Hi! 2 chapters over 2 days! I may not be on for a few weeks (studying for tests DX) so enjoy the chapter!

"The secret is…."

"You love One Direction!"

"No! That is not a secret!

"Guys, just, I dunno… Play the silent game until she tells you the secret, OK?" Lucy asked.


I forget the narrative didn't tell you the secret! Ok…. What to do….. I'll just tell ya!

"1,2,3, quiet!' The quiet game has commenced. I just lost!

"ThesecretisIamnothumaniamapenguin." Marie knew we would talk again, so she decided to breathe it out.

"WHAT?!" the rest of us had no clue what Marie was trying to say.

She sighed and "oh my gosh what am I gonna do with these people sigh"

"The secret is I am not human I am a humanized penguin. OK?!"

"sure" I didn't care,

"whatevs" neither did Jane.

"That's awesome!" or Lucy.

She explained everything to us. "my dad has a team of guys. Now I am gunna get a team of girls. you have to meet here every day for training and you cannot tell ANYONE about this or else"

"Or else what?" I was scared half to death with her.

"you'll see." she sounded dark and ominous. "You girls in?"

"We're in!"

And the sisterhood of , as I like to call us, the PenGirls, were created.

The next day, training started. We learned a lot that day.

I gotta go. I have training in 5. peace!

sorry it's so short. If something did not make sense (like how Marie was SO OPEN about how she was who she was) you'll learn it all in the next couple of chapters.