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"Wait, what do you mean Pema's out of jail? How do you even know?" Jade asked, crawling towards her father on Oogi's head. Tenzin sighed and looked at his eldest child, seeing her eyes wide.

"She came by the temple today. She wanted the kids, so we let her take them for the night." Tenzin explained, making Jade pout as she sat back down. She sighed as she looked around, suddenly feeling queasy since she is an earthbender and feels safer on the ground.

"Dad, how much longer until we get to the island?" Jade asked, trying to not vomit as they continued flying.

"We're almost there. Don't throw up in the saddle or else you'll be the one cleaning up your mess." Tenzin said, making Jade stiffen as they continued flying.

"It was only one time. And the lunch that day as steamed clams with sea prunes. It was not, and I mean not, a good lunch combination." Jade said, holding her stomach as she waved one arm back and forth.

Tenzin chuckled as he pulled the reins, making Oogi float down and land on the island, making Jade jump off and run towards the nearest cliff, choking up her contents from the day.

Tenzin came up to her, rubbing her back and slightly winced when he accidently looked at Jade's vomit.

"Are you alright? What did you eat today?" He asked when she finished. She nodded and looked at him, assuring him that she was fine.

"The lunch was sea prunes, seal jerky which was the only thing I ate, and some watered down lychee juice." Jade said as they started walking towards the temple.

When they approached, Lin was standing on the steps, making Jade run ahead her father as she ran towards Lin. Jade hugged her, making Lin wrap her own arms around her as they waited for Tenzin to approach.

When Tenzin finally arrived, they all went inside the temple. When they entered the front door, Jade heard voices coming from the hallway. She quietly walked over, peeking around the corner, and broke into a huge smile. She quickly walked back to her parents before the voices rounded the corner and pretended to not notice them when they passed the doorway to the kitchen.

"Hello Tenzin, Beifong, Beifong." One said, stopping herself when she said Beifong twice. She looked at the Beifongs, seeing the youngest smiling at her.

"Jade? What are you doing here?" Korra, the avatar asked, making Jade laugh as she walked over and hugged her, seeing the others around as they all joined in the hug fest.

"Dad got me out of school today. We need to discuss some important business. And how are you doing Korra?" Jade asked, looking at the young avatar.

"Just came back from the South Pole." Korra started saying before getting interrupted.

"And it was freezing." A familiar voice spoke up, making Jade turn around, seeing her ex boyfriend slightly slouched and pretended to be freezing. When he finally looked, he stood frozen. The world seemed to stop as the exes looked at each other, only to have time going again as his current girlfriend, Asami, appeared and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Asami, Bolin." Jade said, turning her attention to Asami and gave her a quick hug before going to go sit down next to her mother.

"What are you going to discuss?" Korra asked, now sitting down as Tenzin came into the room, carrying a tray with a pot of tea and cups for everyone.

"Dad, you knew they were here?" Jade asked, counting the cups and saw that he had enough for everyone.

"I called them." He replied, sitting next to Lin and placed the tray on the table. He began pouring cups of tea, handing one cup to someone as they passed it down to the last person and won't stop until everyone gets a cup.

"What do we need to discuss?" Mako asked, taking a sip of tea, only to use his firbending to warm the cup of tea.

"Pema has been released from jail. Lin and I are probably thinking she wants revenge on Jade since she was the one who put her in jail." Tenzin began, making Jade choke on her drink of tea.

"It's not my fault for putting Pema in jail. It's her fault for trying to have me gone, or worse, killed." Jade said, wiping away the spilled tea that got on her face, clothes, and lap.

"Yes, we know it's not your fault, but we are not certain that she does want revenge on Jade, but if the time comes, we'll need a plan of action. I want someone to make sure that she is safe at all time.." Tenzin said, before being cut off by Jade.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you saying that one of them is going to follow me around? Iroh's back and he can check up on me." Jade said, hearing Bolin hiss when she said that Iroh was back.

"We know, Bumi stopped by yesterday and said that Iroh is staying. But we want someone else to make sure that your safe." Tenzin finished, taking a sip of his own tea.

"I'll volunteer." Bolin spoke up, making the entire room go silent at his declaration.

"Thank you Bolin. Now, that w have someone who will monitor Jade, we should..." Tenzin started saying, but Jade started tuning him out as she thought about what Bolin said.

Why did he just volunteer himself? He shouldn't have because it'll be awkward between us. We're exes for spirits sake. She thought to herself as she tuned out her father and took a long drink of tea.

When their meeting was over, everyone started heading towards their destination.

"Jade, can I have a word with you for a moment?" Lin asked, beckoning Jade to come towards the hall.

"What is it mom?" Jade asked, approaching her mother.

"Are you sure that you want Bolin to monitor you? You seemed uncomfortable when he volunteered." Lin asked, lowering her voice so no one heard her.

"I'm fine mom. I need to go, bye." Jade said, hugging Lin before heading to the door, stopping by Tenzin to say bye. She went out the front door, heading towards the bison stables to grab her bag from Oogi's saddle.

When she turned around, she came face to face with Bolin.

"Bolin? What are you doing here?" Jade asked, now trying to figure out a way how to get around him.

"Your father asked me to make sure you get to the school safely." Bolin said, stepping back, allowing her to walk past him. Jade raised an eyebrow, silently removing her shoe and checked to see if he was lying, which he was.

"You're lying." Jade said, making Bolin slightly stutter as Jade rolled her eyes and put her shoe back on.

"Why are you really out here Bolin?" Jade asked, now walking ahead of him, as she made her way to the pier.

"I still have feelings for you." Bolin confessed, making Jade stiffen and stop walking. She turned around, slipping her she off and checked to see if he was lying again, which he wasn't.

"What?" She whispered, looking at him like he was a scary spirit or someone weird.

"Why did you have to ask someone to make sure Jade's ok? She's been trained highly and knows how to use seismic sense, metalbending, and earthbending?" Lin asked Tenzin as they got ready for bed.

"She needs to be monitored, whether her seismic sense is working or not." Tenzin said, getting into bed, followed by his pregnant wife.

"She can take care of herself, she's the granddaughter of the "The World's Greatest Earthbender." Lin said, trying to get comfortable with her baby bump interfering with her favorite sleeping position."

"I know, but I'll still feel better when she has someone there to help her. Warn her about the dangers when she isn't paying attention." Tenzin said, turning onto his side, since Lin was on her side and wrapped an arm around her, bringing her closer to him.

"I hope you made the right choice without seeming like an overprotective father." Lin teased as they both fell asleep.