we going?]

Deadpool finished his stolen tacos and just before he got to say anything his phone started to vibrate in his pocket. He giggled then answered. "Hello?"

{Oooh! Who is it?}



"Uh huh."


" Sure, I can totally do that! Thanks!" Deadpool hangs up and puts his phone away. "Guess what, guys."



"What's wrong, little yellow box- which isn't really a box and instead is some fancy symbol on a keyboard?"

{I'm still mad at you.}

"For what? What did I do?"

[While you were on the phone, he kept on asking who it was but you ignored him.]

"Oh I'm sooo sorry, little guy. I was just trying to get the deeds."


"I know what will make you feel better." Deadpool sang.


"The guy on the phone has some enemies that he wants dead."

{I guess that makes me feel little better…}

"And the best part is, is that the guys he wants dead works at the diner!"


"Let's go home and get the bombs!" with that, Deadpool ran all the way back to his rundown home and grabbed all the explosives he could carry. By the time he returned back to the diner it was nine o'clock at night. He discreetly planted the bombs around the establishment and then moved to safe distance on top of a building. "This place about to blow!" he sung like Kesha. Simultaneously, the building exploded, but just the outer layer was destroyed and the rest caught on fire.

[Well, not what I expecting but…]

{Did everyone die?}

Some of the people who managed to escape the structure called 911.


[Did the guys who we were supposed to kill die?]

Deadpool used his binoculars and looked around the many bodies lying on the burning floor. He saw that the three guys that were supposed to be dead were running out of the back door. Or what was left of it. "HEY! GET BACK HERE! I'M NOT DONE TRYING TO KILL YOU YET!" Deadpool shouted as he ran after them. The three men ran down a back alley. Deadpool followed. He pulled out his guns and started to shoot at his targets. Sirens belonging to the police and ambulances were heard. "S***! I have to get off the streets!" Moving quickly, Deadpool scaled a building and proceeded to follow the men from the rooftops.

Blocks away, Deadpool and his-soon-to-be-victims were out of sight of the law enforcement and he was ready to make his move. "On the count of three," Deadpool whispered.



"THREE!" Deadpool jumped off the building, with kitanas in hand, and sliced off the heads of two of the three employees from the Mexican restaurant that he ate at earlier that day. The heads rolled on the ground. Taking a quick look at the emotionless faces Deadpool realized that they looked just like the face of the Mexican man who didn't give him his chimichangas! "So, I'm killing triplets?"

{I guess we are.}

Deadpool shrugged, "Ok. As long as I get paid."

[Guys, the last one is getting away.]

Deadpool turned his head to see the third man run out of the alley and into the streets. He of course chased after him. An ambulance drove right in front of Deadpool nearly running him over. "Hey watch it, buddy! Mercenary trying to kill someone here!" He waited for the ambulance to pass before chasing after the short man.

{Where'd he go?}

Deadpool looked around and noticed that his target had jumped onto the back of the ambulance. "Hey! No fair!" Deadpool climbed a building and tried to shoot out the vehicle's tires but misses. "That's it! Where's my bazooka?!"

[You left it at home.]

"Dammit!" Frustrated, Deadpool jumped building to building looking for the ambulance. "Where the hell did he go now?"

[Probably to a hospital.]

"Good idea. Which one?"

[Since ambulances usually take their patients to the closest hospital form the accident, they most likely went to the one downtown.]

"Okay. Let's go!"

Opon arriving at the hospital, Deadpool immediately saw that the building was covered with cameras. It had emergency entrances on opposite sides of the building and armed guards. "What kind of hospital is this?" A guard started to walk in his direction. Deadpool quickly jumped into a bush. When the guard passed Deadpool came out of the bush and shot a knock out dart into the guard's neck.

{Why the hell didn't you just kill him?!}

"You'll see," Deadpool smirked and dragged the body behind the bushes.

[So we're going to take out the guards one by one?]

"Nope." Deadpool took off the helmet the guard was wearing.

{Oh. I get it.}

[You didn't want to get blood all over the uniform.]

Deadpool took off the rest of the guard chothes and puts them on. "Let's go." He said in a deep voice.

Rose: Well I'm gonna end it here.

Deadpool: What!? Why? It was was getting good!

Rose: Yeah but my little brother came in and I hardly see him. We're going to play video games.

Deadpool: Cool! Can I join?

Rose: Um…. Sure?

Deadpool: What game are you guys playing?

Rose: Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Deadpool: Yay! Now it's fighty time!